Your First 10 Minutes With A Woman

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

If you were an alien and had never seen a hammer before, you would probably use the hammer to try to smooth a piece of glass.


At least, within the first 10 minutes, unless you shatter the window first. Then, forget it.

This begs the question: when you first approach a woman, are you already trying to get laid?

Do you walk up to her, with your grand strategy in mind for getting her soaked within seconds?

If this is the case, it might explain why aren’t achieving the level of success with women you truly desire.

When I Sarge, I don’t ever always do just one thing a certain way.

How I Spend My First 10 Minutes
With A Woman

I have three or four basic approaches, but the overall goal in the initial 10, 15 or 20 minutes of the conversation is to draw that attention out of her and get her attention focused on me through that connection of attention.

ca_37698151_180I begin to see where she opens…

  • Does she respond to me being funny or curious?
  • Does she respond by commenting on the topic of conversation I bring up or by me playing a little quiz or game with her?
  • Does she respond to my touch or energy?

The overall goal in that first 10, 15 or 20 minutes is to get her intrigued and really invested in the conversation with me.

There’s a point where when you talk to women you can almost see them subtly leaning forward into you.

It’s very subtle. It’s not like a great big thing, but you can see it.

It’s like a shift from them thinking, “I’m not sure who this guy is,” to thinking, “Wow. This is really interesting. I want to talk more.”

That’s The First Point I Want To Get To…

While this happens, I’m paying attention to stay calm and grounded in my body.

I’m also offering little things to see where she responds and what grabs her attention to change from being in a hurry to thinking, “Wait a minute. This is a really interesting person,” and she wants to talk more.

Once you cross that Rubicon, you’ll find her much more sexually interested in what your friend from college’s roommate saw on Discovery last week.

Peace and piece,


RapidSuccessWhatYouGetP.S. Claim for yourself, what to do with the second 10 minutes, the third 10 minutes…and so on.  Hey, some guys only last a minute – imagine a whole half hour!  (he he he)

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3 Responses to Your First 10 Minutes With A Woman

  1. Rick Sanchez says:

    Glorious, just glorious; This is that subtle but crucial component that has slipped my mind up until now.

    Thank You RJ excellent work as usual.

    Viva SS.

  2. Rhino says:

    Ross, I am 50 years old, divorced, and am looking to get with 21 to 35 year old women. Please consider putting together a product specifically for Older men/younger women. I will be one of the first to purchase it. You rock, buddy!

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