Here’s Your First Free 3.0 Video Clip:Generating Instant Fantasy!


Here’s a clip from the 3.0 Course you’ll really like. Notice how I use a non-sequitur to get things going and then quickly move her into a fantasy scenario, with me inserted right into the fantasy WITH her.

Talk about accessing her imagination and erotic emotions in record time…and opening up the most useful levels of her mind.

This is part of the 3.0 philosophy of getting her involvement and investment right away, right out of the chute.

No working for it, throwing stuff against the wall or trying to squeeze out a response.

This accomplishes three objectives:

1. Makes it an active participation on her part, eliminating any buyer’s remorse, resistance, or friction, plus conditioning her unconsciously to actively participate from then on.

2. She does MOST of the work

3. She supplies you exactly the verbal and non-verbal responses that you channel into and incorporate into any memorized patterns or other methods you care to use.

Please give me your comments and feedback. I truly feel sorry for anyone who is competing against you for hot women if you know this stuff and THEY don’t. It really is unfair…


P.S. Oh yes, one more thing: this also allows you to screen for women who have the qualities I teach you to screen for in the 3.0 Course.  Screening is one of the  3 “S’s” 3.0 emphasizes!