Try Out My Live Coaching Office Hours, Free, This Sunday!

Dear Speed Seduction® Fans and Students,

One of the features of the Coaching program will be once a month live office hours.  In this email, I’d like to tell you how it will work and tell you how you can give it a test run BEFORE you join the coaching program.

Tomorrow, Sunday, the 26th, from 2PM to 5PM Pacific Time, I’m going to be running a test office hours session.

The first 90 minutes, from 2pm-3:30 PM Pacific, you can dial my special cell phone number. If you get through, you get 10 minutes with me, one on one(I might go 15 if you are interesting).

Here is that number, but remember, ONLY call it during office hours. I’ll never, ever answer it other than at that time, and I won’t take messages.


Then the next 90 minutes, from 3:35PM to 505PM Pacific, you can get live, video to video coaching on my MegaMeeting system.   That’s like having me in your living room coaching you.  I’ll give everyone 10 minutes until the time runs out at 505PM Pacific.

Here is how you get on MegaMeeting. (You’ll need a webcam to use it!)

  1. Fire up your web-browser
  2. Go to
  3. For meeting name, enter “office hours”.
  4. No password required(although I will in the future)
  5. Put in your name
  6. You’ll be taken to the meeting room.  A box will prompt you to allow the system to access your camera.  Click on the green dot.
  7. To talk to me, press the “transmit” button.
  8. If your video image doesn’t appear, go to video settings.  Click on “USB Video” as the default setting and you shoulid show up

See you Sunday at 2:00 PM Pacific!

Peace and piece,