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Attention: Ross Jeffries Junkies, Collectors, Those Who Want To Immerse Yourself In My Latest, Best Teaching, Those Who Have Always Wanted To Check Out A Live Seminar, And Anyone Else Who Wants The Latest Breakthroughs From The Seduction Community’s Founder And Greatest Teacher...

Now, In The Complete Privacy Of Your Own Home, Lock-In Your Priority Access To Over 50+ Hours Of Live, Unedited, 2012 Speed Seduction® Seminar Footage - Four FULL 3 Day 2012 Seminars - Featuring My Best And Latest Breakthroughs, Change Work And Playing With Hot Women, (With Instant “Members Area” Access)...

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From: Ross Jeffries
Marina del Rey, California

Dear Speed Seduction® Students And Fans,

If you’ve been wanting to come to one of our 2012 Speed Seduction® seminars to enjoy my latest breakthrough teachings on Mastering The Secrets Of The Naturals, Sexual Languaging, Nailing Your Inner Game, Stealth Attraction and Sexual Aggression Mastery, but just couldn’t find the money, motivation or time….


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Of The Way Things
Used To Be:


Listen: the story of how this opportunity to get all of my best teaching from this year without ever having to leave your home came about is pretty simple.

You see, last year (2011), as an experiment, we offered footage from five of our 2011 3-day seminars, available instantly in an exclusive online vault, for anyone who was unable to attend the seminars live.

Your response to this offer blew us the fuck away. This was an even bigger blow-out of a launch than Speed Seduction® 3.0 in October 2008, which at the time had been my first major new course in 14 years.

In short: I knew this is exactly what you are looking for.

So I asked myself...

"Since We're Already Delivering Footage To Everyone Who Attends A Live 3-Day, Seminar In 2012, Why Not Offer This Again So You Can Reap All The Benefits That Attendees Are Getting In 2012 - On An Ongoing Basis?"

Look: I'm already recording footage from 4 seminars; Los Angeles (which we did in January), and upcoming footage from Atlanta (April), London (July), and Chicago (October). The LA footage is already up on a member site for the people who attended, and the rest of the footage is already scheduled to be posted within 30 days of the last day of each seminar. (Duh - I'd have it posted now, except those seminars haven't happened yet.)

Just like every other year, I'm hearing from some of you who are committed to maximum improvement and mastery in getting this area of your life handled, but are unable to attend one of the seminars in-person, due to financial, timing, or geographic constraints.

Well, I can't personally be in every city. My very busy schedule of teaching and one-on-one mentoring forces me to make tough decisions about how many live events I can do each year.

But the footage can be anywhere, anytime YOU are. ON DEMAND.

Click "Play" To See A Sample Video Clip From Los Angeles -
Some Techniques To Overcome Approach Anxiety:


Here’s Why I Can AGAIN Offer This Fantastic Total Immersion Learning Collection To You So Totally Cheap For The Fantastic Value I'm Offering -My Best And Latest Live Seminar Teaching - For Less Than Ten Dollars An Hour Without Even
Leaving Your Friggin’ Seat!

Fees from the live events have already paid for my costs to shoot this stuff, create the member sites and get it all on line and ready to watch.

So now that my costs are more than covered, why not make it available to you too, without you having to pay the price of airfare, hotel stays, meals and other annoying expenses?

Click "Play" To See Another Sample Video Clip,
About How You Can "Show Up Attractive"
Without Even Opening Your Mouth:


Arousing Hot Women On Stage, Change Work, Word For Word Sexual Languaging And Much, Much More!

Trust me when I say: this collection runs the full sprectrum of success with women and is very, very thorough. And I while I admit that the seminars may often contain some of the same material, it is equally true that each one is different and each one will contain new learnings and insights for you as well as present them in different ways.

To Attend All Five Of These Seminars At Even The Early-Bird Rate, You Would Have Paid $3,068 PLUS Airfare, Hotel, And Meals... But Now You Can Get All Of This Teaching Instantly Delivered For Just $497 And Examine It...
For A Full 9 Months!

Look: 2012-2013 can be the period in your life that you look back upon for the rest of your life as the time when you finally stepped up and claimed your intensive transformation by mastering your girl-getting game.

So I’d like to give you a jump start on enjoying your immediate, full access to the 2012 Seminar Footage Collection right now, instantly available on-line for far less than what you’d spend on junk food or video games or just a couple dinner and a movie "dates" that MIGHT result in her so-called invitation to "give me a call and maybe we'll get together sometime": just $497 (which you can even space out over 3 easy payments if you’d like.)

Just think: $497 works out to just $1.36 a day over the next year, starting right now. $1.36 a day to get a chance to immerse yourself in the most comprehensive, includes it all, pick up and seduction training in existence, taught by the most experienced teacher.

With how prices have gone up on every damn thing including gasoline this past year, you probably paid FIVE TIMES THAT for a cup of joe this morning.

But That's Not All...

There's Something New This Year That Makes This
Total Immersion Learning Collection
Even MORE Valuable To You

So you can start taking action NOW, you also get...

“Pre-Seminar Training Videos” That Jump-Start
Your Learning Even Before You Watch One
Minute Of Seminar Footage!

You will begin by immersing yourself in your first turbo-boost of state-of-the-art girl-getting teaching. Starting TODAY.

As soon as you claim your access to the 2012 Total Immersion Seminar Footage Collection, you’ll get immediate access to a special, private, “for seminar attendees” only pre-training on the basics of Speed Seduction®:

  1. Introduction To Language Patterns
  2. Introduction To Speed Seduction® Walk-ups/Meet Women Autopilot
  3. Introduction To Speed Seduction® Inner Game Basics

With this teaching on your side and in your corner “from the jump”, chances are you’ll get these items at least partially handled even before you click “Play” on the very first seminar video, freeing your mind so you can immerse in the larger change-work and game-altering knowledge you’ll gain at the seminar itself.

Click "Play" For An Excerpt From The
"Walk-Ups/Meet Women Autopilot" Module, About
How Women Become More Open To You:


AND... A Special Opportunity To Have Me, Ross Jeffries,
On Your Side And In Your Corner As You Master Your
Girl-Getting Game!

Listen: having Speed Seduction® in your hands is going to turbo-charge your success with women. When you apply the techniques I teach, you'll be getting so much more of what you want that you'll wonder how the hell you ever LIVED without it.

Since you're picking up the roadmap, you'll also want to have the GPS to help you make the adjustments and custom changes to your journey, in real-time, while you're on the road to getting laid like crazy.

For that reason, I am also including a $1 free trial (for the first 30 days) of my awesome, all-new-for-2013 Speed Seduction® "VIP ACCESS" Coaching Program.

You'll get even more of me - live - when you call my personal cell phone, 1-on-1, during thrice-monthly office hours. You'll also get access to my "King's Ransom" vault that contains 175+ girl-getting lessons, AND Monthly "Girl-Getting Mastery" training calls.

When you check out on our secure shopping cart, you'll see the Coaching Program, with payment details, added to your cart automatically. If you don't want the Coaching Program, just click the X next to it to remove it from the cart. Otherwise, try it. You can cancel anytime if you decide it's not for you - no hard feelings, no tough questions.

""OK Ross, I'm Rarin' And Ready! How Do I
Get Inside This Amazing Collection, Right Now?"

Before I show you the order button you will click to claim your access at the (insanely low) price for subscription to the 2012 seminar footage, I want you to know that you are 100% protected by...

My “Business Suicide” Guarantee:
Try It For A Full Nine Months And Totally Love It
Or Pay N-O-T-H-I-N-G!

I know you’ll love this immersion training because my seminar students have told me over and over again how much they loved the 2011 version and how much they want to see even more, and consume it again and again. "Play It Again, Sam" is the refrain I've been hearing on an almost daily basis now.

After all, they demanded and dictated to me what they wanted and I was forced to give it up and give it good. And it was damn good.

So I will give you a full 9 months to examine, enjoy and see the breakthroughs in every phase and every aspect of your girl-getting game and if, at any time you aren’t thrilled at what you’ve received, just contact my staff for a full refund, without you even having to return anything-since it’s all downloadable ANYWAY.

I've said this before and I'll say it again: will some dishonest creeping cruds rip me off by enjoying the trim-trapping training, getting the results and still ask for their money back?

Sure. But I know my students. And I know the value of this seminar footage collection. And I know that 99% of you will love and be happy to honorably honor your side of things.

But guess what? I know you won't want to ask for your money back!

In fact, based on what we saw when we released the 2011 Seminar Footage Collection, it's a safe bet you'll be so damn excited by what you learn in these videos that you will go right out, apply them, and find your success with women increases dramatically right away. So...


Lock In Your Subscription To The Live Seminar Collection - The Prep-Course Plus 10+ Hours Of Raw Footage Right Now, With Three More Complete Seminar Footage Sets To Come, For
Just $497, Along With My 9-Months Satisfaction Guarantee

Just click on the button below to instantly claim your access.

My best teaching from 2012 so far is waiting for you - and you'll be locking in your exclusive access to the rest of it, that others will never get to see, EVER. Grab it now and get my best and latest, today!

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If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, we're ready to help! E-mail or call (323) 252-1531.

Peace and piece,

Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. I thought I’d come up with a short list of questions and answers about this, so here we go:

Your Questions - Answered!

Still haven't claimed your access to the 2012 Speed Seduction® Seminar Footage Collection? Many of my students seek clear information before making a decision that will propel their girl-getting game, not to mention their life, forward.

Chances are, you'll find the answer to your question below. If you still have questions before you sign up, e-mail or give us a call (see above).

QUESTION: I’ve already got a recorded product like Speed Seduction® 3.0 and/or courses like Sexual Aggression Mastery or Nail Your Inner Game. What’s my advantage/benefit to getting this collection too?

ANSWER: My teaching and my methods are always improving and changing and for sure, Speed Seduction® 3.0 is a fantastic course and remains my flagship product. But remember it reflects my knowledge from 2007. And, 4 years later, I understand even more about what turns women on, what makes you attractive before you even open your mouth, and lots, lots more about how to get physical with women when it comes time.

Sexual Aggression Mastery and Nail Your Inner Game drill deep into specific areas of Speed Seduction®. The seminar experience that you will experience through the Seminar Footage Collection brings all the learning you've gained from your individual courses together, in a neat package for you.

So by all means, enjoy 3.0, Sexual Aggression Mastery, and Nail Your Inner Game, but also enjoy the upgrades to your learning, skill and power with women that this collection contains.

Q: I already have the 2011 Total Immersion Seminar Footage Collection. Why should I invest in this one?

A: It's pretty simple, actually. When you went to school, did you take one class, one year, and then know everything you needed to know for the rest of your life? No. Did you even have a completely different teacher for every class you ever took? Probably not. Why? Because a) true mastery requires reinforcement, and b) the world's entire set of knowledge cannot be contained within one class even if it is the same teacher. I've never promised it could be, and anyone who claims such a thing IS possible, is misinforming you.

The world is ever-changing, and fortunately for you, the art of Speed Seduction® evolves with those changes. Even though everything I taught in 2011 remains true, do you want to forego the "edge" you'll get from having the newest, latest, greatest 2012 teachings, now?


(Click here for a 3-payment plan on your 2012 Seminar Footage Collection)


"...The undisputed father of modern seduction is Ross Jeffries."
- Neil Strauss, "The Game"