What’s In The 3.O Course: Part I Of III

What’s In The 3.0 Program? Part I Of III

Dear Speed Seduction Student,

Today, and for the next couple of days, I’m revealing the juicy details of the 3.0 Course, my first complete new course in 12 years.  If you’ve been following along in this launch blog for the past few weeks, you already realize this course represents 12 years of progress in terms of my own personal sarging abilities, the Speed Seduction technology, and my skills as a teacher, so I’m excited here to…

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Today, I want to talk about the major conceptual breakthroughs of the 3.0 Course: what makes it better, different, more thorough and comprehensive in the theory and methodology than the current 1997 (and every first 1993) Home Study Course,

(Special note: if you’ve never bought one of my prior Speed Seduction® Home Study Courses and are  considering buying 3.0, it can still be a great place start, if you also join my coaching program when you buy the 3.0 Course. I’ll tell you more about doing both in Part III of these blog posts)

The Big Conceptual Breakthroughs Of 3.0 That Make It So Vastly Superior

There are a few key principles that I return to over and over again throughout these 7 DVD’s and 11CDS that I simply did not understand, consider, or imagine back when I created the current 2.0 course.  These principles are comprehensive throughout the sarging process, operating in virtually ever phase, from the initial walk up, to getting her attention, to rapidly evoking and energizing the most erotic places of her body and mind.

Huge Conceptual Breakthrough And Paradigm Shift 1. The Principle, Power And Practice Of Fractionation

In my 20 years of studying attraction and seduction, this amazing principle is, by far the closest thing I’ve ever come to a “unified field theory” of the female psyche. And you can use it use powerfully manage your own state and vibe, as well as deeply understand and artfully direct every emotional and behavioral response you ever see in any woman, from start to finish throughout the seduction process.

Forget about ever again being confused by a woman’s emotional 180s, her fluctuations between wanting you and pushing you away,  her last minute buyers remorse, contradictory signals, sudden loss of interest and other up until now deeply frustrating and seemingly irrational actions.

With what I teach you about this principle throughout the 7 DVDs and 11 CDS, you’ll remain calmly in control as the effortless seduction architect of every interaction and situation.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use fractionation to create irresistible POSITIVE challenge, that draws women forward and massively magnifies her her attraction to you, from the first word spoken to her last gasp of pleasure.
  • How to fractionate across the 4 attraction vibes beyond the initial walk-up to insure she’s eager to please in and out of bed
  • Three new and different ways to use fractionation in the initial walkup to open and access the most hyper-erotically responsive aspects of her psyche.
  • How to understand and utilize the “fractionation cross”-her naturally occurring patterns of self-fractionation  vertically through different levels of her mind and horizontally across different emotional states.  This is a key to both powerful seduction AND joyfully satisfying relationship management.
  • How to fractionate her physically to create maximum sexual response
  • How to fractionate back and forth between logical transitions, and using complete non-sequitur and absurdity(Very useful for creating amnesia for resistance and non-useful responses!)
  • How to fractionate any attention you give her in four different ways:-timing, direction, focus and intensity-to make her at least 300% more responsive to any of my previous courses methods or tools.
  • How to use fractionation so her interest turns to attraction,  her attraction turns to desire, her desire turns to arousal, and her arousal turns to dripping wet  “go for it now, it’s on”.
  • And a hell of a lot more insights and practical applications of this fundamental female functioning principle-the  “operating system” and “machine language” of the female body and mind

I’m Really Not Exaggerating Or In The Least Bit Kidding Here

Look: I’m not kidding when I say this understanding and application  of  fractionation on so many levels and in so many permutations is all encompassing and incredibly accurate.

In fact I’d venture to say that it is so damn powerful, that just understanding this stuff by itself, even absent any application, will give you an irresistible “woman  whisperer” presence that sings to and soothes the female psyche.  You’ll be so calm and grounded around even the most gorgeous(and formerly difficult) women, that they truly will preternaturally long to be with you, as they resonate to you at the “machine language level” of their minds.

In sum, I have to say it is simply by far the best and most comprehensive understanding of women I have ever uncovered.

Second Conceptual Breakthrough-Managing Her Involvement And Investment In The Seduction Interaction-The “3 I” principle

It would be safe to say that I like things in threes when it comes to how I organise my thinking around and about women.  And the “3 I” principle is just about that: Interaction Involvement Investment.

Let me explain this by offering a distinction about three different kinds of guys and their relative level of and enjoyment with women.

An amateur has no idea what he’s doing and seldom can create desire in women.

A pro can create desire in women a good deal of the time.

But a master can manage a woman’s investment and involvement in her desire so she is driven to his bed and yoked to his pleasure, until he no longer wishes it so.

So the 3I principle is about getting her invested and involved in the erotic interaction with you, right from the start, in the first two minutes of conversation.

Why? Because when you do that, the desire she feels for you isn’t just a temporary response or reaction or option.

Instead it becomes what she realizes she must have-namely connecting erotically with you.

So in the course, here’s what I’ll take you by the hand and teach you about this:

  • How To Put “3 I” To Work For You To Magnify My Earlier Frame Control And Hyper Response Methods By A Factor Of At Least 300%
  • How To Use “3 I” Conditioning To  Keep Her Hungrily Reaching For More, More, More And Get Her Initiating Most Of The Action.
  • How To Use “3 I” To Get Her To Do Almost All Of The Seduction Work
  • How To Use “3 I” To Blast Open Her Sexual “Safe Door” So She Gets Into The Naughty Stuff She’d Never Do Before
  • How To Use “3 I” To  Emotionally Innoculate Her In Advance Against Buyer’s Remorse, Last Minute Hesitation, Disapproval From Her Social Set And Peer Group, And Interference From Pesky Fiances And Borefriends

Third Conceptual  3.0 Breakthrough: Managing Emotions And Cultivating Consciousness For Rapid Breakthrough And Self-Design.

If you already have my Nail Your Inner Game Program, you know just how far I’ve come in helping guys finally get past old patterns of self-defeating behavior, action, feeling and thought.

(If you don’t already have NYIG, don’t worry. As part of the Coaching Program I’ll be launching the same day as 3.0, I’ll be creating a series of updated Nail Your Inner Game video modules and teles-eminar recordings in the member’s area within the first few months of starting it all up)

In 3.0, I take those understandings even further so you can learn:

  • How Use The Principles Of Mindfulness And Equanimity To Turn Approach Anxiety Into “Stealth” Charisma
  • How To Use Even The Most Stuck Emotions To Enjoy Magnetic Confidence WITHOUT Any Social Skill Being Required (No kidding-this gives you “acceptance” confidence, something no “Alpha Male” or “Pick Up Artist” can match, interrupt or defuse)
  • How To Use The 5 Key Beliefs For Learning To Extract Maximum Empowering Information From Haunting, Painful Memories, Breaking The Cycle Of Negative Re-programming Forev
  • How To Create The Proper, Custom-Designed Mix  Of The Four Different Kinds Of Confidence: Performance, Rehearsal, Acceptance And Compassion. (Aiming at the wrong kind of confidence can actually keep you more confused and stuck; here’s how to mix and match for your unique situation, personality and level of progress)
  • How To Turn Confusion To Clarity-Take The Toughest Field “Defeat”, Extract The Information, And Get Back Out There Doing It Right In Hours

I Think I’ve Said Enough For Now….Tune In Tomorrow For Part II

Tomorrow, in part II, I’ll cover some of actual application content and tools, and get into some of the incredible, “can’t-ever-get-them-anywhere-ever bonus DVDs” that will come with the Delux version of the 3.0 course.

Of course, I invite your comments below.

Peace and piece,