“Pick-Up Guru Swears Under Oath
He’s Totally Sane – And Endorses
5 Amazing Seduction Courses That
Could TRIPLE Your Seduction Success!”
The Hayley Quinn “Macking Mega-Pack” – 5 Fantastic, Game-Boosting Courses (And An Amazing, Jaw Dropping Bonus) Will Rock Your World, Turbo-Charge Your Speed Seduction® Studies, And Turn You On While You Watch And Learn!


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rossjeffries-personalA Personal Message From:
Ross Jeffries, Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

When I first told my operations manager, Sebastian, that I was going to release a set of courses that don’t carry the Speed Seduction® label… that were…


created by a girl……

……He Asked Me If I Had F@@king Lost
My Goddamned Mind!

(Personal note: everyone on my team is encouraged – no, make that REQUIRED – to offer me their honest opinion about any and every decision I make.  Being able to open your mind to something different is right at the top of my creative strategy, and why I’ve come so far with you guys at my side!)

In any event, I want to assure you of two important things:

  1. I swear by the memory of Sargy the cat, I have NOT lost my mind!
  2. What I’m about to offer to you from the fantastic Hayley Quinn – protégé and prodigy for the past 3 years – will truly up your game, and even improve your ability to use Speed Seduction®!
Hayley Quinn and me teaching the July 2014 London Seminar!

Hayley Quinn and me teaching the July 2014 London Seminar!

Listen: after having been badly burned a few times over the past 20 years, I am very, very cautious about letting anyone join my teaching team.

Many have asked, requested, pleaded, and begged.

But, I’ve learned over time: even the very best people can have some serious problems, or just find me a big pain in the ass.

That said, Hayley truly is

Different, Deeper And Far More Real
Than Anyone I Have Ever Worked With

Over the past few years, she’s deeply impressed me with her smarts, dedication and devotion to her students.

I’ve watched her doing Skype sessions and nodded along in approval as she gave answers that even made me (the guy who started this whole shebang back in 1988) pause and think differently.

I’ve watched her give talks, and more importantly, gently and powerfully teach some very stuck guys how to make things work in the field.


And, most of all, I’ve watched her teach at my London events in 2013 and 2014 (as you will see in just a moment) in a way that truly touched and changed my students…

…and made me so fucking proud and happy to have found someone so worthy, that…

….I Literally Went Back To My Room And Cried.

(She’s really just that good – for real.)

Watch this…

…and this:

See what I mean? 🙂

For these, and many other reasons, I am proud and happy to be introducing…

The Hayley Quinn “Macking Mega-Pack”


Ok; let’s cut to the chase and tell you what’s included in this massive and amazing collection of this 100% Ross Jeffries approved teaching!

Course #1: “The Attraction Loophole”

the-attraction-loopholeHere is Hayley with 18 video modules, packed with secrets, insights and methods to up your “attraction factor” without having to adopt some kind of “PUA” personality.

Since I can’t possibly pack a description of all 18 into this letter (and the same goes for all 5 courses in the Mega-Macking pack), I’ll describe my favorite top 3:

  • Module 1: How Women Think
    In this module, Hayley “unpacks” the female psyche, and I gotta say while I clash with her on some of these points, some of her insights here are really great. I’ve learned from them myself.
  • Module 3: Demonstrating Self-Esteem
    Hayley really gets into the nitty-gritty of standing-up for yourself in a subtle way that makes you stand out as unique and different, again without the fake “Alpha” bullshit.
  • Module 12: Day 2
    Discover the exact methods for making the “Day 2” follow-up connections when you can’t close on the first meeting/hang-out.

img_claimyoursnowOk, let’s move on to….

Course #2: “The Best She’s Ever Had”

best-shes-ever-hadHere are 14 (yes that’s 14!) video lessons on how to be a memorable lover who keeps her “cumming” back for more.

Topics include:

  • How Women Think About Sex
  • Secrets Of “No Sweat” Foreplay
  • The Female Orgasm De-mystified (What’s Fake, What’s Real, And How To Create Orgasms For Her That Fulfill Her Emotionally As Well As Physically)
  • Lasting Longer: Keep It Going And Keep Her Cumming!
  • Getting Kinky: Introducing Her To Anal Sex, Sex Toys, And Bondage And Domination!

img_claimyoursnowNow, let’s look at….

Course #3: “The Failproof Approach”

the-failproof-approachSpeaking to you as someone who finds it is important to trust, I will be brutally honest and say this was not Hayley’s best effort compared to her unbelievably great Course #5: a 2/12 hour live webinar she did called “Approach Anywhere”.

Nonetheless, I’m including it because Module 10 is all about:

How To Approach Women In Groups

This is something students have been asking me to teach for the past 27 years.

Now, you get to learn how it works – from the woman’s point of view.

Four of them, one of you? Rest assured… you got this!

As a young, and pretty hot woman who has a pack of equally hot girlfriends, Hayley really knows the street-level stuff and what goes on in the collective minds of women when they are approached by a guy who doesn’t quite get how to walk through this minefield!

You’ll discover:

  • Showing Social Awareness
  • The Right Way To Position Yourself To Successfully Approach Your Favorite Woman
  • How To Avoid The Disastrous “Multi-Target Mistake”
  • Topics That Work With Groups
  • And much, much more!

I think you can agree, that this topic is one you’ve been waiting to learn, and having it in your arsenal will open a whole new world of Sarging opportunities.

img_claimyoursnowNow, let’s get to my absolute favorite in the Mega-Macking pack…

Course #4: “The Connection Code”


This is a recording of a live webinar workshop Hayley did – and it is STELLAR.

Here she is at her very best, in a 7-section recorded webinar workshop that seriously opened MY eyes to some great new concepts and ideas – and you can be sure I’m going to use them!

Hayley reveals:

  • confident-man-with-sexy-womanWhy “Performing” For A Woman Is Counter-Productive, Exhausts You And Usually Turns Her Off!
  • How To Calibrate And Create The Right Combination Of Connection And Attraction Based On The Unique Woman In Front Of You
  • 7 Myths You MUST Destroy to Gain Deep Connection With Women
  • How To Come Across As Her “Once In A Lifetime Guy” And Massively Stand Out From The Crowd
  • How To Let Her Know, Right Off The Bat, You Don’t Want A Commitment, And Still Get Her Eager To Sleep With You!
  • And much, much more, in this power-packed workshop I would be proud to have created myself!

And, and, and… here’s a really great section that literally made me do a face-palm:

  • How To Create Deep Conversation And Connection With Shy And Introverted Girls!

img_claimyoursnowFinally, let’s get to…

Course #5: “Approach Anywhere”


This is solid gold – an amazing recorded webinar/workshop Hayley did. It gets the coveted 4-paws-up rating from your Guru of Gash!

state-of-sargeHaving immersed yourself in this learning, you will master:

  • A Simple, Fool-Proof Model To Start A Conversation
  • Using Spontaneous And Positive Observations In Your Shared Environment
  • How To Use The Hidden Power Of F.E.A.T.S. (This one really opened up MY eyes!)
  • How To Use ‘Padding” To Create Security, Safety And Trust
  • The Most Effective Angles And Posturing For Approaches, For Pubic Place, Clubs, Groups Or Girls Who Are Alone

PLUS, here are some topics you guys have asked me about for decades:

  • How To Successfully Approach In Gyms And Fitness Classes
  • How To Successfully Approach Women You Work With – And Avoid Harassment Complaints, Losing Your Job Or Being Dubbed “The Office Creep”.
  • How To Effortlessly Approach In Bars And Clubs!

You have asked, your cries for help have been heard, now HERE IT IS FOR YOU!

img_claimyoursnowNow, let me just ask you…

Has This Got Your Lust Glands
Pumping? Well Guess What…

Listen: while I was negotiating the licensing agreement with Hayley, just before putting pen to paper (or in this case, putting “HELL YES” in the reply line and clicking “Send”)….

I twisted her arm one more time and she decided to cough up a free, “Fast Action” Bonus for the first 50 people who jump on this and claim the Hayley Quinn Macking Mega-Pack now.


It’s on a topic that literally thousands of guys have asked me about.

I don’t teach it myself, but Hayley sure does….

SUPER BONUS: “The Irresistible Texts Course”

This is a 98-page PDF treasure map on how to laser-target your texts to get women chasing you!

3d-cover-4001You will discover “insider” secrets like:

  • The Ten “Never Break Rules” Of Irresistible Texts
  • 25 Word For Word “Ping” Texts To Use When She Doesn’t Respond
  • 5 Ways To Create “Day Two” Meet Ups (Plus Example Texts)
  • How To Spot The 4 Secret Signals In Her Texts That Point To Massive Interest In You!
  • How To Avoid Getting Caught In “The Text Zone” – Avoiding Validating Attention W**res
  • When To Tease With Your Texts To Draw Interest But NOT Insult

Seriously, this is a master-piece; a guideline you will want to turn to time and again.

I have never seen anything so good on this subject.

I’ve been testing her methods myself and seeing some results I’ve never experienced up until now.


Listen: while I still adamantly believe the best course to Sargy success is to get her in-person as soon as possible, I will acknowledge the times they are a-changin’….

….and these days, the smart hot women are on their smart hot phones an awful helluva lot.

img_claimyoursnowOh, and lest I forget:

So, What’s Your Investment For This 100% RJ Approved Hayley Quinn Collection That I Promise Will Add To, And Even Multiply, What You Have Learned From Me?

Well, added up it would look like this:


You read that right: just $397 (a little more than a penny a day) that I guarantee will take your Sarging and Speed Seduction® skills to the next level.

And as always, we offer a 3-payment plan to make sure this stretches your skills, and not your wallet!

Plus, you are covered and protected by my…



One Last Thing Before You Claim Your Access…

Listen:  this is the first and (probably) the last time I’ll ever offer anything outside of the Speed Seduction® brand – something you can be certain I would never do unless I could stand by it 100%.

So please trust me when I say: you have to get this incredible collection and enjoy for yourself the success it brings.

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Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S.  What do you get when you cross an aging, living-legend, super-genius and a young, gorgeous, super-talented rising female star?

Maybe…just MAYBE….you get a return to me teaching seminars around the world…but more on that one day in the future!

In the meantime….