You Asked For Video Coaching…You Got It!


Dear Speed Seduction Students And Fans,

Your response to our ‘what would you like in a coaching program’ survey was overwhelming.

What you see here is a SAMPLE-a beta test-of what a monthly video coaching update module would look and sound like.

You’ll notice it has video instruction from me, along with power-point.

This one is based on a subject/topic from the 3.0 Course. But of course, I’d also do these modules where I answer students’ INDIVIDUAL CHALLENGES, QUESTIONS AND SITUATIONS in these update video modules.

They’d be posted in the member’s area for everyone to see.

Please, PLEASE give me your feedback here, in the comments section.  Remember, this is just a sample I whipped up quickly. If someone wants to submit a good question to me, I’ll whip up a sample answer to student version of a video module.

There are tech issues about file size and other things my tech team is working on. I am working on more ideas, including combining a live video channel with a phone bridge. LOTS IS GOING ON!

Peace and piece,


P.S. Please, PLEASE give me your feedback below me in the comments section!