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Ross Jeffries
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Dear Speed Seduction® Students And Fans,

Two of my most favorite parts of teaching Speed Seduction® have always been the one-on-one change work I do with students so they blast past barriers and blocks...

...and the "Ross Plays With Girls" demos where I SHOW you how to approach, meet, pick-up, and seduce women.

You know, and have seen, that I do my best work helping real guys like you solve real issues and achieve real mastery of your girl getting game.


Let's Just Cut To The Chase And Show You
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"Trancing Out Girls, Trance-Forming Guys: Ross Jeffries Hands-On" is a "greatest hits" collection that pulls out key lessons you can watch and study over and over again. They are a mix of:

Each video also includes an MP3 audio and PDF transcript to make it even easier for you to consume the lessons and the material!

Yep - all of it's on one place, digitized, downloadable, and damnit, there for the taking when you...

How About A Quick Peek Behind The Curtain
At What Awaits You Inside, Right Now?

To help you make the decision to claim this guerrilla girl-getting goodness now, here are two quick samples - one from each category of the collection:

Setting Anchors While Sarging
("Ross Plays With Girls" Demo)

How To Reduce Anxiety From Within
(Student Trance-Formation Session)

A Few Things You Should Know...
Why You MUST Take Action Now

Before you claim your instant access to these videos, a few things you should know:

Okie doke? All clear? Now go get them:

Plus, there's more...

When You Claim Your Instant Access Now, I Will
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Check MarkSPECIAL BONUS TRAINING: "The Concentrated Essence of Success With Women"

Watch a special presentation that pulls together even more girl-getting, vaginally-victorious, tight-trim-triumphant teaching, including:

  • The RIGHT way to get a woman to “fall for you” – good, decent guys get sidelined all the time while good, decent women fall for “jerks” and “assholes” because of a MAJOR mistake good, decent guys make;

  • Women have feelings ABOUT their feelings – master this and you’ll master your girl-getting game

  • How to get women to do 90% of the seduction work – you’ll learn how to tap what’s already inside her to… (you know the rest)

  • And much, much more!

The KEY point about this program:

It goes BEYOND Speed Seduction® and pulls in "outside" concepts that add even more power to your girl-getting game.

By leaping on this "Ross Jeffries Uncensored" video collection now, you get access to this extra special training. (Bonus Value: $147)

Plus, We're Throwing In Some Great Additional
"Ross Jeffries Uncensored"
Bonus Videos

When you claim your access now, I will also gift you the following bonuses (all of which answer top questions my students ask, every time and without fail) and are DEMANDING answers to.

As you're about to see, I've listened, and I have answered your strident cries:

Check MarkINCREDIBLE BONUS VIDEO LESSON #1: "Destroying Approach Anxiety"

You see her standing over there. You want to walk right up to her, knowing exactly what to say to sweep her off her feet, into your arms, and then to your bed. You're even visioning that look of anticipation and desire she'll give as soon as you enter her presence ...

... but you don't approach her. Why not?

Approach anxiety grabs you by the balls and tells you "whoa dude, sit your ass down, you can't talk to her! WTF were you THINKING???"

I have good news for you: that bullshit is OVER.

In "Destroying Approach Anxiety" I cut through the causes of approach anxiety. I also give you, word-for-word, a great pattern called "Manny The Martian" that destroys your approach anxiety within the first 10 times you use it. A must-have. (Value: $97.00)

Check MarkINCREDIBLE BONUS VIDEO LESSON #2: "How To Meet Women Anytime: Introduction To Day Game Mastery"

Smart men who achieve real success with the women they truly desire understand two important things.

First, success with women must become part of who you are and what you do on a daily basis, not something you get "psyched" up for on Saturday night.

Second, the best time to meet and seduce women is when they're going about their daily lives - not when they have their guard up in a "meat market" type situation.

As I've said many times, "I don't go places to Sarge. I Sarge when I go places."

That's Day Game Mastery, and that's what you'll learn in this exclusive video lesson. (Value: $97.00)

As Always, My 100% Guarantee:

If you're not 100% satisfied with the results you get, just ask for a refund within 365 days and I'll return every penny.

Now look: I’m going out on a limb here. The videos are all instantly available on line. So asking for a refund requires no work on your part. And it makes it craycray easy for a scumbag, low-life, criminal douche to order the videos, enjoy it forever AND get his money back.

But I’m betting you are an honorable dude. And that you see that when someone gives you tremendous value, he deserves tremendous value in return.


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Ross Jeffries™
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"...The undisputed father of modern seduction is Ross Jeffries."
- Neil Strauss, "The Game"