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The Legendary Seduction Secrets Of A Skinny, Ugly,
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Hot Women You Could Ever Desire, No Matter What
Your Looks, Age, Social Economic Status Or
Previous Experience…. OR YOU PAY NOTHING!

“A quantum leap…” – Rolling Stone, Issue 781, March 5, 1998
“Jeez, It Worked” – Playboy, July 1998


From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer

rossjeffries-personalDear Loyal And Dedicated Speed Seduction® Student,

Let me cut right to the god-damned chase.

In case you haven’t already convinced yourself of the need to achieve ULTIMATE mastery of every girl-getting situation you will encounter, it’s time for me to put my boot right up your ass, open your mind, and make this point very clear…

…My Proven Seduction System That Has Worked
For Thousands Of Guys For The Past 25 Years To
Get Them Outrageous Success With The Women
They Desire…No Matter What Their Looks, Social
Status Or Age, WILL Work For You, Or I Won’t
Take One Damned Penny Of Your Money!

img_claimyoursnow At the risk of being insulting, I have to say if you don’t take advantage of my generosity and grab this audio course now at an insanely good bargain price (protected by a 365 Day, “You Must Get Laid Or I Don’t Get Paid” Guarantee), then, my friend…

…..I Truly Hope You Stand Some Chance Of Seeing Human Vagina
Without A Credit Card…But I Doubt It!

Now look: I know I am taking it to the “punch in the gut/kick in the balls” level here. And I know some guys are going to run home crying to mommy (and maybe even watch re-runs of Oprah talking about menstruation and lesbian sea-gulls) in order to comfort themselves.

But having been in this community 25 years (hell, I started it before there even WAS an internet) and seeing the sink-hole and shit-hole of fraud, confusion and stupidity it has become, I figure I had better do something to cut through the fog of “fuck-up” that’s been pulled over your eyes by the hucksters and shucksters who laugh at you behind your back(trust me, I’ve heard them do this) and who think you are:

  1. Weak and
  2. Stupid.

But I am betting that YOU are neither weak nor stupid. I’m betting that you will bet on yourself , let me take you by the hand, lay out the blueprint and show you step by step

How To Claim Your Results With Your Women
Who You Truly Want To Be With

Now before I reveal how the Speed Seduction® Deluxe Home Study Course provides you the tools to achieve this, allow me to show you some written success stories from just a small sample of happy and successful students who have completed this course:

I have been using Ross’s material since 1997, after a woman whom I thought I had loved totally rejected me. I was 20 at the time. Sitting in a pool of rejection and self-doubt, I did what my parents had taught me to do in any type of failure: learn as much as you can about the subject and re-attack.

I bought the first book “How to Get the Women You Desire into Bed”, and simply using techniques to elicit deeper structures in a person’s thought processes during conversation, I met a wonderful young lady on the my flight home for Christmas Break. We lived in totally different parts of the world, but that didn’t stop her from driving four hours from New Jersey to see me when a trip brought me to Washington, D.C., and this is just from a plane conversation, and a few emails. I was hooked. I bought all the products; I listened to the home-study courses again and again. I became known as “the pick-up artist” in my circle of friends.

I could go and brag about all the successes with women I have had, (which have been amazing), like the 20-year-old Japanese cutie that I met at Thanksgiving Dinner at my new boss’s house that ended up blowing me in my boss’s kitchen about an 2 hours after I met her, or the bi-sexual actress I met on internet that forced me into the back of my 4X4 in the parking lot at Starbucks after our first coffee date, or the amazing-legged Lithuanian girl who would shower me with both gifts and her affection, but the more important thing has been the cascading effects that this has had on all of my life. These tools teach you how to look at the world through eyes of possibility.

Ryan David,
Albuquerque, NM

“I invited a former girlfriend to lunch on Wednesday and ran the “falling in love pattern” on her. On Saturday, I called her again and this time I ran the “instantaneous connection pattern” on her. Now, this girl never said “I love you” the entire time we were together and she was rude and cold to me the entire time we were going together. NOW, when she got out of the car she reached over and gave me the most passionate kiss she has ever given me and said “I LOVE YOU”. Fantastic!”

J. Palmer
Los Angeles, CA


Dear Ross,
I want you to now that I have seen you being grilled on stage by the Heinz 57 variety of pseudo-intellectual talk show hosts along with their hand picked bunch of man bashing, pro-feminist idiots. I for one can testify to the fact that you have a right to be confident because you know what the hell you are talking about.

I have used your techniques to get laid, to combat the telephone games and silly mind games that women instinctively play in order to gain control. I let my new girlfriend know that there will be no games and that she can never control me and every time she tried, she faced losing me and gave up.

This is the exciting part. She admitted to me that she has had many boy friends and they were wimps, they put up with her shit, and she did not respect them and moved on to someone who would give her a challenge. ONE OF THESE WIMPS IS A DOCTOR WITH ALMOST EVERYTHING A GIRL WOULD WANT, except a back bone. This woman adores me, not because I am a hunk (because I am not), not because I am rich (because I am not) but because I know what I want, I go after it, and I don’t put up with any shit! So there is no shit and a life without shit is better for both of us.

Now there are two people who respect and love me…my girlfriend and best of all ME!

Pat McMillen
Crestline, CA

Dear Ross,
I now have a wonderful woman in my life that will do anything and everything for me. I also know that if this relationship should end, or stop going the way that I want it to, there is literally a lineup of women that want me to be their lover! I meet women every day that tell me “I don’t know why, but I just can’t stop thinking about you, you are so wonderful, please call me, etc.

The woman that I have chosen to go on a long term path with is actively pursued by millionaires and all kinds of men. People are shocked everywhere that she has chosen me and she just can’t get enough of me.

What is the use of having lots of cash if you cannot get the women you want into your life? Three areas of utmost importance to me are relationships, money and health. The knowledge to get the most out of these areas is of paramount importance to attain.


Dwayne Pedersen
Vancouver, BC

Aren’t those great?

Aren’t you the kind of person who wants those kind of results? (You certainly don’t have to take it as fast as these guys, but it sure is nice to know how if you want to!)

Look:  as I said before…this isn’t just some untested theory we are talking about here.

“Rolling Stone” AND “Playboy Magazine”, much as they hated to admit it, both said MY SYSTEM WORKS! (“A quantum leap”…Rolling Stone. “Jeez, it worked!”…Playboy.)

Not to mention, Neil Strauss had this to say…



So isn’t it about time YOU were using and enjoying it?

Ok. Enough rambling.

Here’s What You Get When You Order Today:
You get the entire “Speed Seduction® Deluxe Home Study Course”!


Including audios, videos, PDF transcripts and workbooks that are jam packed with language patterns (word for word) and the seduction training you need to get the life long skill of meeting, attracting, seducing and sleeping with beautiful women everywhere!

There are 5 main components to this system, and they are called:

  • Secrets Of Speed Seduction® Book And Workbook (Includes Language Patterns)
  • Secrets Of Speed Seduction® Audio Recording Series (with 236-page transcript)
  • The Legendary Unstoppable Confidence Course (not for sale standalone)
  • How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed (my original book in PDF)
  • The Amazing “Fear To Charisma” Video Series

In each one of these courses, I take you by the hand, and step-by-step reveal the exact blueprint for you to follow to swiftly be bedding the kind of women that will make your best friends drool with envy.

Let’s go through them in detail…

Part One:
Secrets Of Speed Seduction®
(Book & Workbook)

SecretsSSBookWorkbook300Here it is: my legendary Speed Seduction® workbook, available for immediate download in PDF format as soon as you place your order online!

This power-packed volume not only contains every single one of my best-ever get laid language patterns, word for word, but it also has 10 chapters that describe the operating principles of Speed Seduction®, so you can come up with your own stuff, if you want to. And best of all, these chapters also have structured exercises to make sure your skills develop rapidly and easily.

What kind of seduction patterns does this book contain? How about:

  • Four Different Patterns That Create Instant States Of Overwhelming Connection To You.  I don’t care how HOT she looks or HOW many competitors you think you might have. When you can make her feel these feelings that she longs in her secret heart of hearts to feel, she will quite literally beg to be with you. Just wait ’til you find out how true that is!
  • Four Different “Friends Into Lovers” Patterns If there is a long-time female “friend” who you’ve always thought of as your “dream girl” here are four different ways to quickly turn her into your eager, willing bed-partner, and the real beauty is, She’ll think it’s her idea! (Isn’t that the best way to convince someone anyway…people don’t resist you when they think THEY are the ones who came up with the idea in the first place!! Ha ha ha ha ha, I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!!!!!!)
  • The Boyfriend Destroyer.  Parts 1 AND 2!!!! So she’s got a boyfriend already? So what! Here’s how to knock him out of her mind so fast, it’ll make your head spin and get her focused exclusively on you!!
  • The Jerk Destroyer.  Ok. I deserve a Nobel Prize for this one.  Ever been stuck on a girl who’s only attracted to assholes? Here’s a way to totally fry her circuits so she finds these kinds of guys boring, dull and repulsive and attaches SO much love and lust to you, that you’ll have to force her OUT of your bed!!! I think this one is worth the price of the entire course in and of itself!!!
  • Three Different “Sexual Accelerator” Patterns.  Guaranteed to bring her to dripping orgasm in a matter of minutes, without even putting a finger on her!  Use it over coffee, at a party, or even on the street, but try not to get in trouble when she demands you “do her” right then and there!!

No kidding…one guy who used this on a woman was so shocked when she demanded that he put her on the hood of the car and make love to her, then and there, that he was too surprised to take advantage of the situation!

Now doesn’t that just sound mind-blowingly (and mound-poundingly), irresistibly great?


Part Two:
Secrets Of Speed Seduction® – Audio Recording Series
(PLUS 236-Page PDF Transcript)

SecretsSSAudioRecording300Ok! Here’s your chance to hear me teach these patterns, live and uncensored on instantly-downloadable MP3 audio!

This is critically important; because you get to hear the tone of voice, pacing, and other stuff required to really make it all work!

Nearly 16 hours of me teaching the best, cutting-edge stuff for getting laid, anytime, anywhere!

Hearing me actually DOING the patterns adds an entire new dimension to the experience, including the crucial timing and the tonality required for proper execution and delivery.  Plus, the complete transcript makes it even easier to follow along toward girl-getting mastery!


Part Three:
Unstoppable Confidence Course
(Audio And Transcript)

UnstoppableConfidence300Many men have already bought and used this course, professionally recorded in studio, and found them to be a vital part of their success with women, even though they technically don’t deal with seduction.

And why is that? Simple: they’re going to give you the instantaneous and automatic confidence you need to carry out all the great secrets and techniques revealed in the other parts of the course.

With six sides, the program is designed to be listened to one side a day, for a total of six days to TOTALLY TRANSFORM your SELF-IMAGE and boost your confidence into the SUPER-STRATOSPHERE of knowing you can automatically do what it takes to attract her!!! Yours to use and enjoy immediately, in MP3 format, downloaded to you as soon as you order!


Part Four:
How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed
(Original Book, Instant Download)

HowToGetTheWomenYouDesireIntoBed300When I wrote this book, back in the late 1980s, I was pissed.

My career as a comedy writer had just gone down the toilet, I was so f@@king broke I moved back in with my parents at age 29, and to top it all off, I was a lanky, ugly, gnarly almost-virgin who had “gotten lucky” once or twice.

Studying my ass off, and practicing until I mastered it, the result of my own journey from Average Frustrated Chump (AFC) to Chairman Of The Broads was this book, my down and dirty guide to dating and seduction for the man who’s fed up with being Mr. Nice Guy.

Veteran students frequently use this book as a refresher guide, skimming it right before meeting a hottie to get in the proper Sargy state of mind.

All yours to download as a PDF as soon as you claim your Deluxe Home Study Course!


Part Five:
The Amazing Fear To Charisma Course
(Video Series)

img_FearIntoCharismaIn this amazing video, filmed live at the New York 2004 Speed Seduction® seminar, you’ll watch as I take a student who has been blocked his entire adult life from approaching women, and use this process to turn his fear into confidence, in minutes!

In this video, I’ll teach you, step by step, how to become consciously aware of and MASTER the very emotions and flows of feeling that have been blocking and stopping you for years, hiding just outside your conscious awareness.

Once you learn to be aware of these, I’ll show you exactly how to re-channel them, into sources of power, confidence, and charisma, so that the very forces that had you blocked now become the servants of your will and focus, powering you to more confidence and ease with women that you’d ever imagined possible!

(Special note: this process I teach can be used to beat fear at ANY stage of your seduction, whether it’s the initial walk up, the mid-game, or the final “closing her-getting naked” stage!)

ClaimYourGirlGettingNow look: as if even all this wasn’t enough for you to find yourself smiling with excitement at your decision to claim your course right now, how about these absolutely sick, 5 FREE BONUSES I’ll give you, worth $745.00:

The Ultimate Boyfriend Destroyer Collection ($197 value)

BoyfriendDestroyer300How many Sarges have come to an abrupt halt the moment she said the “B” word?

Sometimes, she really is taken.  But just as often, the phrase “I have a boyfriend” is an autopilot response to (possibly) an entirely different issue or reaction in the moment.

Or, perhaps she has a “borefriend”.  You can serve this guy walking papers, IF you handle things properly.

Using the legendary Boyfriend Destroyer language patterns, you will create her space to claim her own choice, and give you a second look when she uses you the oldest tell-off line in the book.

For the first time EVER, I put sum total of my teaching regarding one of the most popular – and controversial – of all the Speed Seduction® language patterns, all in one place.


Bedding Bi-Sexual Women And Getting Threesomes ($57 value)

BeddingBisexualWomenGettingThreesomes300In this 2-part interview I pry all of the super-seduction secrets from one of my greatest students(and a living legend to this day in the seduction world) Rick H.

Rick tells you exactly how to bed bi-sexual women, how to make threesomes with these hot women a regular and easy occurrence, and how he set a record of getting FIVE women in bed at the same time!

(Warning: your health may be at risk with this kind of activity!)

This scandalously powerful interview is no longer available as a standalone anywhere on any of my websites. But it’s yours free when you claim your Deluxe Course today.


Mastering Online Seduction With List Master
Dave Riker ($97 value)

MasteringOnlineSeduction300Listen up: even though I personally tell you to stay the f@@k out of dating sites, I 100% endorse this formula if you insist on doing that online-dating bullshit anyway, because I saw Dave Riker, one of my long time students and one of the smartest men I’ve ever met, make the system work, with my own Goddamn eyes.

Here, Dave spills the beans on how to use different on-line services to guarantee a virtual parade of hot women hopping through your bedroom door!  He will show you how to:

  • Handle the initial email exchanges;
  • Swiftly get women on the phone (and avoid being her “phone buddy”);
  • Initiate and carry on seductive phone conversations; and
  • Rapidly ramp up interest and even close the deal the same day/night!


Speed Seduction®: The Next Millennium ($197 value)

SpeedSeductionTheNewMillenium300Two reasons you will LOVE this:

  1. It features me, delving into the bedrock conceptual foundations of the new model of Speed Seduction®. Which, translating into simple guy talk means, it will add a lot to your understanding(and therefore your ability to use) your Home Study Course.
  2. Excuse me for gloating over this, but the guy conducting this interview went on to open his own rival school of pickup/seduction. I can’t tell you his name because I don’t want a lawsuit, but it’s hilarious to see his on-line persona knocking my work while here, on the CD, he’s practically bowing down to worship me!

Hey, they can imitate and steal, but they will never be able to equal! Don’t YOU want the best when it comes to this critically important area of your life?


Speed Seduction Skills Builders  – Ten Top Speed Seduction®
Language Patterns, Spoken By Me, Word For Word ($197 value)

RossJeffriesAdvancedLanguagePatternsSkillsBuilder300Yet another audio series no longer available “standalone”, now you can instantly review and master my favorite and most powerful erotic language patterns from the Home Study Course. Read/recited by me word for word, so you can hear the exact intonation, inflection and rhythm to help you along to mastery!

You get:

  • The Incredible Connection Pattern
  • Love Versus Attraction
  • The infamous and unfair Bl*w Job Pattern

And seven more. Use for a quick brush-up or for more serious review.


And The Best Part: You Get It

All of the courses contained within the Speed Seduction® Deluxe Home Study Course are contained within a private Members’ Area. This is a 100% digital, online, get-it-right-now package. There are no DVDs, CDs, or books coming in the mail.

When you claim your access now, as soon as you complete the secure online registration form, you’ll be taken by the hand to set up your username and password so you can dive in IMMEDIATELY.

And even then….

You Won’t Be Able To Wait…
You’ll IMMEDIATELY Want To Try These Secrets Out For Yourself!!!

Won’t that be a great feeling, that excitement of knowing you’re really on to something, something that’s going to transform your life, and really get you where you’ve always wanted to be?

That sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE IN LIFE, that sense that maybe has been missing for a long time, waiting to be restored for you to enjoy every waking moment?

OK Ross, I’m Hooked! What’s My Investment For
This Amazing Program?

Before we cover that, let me take a moment to let you know I am taking ALL the risk here with my industry-shocking


Ironclad, 1-Year,100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not 100% satisfied with the results you get from this amazing course, exactly as I promise, just ask for a refund within one year of your purchase and I’ll return every penny.

On that basis, your investment in the Speed Seduction® Deluxe Home Study Course is a low $397 USD.

And, we offer a convenient financing plan if you need to stretch those payments out a little.

Take a bold step forward now…

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen.
How Do I Claim My Instant Access, Right Now?”

Just go here to grab your exclusive, very limited time access to the “Speed Seduction® Deluxe Home Study Course” (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online order):


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If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would
prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail team@seduction.com or call (323) 252-1531
[use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

One Last Final Note

You can turn your life around or you can do nothing! The choice is yours!

Click here to DO SOMETHING and claim your instant access to the course right now.

Give yourself the gift of trusting me and trusting yourself.

rossjeffries-personalPeace and piece,


Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. Remember that Speed Seduction® enables you to get women without bullying, buying, begging, BS, booze, or biceps.  (Back when I first began work on this collection, there were only 3 “B”s.  Though my body of work has doubled, THIS learning has stood the test of time.

Now you can enjoy power, choice and variety, without having to be a jerk, a “nice guy” or emptying your wallet!

ClaimYourGirlGettingSexyTimeChatLog300P.P.S. If you claim your access today, I will also throw in my two “Sexy Time Chat” videos.

Again, I think going on dating sites and social media sites to pick up chicks is the lamest thing ever.  That being said, I’ll try anything once.  So I took to Facebook and Skype…and now you get to watch me!

In these two videos, you’ll SEE my “sexy time chat log” with ladies online and watch how I do it.

If you’re going to waste time online, let me help ensure that wasted time at least gets you some success with women you truly want to be with, in person, ASAP….k?