Let Me Make It Up To You

Dear 3.0/Coaching Program Fan,

If you are still sitting on the fence and thinking about ordering your 3.0 Course, I’m asking you to please NOT do so, just yet.

First I want to see if I can fix a big screw-up.


We had no idea of the overwhelming response our joint 3.0/Coaching Program launch would generate.

And I feel bad because, honest to Sargy…

…We Crashed The Server

This is no bull; so many people tried to access the landing pages the first hour that everything FROZE.

Now, as you know, the first 100 people who ordered the 3.0 Course yesterday got the 3 Bonus CD’s: Ross Teaches Advanced Hypnosis.

These are 3 CDS of me teaching advanced hypnosis concepts; how the basic building blocks of our subjective reality that run our daily lives and that make social interaction possible, are, in effect, hypnotic. And how to reach behind those basic hypnotic constructs like time, a sense of self/separateness from others, personal ownership, etc to expert wicked levels of persuasive influence.

It’s really incredible stuff that I have not discussed since and may not ever again.

On Sargy’s sacred memory (my lovely cat and mascot of the entire seduction community died June of 2006), the server really did freeze and many of you who honestly deserved to get these bonuses did not…

…so I’d like to make it up to you.

Here’s how:

Our duplication and order fulfillment house is printing out another 100 of these.

Please watch for another email in the next 24 hours letting you know when they’re ready so you can place your order and get the bonuses.

Peace and Piece,


P.S. If you haven’t already joined the coaching program, it is just $1 to test drive the first month. Go here to find out more: