Executive Level One-On-One, 2-Day
Immersion Trainings With Ross Jeffries

“I'll Put My 25 Years And Over 10,000 Hours Teaching And Coaching Skills At Your Command For Your Success With Women As You Define It And Desire It, Or You Pay Me Nothing!”
…Ross Jeffries

Get The Guaranteed Results With Women,
That You Truly Want With The World’s Best Seduction/NLP/Persuasion Trainer Now,

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

If you are a busy, successful professional, business owner or executive who is ready to put the very best talent on your team and in your corner for your total success with women (and/or all your persuasion needs and desires) here is your chance to immerse yourself in an intensive, customized, one-on-one trainings with Ross.

From success with women to personal change work, to sexual language mastery, to general persuasion and life-mastery, this is for the highly successful professional, entrepreneur, or business owner who is ready to hire and pay for the very best, because you know that going for second best is going for the most expensive in the log run.

Did You Ever Think To Yourself….

Did you ever wake up one day and think, to yourself “Why can’t I figure out women?”

You’ve put yourself through professional school, and/or built a successful business or career, and yet success in THIS area of life has remained just out of reach. All that drive and discipline and brains just hasn’t worked here.

Your Tested, Proven Solution Is Here

Now you can put RJ’s unmatched and unsurpassed skill as a teacher and coach (over 20 years , 10,000 hours, and 60,000 successful students)-on your side and in your corner for your total success with your smoking hot women, who please satisfy and delight you in every way!

As you read along you can remember this: RJ’s experience means he’s got the hard-hitting, fast-working, comprehensive systems, practices and tactics in place and ready to power you to the success with women you truly want, no matter where you find yourself.

Hi Ross,

It's Matt. We did a 1-on-1 personal coaching session when I was in Los Angeles in late September.

Using what you taught me, I pulled a very hot woman in her early thirties. Skipping the details, there's nothing like three hours of screwing to open-up one's feelings and thoughts about another person.

The real moral of the story, I think, is that I have adopted, at the subconscious level, the operating system you teach. Specifically:

  1. When I don’t know what to do, I take a bold step forward, and

  2. When it's clear I'm not going to get what I want, I'm going to act like the man I want to become.

Luckily in this case there was much more of (1) and (2) hasn't been needed.

Wrapped-up somewhere in there is the notion of not needing a guarantee of a positive result, and being willing to push for an outcome, without really knowing what the outcome may be in advance.

Bottom line: The "operating system" combined with the beliefs you teach has helped me get the kind of woman I've always wanted. And this is only the beginning of me living the kind of life I want to lead.

Well, my regular girl (whom I've told you about) is here to take me to dinner -- gotta go. Hope to chat on the next call! If you feel the need to reach me earlier, my contact info is below.

Matt Dawson
Washington DC

Multiple Disciplines, Multiple Methods To Transform Consciousness While You Learn What You Need!

RJ is trained and deeply experienced in multiple personal change and self-programming modalities, including mindfulness meditation, NLP and hypnosis. And he’ll bring it all to bear to assist you to achieve your goals, as you define them by transforming your consciousness as he works out a step-by-step blueprint for what you need to do.

No Matter Where You Are, RJ Will Reboot And Refine Your Cognitive And Emotional Infrastructure To Get You 100% Aligned With Your Passions And Out Of Your Own Way

Among the other things RJ can and will provide:

The Only Teacher Who Transforms Consciousness
As He Teaches

For breakthrough progress in the truly difficult areas of life, you need more than someone who just conveys information or new understandings and trains you in skills. You need someone who can transform consciousness as he teaches and guides

The only person who can and will do this for you is Ross Jeffries.

Any Stuck Points, Any Hidden Patterns, Spotted And Broken In Minutes /
Any And All Hidden Resources Brought To Light And Perfected!

Look: even the most intelligent and capable person has psychological blind spots. It takes a master with decades of experience to spot these, point them out, get you on track to success and point the way.

RJ has worked with 10,000 clients over 20 years. Any problem you might have he’s seen it and fixed it before with an intuitive searchlight that sees right to the core of your challenges.

A Very Limited Number Of 2-Day Personal
Immersion Trainings and 90-Day Skype
Trainings Are Now Available!

The Skype consulting is available worldwide; the in-person weekends are conducted from RJ's home city of San Diego, CA.

*** To Find Out If You Qualify ***

This level of service requires a pre-interview to ensure that you and RJ are a good match. Since RJ is guaranteeing your results, he needs to make sure you are the kind of client he can truly, deeply help (and the kind of client he wants to work with) before he charges you a penny.

Step 1. Call (323) 252-1531 or e-mail privatecoaching@seduction.com with subject line "Interested In Private Coaching With RJ" to contact RJ’s assistant and let her know you are interested.

Step 2. She will conduct a brief pre-interview with you to determine if this program is a great fit for you.

Step 3. If you pass the pre-interview, you’ll receive an email from RJ to set up a half-hour call to see if you and he further match and how RJ can meet your needs.


RJ’s Guarantee: “If We Decide To Work Together And If You Follow My Instruction I Guarantee Your Results, As YOU Define It, Or I’ll Refund Your Money, No Questions Asked”

Work with RJ and let yourself be blown away by the power of his teaching and his transformational change skills.

If you implement my instructions, to the letter, and you find that despite your true best efforts, by the end of our work together you are not achieving the goals you defined, RJ will refund your investment in executive coaching.


RJ’s Calendar Is Very Busy, So Call His Executive Assistant Now To Schedule Your Interview

Once again, to schedule/arrange your initial interview, call RJ’s executive assistant at (323) 252-1531 or e-mail privatecoaching@seduction.com

A Final Note:

Be prepared to be pushed hard, but accurately, past your boundaries and barriers. You will be challenged to think, act and practice life in a different way.

The good news is you’ll have RJ’s 25 years of masterful teaching, coaching and training experience on your side, every step of the way.

And won’t it feel good as you smile and think to yourself, “At last, I’ve got this area of life handled?”

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