“Why Can’t I Find The Woman Of My Dreams?”

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

fotolia_2335887_smallI believe every guy out there has a vision of what his “dream woman” looks like, sounds like, acts like, tastes like, etc.

We all have “tastes”, just like some people like chocolate ice cream more than vanilla. Even though they may like the vanilla, it’s the chocolate ice cream he desires most. I, too, have certain “types” of women who really rev my engine and inspire my girl-getting game. And when I see what I like, I am far more likely to approach her.

Now, sometimes it gets frustrating when you have no problem getting women in general, but you just can’t seem to land the “woman of your dreams.” Case in point: this note I received from a student of mine.


Hey Ross! I’ve been struggling to find just the woman I want to be with. I’m a good looking guy, 36 years old, with a nice face and a sculpted body. Women have told me I have hypnotic eyes. I’ve slept with lots of women. But none of them have been quite the women I want.

I’m very selective, and I have a vision of the woman I want. She has a slender body, short black hair, and is about 5’5 (I’d like her to be about 6 inches shorter than me). I get lots of girls – don’t get me wrong, I have no problem attracting women – but I’m at a point in my life where I want to settle down, and I have a specific vision of what she should look like.

Is there anyway you can help?


Let me challenge your thinking on this. I had a student who could only feel attraction to a woman if she had long, curly, jet-black hair, deep brown eyes, wide hips, and long legs. Preferably, she would be Italian, or of Italian descent. This held my student back from many exciting adventures with women because he pushed away women with blond or red hair, even when they threw themselves at him begging for him to take them to sexual heights they’d never seen. When he found what he WAS looking for, he came on too strong and repelled her.

His desire for this “type” was driven by an extreme sense of deprivation. In middle school he was publicly spurned by a classmate who was full-blooded Italian and looked like his “dream woman.” He felt the need to compensate by Sarging on all the black-curly-haired, brown-eyed, wide-hipped, long-legged Italian women he could find. Unfortunately, not many of them seemed to want him back (because he came across as needy), so he had a LOT of dates with Rosie and her sisters.

Once he recognized and accepted his sense of loss, it was no time at all before his girl-getting game climbed to new heights. Ironically, in addition to all the blondes and redheads who now see him differently than ever before, he now attracts more women who are his “type” because he is no longer projecting “neediness” caused by relentless efforts to compensate for what happened to him when he was 13 years old.

So do an inventory and see if there is some slender-bodied, short-black-haired, five-foot-something hottie from the past who you’re still chasing after. Stop chasing her and the odds go up that you’ll find her.

Peace and piece,

– RJ

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  1. Great advice as always Ross. When I first joined your newsletter 4 years ago that was the very beginning of my path towards self-discovery and personal development. Your “Nail Your Inner Game” program truly brought your teachings to the next level. I am forever in debt to you.

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