Who Else Wants To Enroll In The London July 11, 12 And 13th
London, UK Speed Seduction® Seminar And Enjoy…

The Amazing Pick Up And Seduction Seminar Of The Raving Mad, Butt-Ugly, Old, Life Changing Father of the Seduction Community, Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Success With The Women You *Truly* Desire, Or You’ll Pay Nothing

“I’m so sure this seminar will bring you the amazing success
with the kind of women you’ve always desired, I’ll give
you a ONE YEAR, money-back, no-questions-asked
guarantee – so I’m taking ALL the risk!”

– Ross Jeffries”

From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Founder Of The Seduction Community

Dear Friend Who Is Finally Ready To Take Your Pick Of The Hottest Women Around,

Before I share exactly what you’ll learn at this life-changing London Speed Seduction® Seminar, July 11, 12 and 13, I just want to say I don’t know, as you follow along, which part of this message is going to excite the hell out of you the most, or most clearly have you imagine the wild results you are easily going to enjoy!

But as that is coming up, stronger and stronger as you read along, I can promise you…

No Matter What Your Looks, Age Or Previous Experience,
At This Live EventI’ll Be Handing You The Most Powerful,
Advanced, And Easy To Master Pick-Up/Get LaidBlueprint
A Girl-Getting GPS That Cannot Fail You, Even If You Try!


Listen: if you are ready for an intelligent, no-bullshit, smart-guy’s way to finally get this area of life handled, respect yourself and respect the women you will enjoy, then you have to get your ass to this event.

So that said, here is just some of what you’ll be experiencing, learning and automatically absorbing, from me: the living legend and undisputed father of the seduction community:

  • How To Naturally And Easily Use Speed Seduction® Commands, Suggestions, And Other Language Structures In Your Own Style Of Direct, Indirect Or Natural Game, To Increase Your Same-Day Attraction/Seductions By At Least 500%
  • How To Create Unconscious Sexual Attraction With Your Presence And Vibe – No Matter What Your Looks Or Age
  • How To Get Women Soaking Wet In Under 3 Minutes, Using Synethstesia, Symbol Fractionating And Anchoring, As Featured In “The Game”
 (Especially great for waitresses, hostesses and much younger women!)
  • How To Attract And Seduce Much Younger Women (My Favorite) Using  Games And Quizzes
  • How To Use Anything In The Environment Or Situation To Always Know Exactly What To Say To Women
  • The Art And Skill Of Showing Up Attractive And Achieving Sexual Aggression Mastery
  • How To Achieve “Conversational Mastery” With Six Different Themes, Guaranteed To Seduce Her
  • How To Use The Four Seduction Conversation Formats To Stack Suggestions And Create Maximum Receptivity
  • How To Use The Four Energetic Vibes To Get Top Quality, High Self-Esteem Women As Your Willing, Eager, Super-Turned On Bed Partners

And perhaps, most important of all…

You’ll Experience My Trance-Formational Group And Individual
Change Work – Something That You Cannot Get From
A Recorded Program And Will NEVER Get From Any Of The Other
“Teachers” and “Gurus” Out There

Look: with over 25 years of training in NLP, hypnosis and 3 other healing disciplines, I promise you will experience up-close, live and in-person, profoundly powerful and spontaneous personal change – something that you can only get from getting your ass to a live event!

Listen: speaking to you as someone who may already have one of my recorded courses, I know they can quickly heal past hurts and pains and transform you into someone who enjoys a natural, easy confidence with women that draws them to you, wets their pussies, and compels them to fuck you!


But there is nothing – and I mean nothing – like having me personally work with you, or the automatic changes you’ll effortless absorb simply by sitting in the audience and watching the work I do with others.


When you consider that no one else in this industry even CLAIMS to be able to do this, I think you might agree a person can easily see why this part of coming to this seminar will provide the kind of life-transforming experience they know you absolutely must have!

Now, How About Watching, Live, As I Get Hot Women, Squirming
With Lust, Soaking Wet, And Even Cumming In Their Seats, Live
On Stage, So You Can Get The Subtle Points Of What I Do…
And Master This For Yourself!

Pretty great, huh?  But what’s even greater is how I will take your questions DURING these demonstrations and after, so you can truly get how powerfully this works, and fully know you can do it for yourself!


Super Satisfied Students Speak: Absolute Proof My Seminars Will
Skyrocket Your Success With The Women You Truly Desire!



Plus here’s one in writing:

Hi Ross!

I didn’t really know what to expect in London, and with a seminar like this you’re not always certain that you should come.  However, within the first fifteen minutes of listening to Ross Jeffries speak it put my mind at ease.  It was a really comfortable environment with a cool group of guys who were ready to learn from the master.


RJ has a ton of passion for teaching and he knows exactly what you need.  I would definitely recommend this seminar.  I’ve discovered a powerful motivation and inspiration that every guy needs to find for himself.  Ross knows how to help.  If you’re nearby and it’s happening, you must go.  I’d recommend this to everyone!

Matthew Davis
Calgary, Canada



Since attending your seminar in London last August, everything is falling firmly into place. I live a long way from the city but I’m really getting out there now when I can and it’s just SO much fun. I meet a good number of really high quality girls at networking parties or randomly at restaurants. I just find myself going up to the most attractive girls and seeing what I can learn.


I’m 45, two years on from a ten year relationship with the wrong person, and now suddenly I’m with a really cute South African 23yo, with a hot n’ cute Spanish 25yo pushing for me to come to a gallery opening, both after doing simple compatibility tests, twin brothers, talking about indulgence and escape, anchoring/self points, vibe variation, fractionating, touch and avoiding fact-talk. Not much else.

November last year was the 22yo Texan dancer in New York who I camped out with for the whole week after meeting herNow I’m all about being invested in the skill and NOT taking numbers and seeing where it leads.

Thanks again man you’re brilliant!

Azman Luc
London, UK

Listen:  wouldn’t you want to be able to talk with successful, returning students like these on breaks, at lunch and dinner, ask you questions, and personally pick their brains to  find out how they mastered this material and hear their success stories from their own mouths?

And wouldn’t you easily agree, that this is the

Unmatchable Advantage Of Coming To A Live Event!


Now, if you haven’t already totally convinced yourself, you must claim your seat and enroll today, I would also like to excite your brains and grease up your glands, by announcing my new co-trainer, and the most brilliant young FEMALE teaching talent on the scene, the fabulous “girl genius”…


Hayley Quinn- The First Person In 15 Years Of Searching
That I Finally KNOW Is Worthy To Teach My Students
And Share My Stage

When I First Met Hayley, I Thought She SUCKED!!!

Listen: when I first met Hayley, 3 years ago, I thought she was simply awful – in fact, I actually told her to “go home and find a day job“.

But about a year after that, I watched her give a talk on YouTube and was stunned and her brilliance, her honesty and her incredible devotion to help guys with a strong hand but an open heart.

She quite simply blew me (no jokes here) away and I knew I had to talk to her more;to the point where I invited her to teach at my 2013 London seminar. And the guys absolutely loved her.

Watch this short video clip of a live demo, in the room involving a student, on how to use touch to sexualise his interaction with a woman….

…..yes, guys, this ACTUALLY happened in the room:

Hayley will be presenting her own unique take on meeting and seducing women – as a bi-sexual woman, she’s got plenty of experience and insight into female sexuality and psychology that I just don’t and won’t ever have.

Here is some of what she’ll teach you:

  • The Real Way To Make A Woman Incredibly Attracted To You By Understanding “The Matrix” Of Female Attraction
  • Use Hayley’s Exclusive Blueprint For Deep Connection To Make Her Realise She’s Never Met A Man Like You Before
  • Become A Man She Is Magnetised By – No Matter What You Look Like
  • Let Your Non-Verbal Cues Do The Talking And Turn Her On Without You Saying A Word
  • And Much, Much More In Hayley’s Highly Interactive Presentation (You Saw A Taste In The Video Above)

Listen: I seriously love this girl-genius and expect her to one day be almost as a good a teacher as me (no one will ever be as good as me, but she’ll get close).

She’s a skyrocketing star in the European media and press and is already kicking the crap out of her competition.  So you just have to see and enjoy this brainy, sexy dynamo’s hands-on training and teaching.


Sign Up Right Now And Enjoy A Big
Take Action Now” Discount

Tuition for this event would normally be $997 (£593.55 GBP as of 6/11/14) and even at that rate, we know tickets will sell out.

But enroll now and your tuition will be just $697 USD (£415 GBP as of 6/11/14)– a full $300 off your enrollment fees.  (Click here to do the conversions in your own currency)

Regardless of what currency you use to register now, this is a more than 30% discount, to reward you for realizing…

You’re Finding Yourself Compelled To Sign Up Now

Now, to encourage you to enroll today, right now, I’m also offering these three, sick, crazy bonuses for the next 10 people who claim their seats:

INSTANT SIGN-UP BONUS #1: Access To The Exclusive “Members Only” Speed Seduction® Mastery Website

members-onlyAs soon as you complete your registration for this event, you will create a username and password exclusive to you.

I’ll use this members’ area to securely house any information related to the event – including handout notes, materials I come up with as I go along, and more.

Not only that, but by having your username and password, you will have access to special offers and opportunities that won’t be on the public Speed Seduction® website.

(Instant Bonus Value: $297)

This takes us to Bonus #2…

INSTANT SIGN-UP BONUS #2: On-Demand Video Training, “Secrets Of The Naturals: 10 Chick-Pulling Lessons From The ‘Always-Gets-Girls’ Guys”

NaturalsWebinar400As soon as you create your username and password, this special 1-hour video “pre-training” will be waiting for you!

Do you ever find yourself sitting there, either alone or perhaps with a couple of buddies, when all of a sudden this one guy shows up?  He’s a “chick magnet” – all he has to do is show up and women swarm all over him.

You can’t quite put your finger on it, but he’s just… “got it” when it comes to meeting and bedding buxom beauties.  In other words: he’s a “natural”. What seems to be missing for you?  What needs to happen so you, too, can be a Ladies’ Man who pulls women like crazy?

(Instant Bonus Value: $247)

And, now let’s double up the value with…

INSTANT SIGN-UP BONUS #3: One (1) “VIP Guest Pass” So You Can Bring A Friend For Free

guest-passChances are, you have a friend (aka “wingman”) who will benefit from Speed Seduction®. When you register now, you’ll receive one (1) “VIP Guest Pass” you can share with them.

Your guest can be female.  Many of my students have over the years. There is a strict “No Sarging” rule in effect at ALL my seminars, so she will be fully protected.

Your guest will receive full access to the Speed Seduction® event and all the bonuses, including their own username and password in the Speed Seduction® members’ website.

How adding a guest works: as soon as you complete your own registration, you’ll receive an e-mail from me. You will then reply to that e-mail with the information about your guest that we need. We’ll then set up their registration for them.

(Instant Bonus Value: $997)

And remember, when you enroll today, your satisfaction is protected by a crazy, unmatched, one-year, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money back guarantee:


Listen: I’m so sure that this seminar will deliver all I promise and more, that I’ll guarantee your full satisfaction for a full year after the event. (None of this bullshit “you must ask for a refund before the last day of the event” crap that my dodgy and creepy competition tries to sucker you into accepting!)

At any time within that period, you can call my friendly staff, give them your name and simply say, “Give me my cash back”.  We’ll credit back your tuition within 24 hours – that simple.

Would I Make That Guarantee If I Wasn’t 100% Sure
You’ll Get Everything I’m Promising?

Listen: I realize there are a few slimy creeps that will get full success from this life-changing event, and still ask for their refund.

But I’m putting my faith in you and trusting that you are one of the good guys: the intelligent, good-hearted, honest man who is the very person I am devoted to bringing complete success with women.

Realizing now, all the success this seminar will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of the smart men who can find yourself claiming your seat right now?

Of course you are!

Does This Seem Like A Lot Of Cash To Invest In
Your Lifetime Success With Women?

Listen: Compared to what you’ve spent on women for fancy dinners, movies, gifts, and other stuff that got you nowhere, and what you’ll continue to spend for the rest of your life if you don’t invest in yourself right now, I think you can easily see that the tuition for this seminar is actually ridiculously dirt-cheap.

Just do the math and ask yourself, what’s it going to cost if you don’t come?

Then make the smart choice and, enroll right now!

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen.
How Do I Lock In My Front-Row Seat Right Now?”

Just go here to claim your seat now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):

(Click here for an easy 3-payment plan for your London seminar)

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would
prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail team@seduction.com or call (323) 252-1531
[use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

Peace, piece, and see you at the seminar,


Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. If you are reading this and you are someone who has been smart enough to attend one of my previous Speed Seduction® seminars around the world  over the past 25 years, I have a special message for you.

You know, from your own experience, that my material, my teaching abilities and my insights are always evolving, and that often I come up with my best stuff, spontaneously and on the spot, inspired by your questions and responses in the moment. And you also know that there is a lot to learn, and that you learn and experience great new stuff with each seminar you attend.

So I can promise you, my dear alumnus: my work has massively evolved over the past year, what to say over the past 5-10 years and you’ll get every penny of your money’s worth by attending; and maybe even spot some old friends too!

You already know that the bonds of friendship and brotherhood you find at these live events are unbreakable and irreplaceable, so I encourage you to enjoy the old ones and form new ones with the people who will be coming for the first time!

P.P.S. 10 Questions and Answers About This Seminar:

QUESTION: “Is my privacy protected?”
100%. We will never reveal your identity to anyone, and no one will be filmed or recorded in any way, shape or form, unless they give their informed, written consent.

Q: “Do I have to have previous experience with Speed Seduction® seminars or recorded products before I attend?”
Absolutely not.  While previous experience can be helpful, everyone will quickly be brought “up to speed” and you will enjoy the same success as alumni/returning clients and students.

Q: “Will you be taking people out into the field for live pick-up training?”
While this will not happen during the event, due to the number of people attending, Hayley Quinn and I are in discussions to offer 2-3 hand-picked elite clients an individual, full day’s training with Hayley and myself, in field: a 2 instructors for ONE student opportunity. There will be more on this later for those who enroll in the event, should Hayley and I decide to make this available.

Q: “I am from a culture/country that speaks a language other than English. While I speak English, I don’t know if the patterns will work on women in my country. Should I still attend?”
Yes!  While some of the language patterns don’t translate into other languages, the basic principles and structure still apply, and thousands of students have quickliy and easily adapted them to their language, culture and women.

Q: “I am already in a relationship/married. Will this seminar be good for me?”
Yes! These same principles that get women drawn to you, pussies dripping and compelled to fuck you work even better when you already have a sexual connection, whether that connection is strong or is fading to almost nothing!  You, of all people, MUST come to this event!

Q: “My living situation is not good; I don’t have a good job(or have no job) and can’t spend money on women. Will this work for men who are broke, unemployed, or who have low status jobs?”
Yes-totally!  When you learn how to capture a woman’s imagination, emotions, and how to work her “psychological operating system” suddenly YOU have the HIGHEST status – because she is feeling things inside that only you can bring.

Q: “I have little experience with women and have very bad anxiety/self-esteem issues. Will this seminar help me?”
100% yes, and in fact, this seminar is probably the ONLY thing that can help you! I’ve got 23 years of successful change work and trance-formational consciousness ability that has worked for tens of thousands of men.  I don’t care what you think about your personal prison of fear-I’ll break those bars for you and open the door to the warm sun of hot women-guaranteed.

Q: “The tuition seems rather expensive. Is this really a good investment?”
Tens of thousands of men have found it to be an excellent investment.  When you consider you’ll be receiving the gold keys to life long success with women, and you calculate what you’ve spent up to now on useless and costly dates, dinners, gifts and presents and what you’ll keep spending on these things if you DON’T come, this seeing the amazing value you get for your money when you enroll is a total no-brainer! And remember the 100%money back, one year guarantee. You can’t get the money you spent on dates back ever and you never, ever will.

Q: “I’m really ugly/old/fat/short etc. Will this really give me success, despite all that?”
No question about it: yes, yes and yes!  Just scroll up again, right before you enroll, and look again at some of the videos of my successful students. Your looks only matter when you can’t get women looking at you THROUGH the emotions they long to feel FOR you. Get them doing this and you can be an ugly, old fart like me-and I get very, very hot women, and never spend a dime!

Q:  “I want to be able to respect women-I don’t want to take advantage of women or disrespect them and some of the things you say and write seem to really be anti-woman.  How do you answer this?”
While my style is a bit offensive, it’s designed to breakthrough the limited thinking of the “romance racketeers” who have pulled the wool over your eyes and have blinded you to what really works with women.  They built a prison for your mind, so I sometimes have to use colorful language and strong metaphors to shock people out of their apathy and stuck thinking.  If that is still too much for you, then you probably should NOT attend. But aren’t  the lies, distortions and humiliating things the media teaches you to control your thinking and acting with women  FAR more offensive than any crude or vulgar things I might say?

Q:  “I’ve been through or am going through a shattering break-up/divorce/end of a relationship. Will this seminar help, in the state and condition I am in?”
Of all the people who I enjoy helping most, you are at the very top.  The teaching and transformational healing you’ll experience-plus the brotherhood of men who are going through the same thing, or have been through the same thing you are, will absolutely get you over that hump and back on the road to where you want to go.