Here’s The Insane Giveaway

Dear Speed Seduction® Fans And Students,

Yesterday I promised you an INSANE giveaway as part of the Speed Seduction 3.0 launch.

Well how insane is THIS:

I’ve just uploaded the PDF transcripts of the first two DVD’s from the 3.0 course.

You can go right here, download these transcripts and read word for friggin’ word what is on the first two DVD’S:

I guarantee you will go nuts when you read the content of what is on the first two DVD’S. It is truly, truly awesome stuff.

But you are still going to have to wait until October 30th to get your set.

Again, the transcripts are right here:

Peace and piece,


P.S. Been mulling over what I might include in a coaching program. Watch for a blog post or email about that.