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Attention Speed Seducers, NLP'ers, Wiccans, Pagans, Self-Improvers, Warriors, And Those Who Just Want A Hell Of A Lot More In Life...

Amazing NEW Course Reveals:
Secrets Of Consciousness Cultivation, Magick, Meditation, And Non-Local Influence


How To Create And Use Your Own Rituals,
Symbols and Personal Language of Desire To
Undo Your Limited Sense Of “Self”, Radically
Re-Design Your Life, And Non-Verbally/
Non-Locally Influence People And Events!


From The Desk of:
Ross Jeffries, Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer

Dear Speed Seduction® Friend And Fan Who Wants To Get The Most Out Of His Life (Or Whomever Else With An Open Mind Reading This Message!)

How would you like to wake up every day with that incredible sense of freedom and exploration you might have once enjoyed as a child, knowing that you could shake off the shackles of your past programming and choose how you feel, what you believe, and how to respond to the events of your life?

How would you like to enjoy the feeling of happiness regardless of circumstances as well as being able to radically influence circumstances to come out your way, so you win on both ends of the spectrum: satisfied when things don’t go your way and fulfilled and happier when they do?

And how you would like to enjoy exploring the worlds of non-local and non-linear influence on events and people so you can engineer coincidences and non-verbally and energetically draw people to you, before you even open your mouth in fun and seamless ways that no one will ever detect or discover?

If you have felt a positive response to any of these
questions, then this could be the most important message
you have ever read.

Here is why: I've distilled the very, workable best from around the world, plus innovations of my own to bring you the an intelligent system of "consciousness cultivation" that will enable you to playfully explore what results you can get as you enjoy the benefits I describe above.

In the very same way I’ve taken and used ONLY what works, in the real world, with Speed Seduction®, I've done the very same precise, powerful synthesis and creation to…


But just as Speed Seduction® takes attraction from a woman out of the realm of "accident" and into the realm of something YOU create and control, so too, does my new method teach you to...

.....Enjoy The Benefits Of Tapping Into And Utilizing, At Will, A Deeper Level
Of Influence, Power And Connection…That Most Folks Will Only
Touch On By Accident!

Here’s Exactly What I Mean By Magick, And
Why Meditation Plays Such A Big Role In
What You’ll Learn In This Course

Magick, as defined by Aleister Crowley (one of the fathers of the modern practice) has nothing to do with rubbing lamps and getting wishes granted by genies. Magick means,

“Change according to the will.”

It is the structured use of personal ritual, symbology, movement, and breath to:

  1. Uncover and bring to light deeply hidden patterns that are profoundly embedded in the personality
  2. Deconstruct them so they no longer bind you, distorting your perception and driving your behavior
  3. Design in the qualities of personality and ability that you would like to have to bring you to where you want to be in your life.

Become Truly Free

In other words, “magick” by this definition is a psycho-technology. A way of unbinding and “de-robotizing” oneself so one can become truly free to use the full creative potential of mind on all levels: Conscious, Unconscious, and “Super-conscious”.

To do that, I believe meditating in a way that anyone can do, is a hugely powerful part of any good “magick” practice.

And, on a personal level, I can only begin to share what these meditation practices from this course have done for me, and I don’t only mean helping me clean the slate and get out of my own way to make my positive programming much more effective.

That’s why in this course, you’ll learned structured, progressive, step-by-step meditation practices that will show you how to:

Now, once you’ve “cleaned and cleared” your slate with the meditation practices, it’s time to step up and claim your ability to engineer coincidence, get more of what you want, and have some interesting and fun power to influence others.

So let me tell you about the second half of this course...

...Secrets Of “Non-Local” Influence?

Listen: you can look at humans as functioning on two levels:

  1. A simple, materialistic, “cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are just bags of chemicals, everything is matter, all information comes in through the 5 senses, and everything works in a straight line, with linear progress

  2. A “non-materialistic/non cause and effect” level. In this model, humans are more accurately described as patterns of information, we are all connected “non-locally”, no matter how physically separated we may appear to be by distance, information and order can be duplicated without having to travel across any distance, and chaos and non-linear shifts and jumps are what make the world really work.

The smart view (and the real skill) is to be able to walk back and forth between these two, according to what the situation calls for.

When you claim your course today with instant online access you will learn:

One Thing To Know Before You Claim Your
Immediate Access To This Course Today!

This is NOT a Speed Seduction® course. Yes, I’m sure you can powerfully imagine using these techniques for seduction, if you so choose, but to me the exciting thing is to imagine using these powerful tools to in EVERY area of your life.

Here are just a few more things
you'll learn in this course:


Register for the Basic course and as soon as you complete your online registration, you'll be immediately directed to set up your username and password and immerse yourself in this new "Magick, Meditation, And Non-Local Influence" course.

That, in itself, is a kick-ass investment, and if you just want the videos, audios, and transcripts of the "Magick, Meditation, And Non-Local Influence" course itself, you'll do alright with Basic. However... will be highly motor-vated to go for the Deluxe Level

once you see what I am including when you take action today:

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When you upgrade to the Deluxe level today, you will receive, in addition to the main Magick course, the footage from our July 28-29, 2012 Magick seminar held in Los Angeles, CA.

Look: once you have cracked open "Magick, Meditation, And Non-Local Influence" and seen the results for yourself, you will want to immerse yourself in the learning even more, and by doubling the course, I am making it even more powerful for you now. (Value Of This Bonus: $497.00)

Now You May Be Asking, "What's The Investment
For This Kick-Ass Training, Ross?"

Well, as I think about the incredible usefulness and value of these tools, I can recognize they are virtually worth a fortune. But when you step up and claim this course today, you'll pay...

... just $397 for the Basic version (the "Magick, Meditation, And Non-Local Influence" course only) or...

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And of course, like all of our fine recorded products, this one is completely guaranteed.

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Examine this course and enjoy it for 365 days. If at any time in the first 365 days you aren’t 100% satisfied, just email and get a no questions asked, immediate refund of every cent.

I could come up with some flowery language but I prefer to just lay it out on the table and put it in front of you, risk-free.

I can’t make it safer than that!

Now, I'm so excited by the secrets I'm bursting to reveal to you, I'm totally certain you'll be so thrilled, you won't be able to restrain the desire to go out and tell everyone you see to get their hands on this course too!

Now, It's Time To Step Up And Take Actions That Will
Super-Charge Your Magick And Meditation Success

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Ross Jeffries
Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer

P.S. To answer some of your most common questions:

  1. Yes, this course is way different than the first Magick seminar. There is much more influence on cultivating witness consciousness and using the practices for emotional healing, balance and stability.

    These practices helped me deal with the death of my mother, my father, the end of a 16 year business partnership, the end of two deeply important love relationships and more. And they have also helped me find much more satisfaction in the simple and big pleasures of life. 

  2. No, you don’t need any experience to enjoy and benefit from this course!

  3. When you step up to the Deluxe package, you get double the learning.