What’s In 3.0: A Short Video, And Part III of III


Dear Speed Seduction 3.0 Fan,

I think the above video pretty much sums it up.  But here are the nuts and bolts of 3.0 and what I’m offering:

The Delux 3.0 Course-7 DVDS, 11 CDS, 200 Plus Page Transcript, And Four Bonus DVDS

This consists of 7 DVDs, 11 CDS(the complete, unedited seminar), a 200 plus page PDF download, plus 4 Bonus DVDS: Ross Jeffries Speed Life 2006.  These are 4 DVDs that you will never again see anywhere else; the very last Speed Life seminar I ever taught.  See me at my best on persuasion, personal change, and seduction.

All of this for one payment of $399 or three monthly payments of $133

The Basic 3.0 Course-7DVDS

This is the most basic option, just the 7DVDS.  Available for one payment of $299 or three monthly payments of $99 each.

Early Sign Up Bonuses

As you know, we are opening up the shopping cart at 12 Noon Pacific Time on Thursday, October 30th.

What you are about to learn is this: the first 100 people who order the Delux or Basic 3.0 course will get a special early sign up bonus, 3CDS of me guest-teaching an advanced hypnosis seminar.  You’ll hear me teach about how the everyday constructs that comprise our sense of self in the world are actually the by-products of social hypnotic programming and how we can program others by reach behind and taking hold of these fundamental subjective building blocks of reality.

I will NEVER sell these or make them available, ever again, so be sure you are one of the first 100 to grab your Basic or Delux 3.0 course when we open it all up on 12 Noon Pacific, on Thursday, October 30th.

Unconditional Guarantee, Of Course!

As with all of my courses and programs, 3.0 is fully guaranteed for your complete satisfaction. If you don’t agree it is a quantum leap over my previous programs, and far and away the best seduction program offered anywhere, return it within 90 days for a full refund, less postage and handing, no questions asked.

Ok?  Watch your email, because on Wed, Oct 29, we’ll be sending you the link to bookmark that will take you to the shopping cart when we launch 3.0(and the coaching program) on Thursday, October 30th, at 12 Noon Pacific.

Peace and piece,


P.S.  The most frequently asked question I have been getting is this:  I just bought the current 2.0 course from 1997, and now I feel cheated. Should I still go ahead and buy 3.0?

Answer: You can absolutely go ahead and buy on October 30th if you want a shot at the early sign up bonus CDs.  But I would make sure I’ve studied the 2.0 course for at least 60 days before i begin learning what is in 3.0.

P.P.S. The other frequently most asked question I get is this: I’ve never bought any course before. Is 3.0 a good place to start.

Answer: by itself, I do not recommend it for someone who has never had a course before, unless you also sign up for the coaching program, which also is being launched at the same time, on the same day.


Because by Nov 15, the members area of the coaching program will have a special 4 part, on line video series created by me, for people completely new to Speed Seduction(R).  I’m calling it “Getting Up To Speed With Speed Seduction(R)” and it will cover the basic 2.0 tools and concepts: the 4 levels of the female mind, capturing and leading the imagination and emotions of women, memorized classic patterns like “The Discovery Channel’ “Blow Job” “Incredible Connection”, suggestions, commands, weasel phrases etc.

Of course, anyone who joins the coaching program will get access to this, so you don’t have to be a newbie to benefit.

P.P.P.S.  The other most frequent question is from old time customers who want a discount when they buy 3.0.

Answer: Sorry, but this course isn’t an upgrade. It’s a new course, with new concepts and new applications and new tools. And I have no records of who is a customer prior to 2007, so I couldn’t help most of you old timers anyway, because I can’t confirm who you are.