What’s New In The 3.0 Course, Part II of III

What’s New In The 3.0 Course, Part II of III

Dear Speed Seduction 3.0 Fan,

Yesterday, I spoke about the three big conceptual breakthroughs that make the 3.0 Course so superior to anything else I’ve ever created.

Today, I want to get into the content of the 3.0 course in terms of some of the tools, techniques, and nuts-and-bolts “how to stuff”.

Wonderful World Of Walk Up Wizardry

One of the cool things about 3.0 is that you’ll learn some great tools and tactics to use in the initial walk up to guarantee you’ll never have to worry about what to say and that you are firing up her fantasies within minutes. You’ll learn:

*How to use games and quizzes to involve her in the seduction, engage her erotic, intense emotions, and set the frame you are screening her

*How to use anything in the environment or situation to always know exactly what to say

*How to make observations about her that engage her attention and create connection and fascination

*How to use non-sequiturs to guarantee 100% conversational deepening.(This has never failed me in over a year of testing: not even ONCE)

*How to play with an incorporate her answers to build the seduction momentum

*Using suggestions to deepen the connection

*Involving yourself in her fantasy scenarios with a simple, seemingly innocent question

After The Walk Up: From Steaming To Reaming!

Pretty good stuff, huh? Well the next thing I want to cover is how 3.0 teaches you how to move after the walk-up or sit down has started. Watch and learn:

*How to pick from 3 different “poonani” pathways so you know what to do with her responses, no matter what they are

*How to use recursion and redundancy to accelerate prior responses exponentially

*How to incorporate the “safe door” principle to insure you zero in on her sexual readiness

*How to achieve “conversational mastery” with six different themes, guarantee to seduce her

*Utilizing “Vaginal Metaphyics” To Your Advantage

*How To Use The Four Energetic Vibes To Generate Suggestion “Super-conductivity”

*Mastering The Seven Rules For Irresistible Seduction Patterning

*The Dirty, Unfair, Stealth Seduction Method Of Using Her Personal Metaphors

*How To Use Jokes As Seduction “Trojan Horses” To Embed Layer After Layer Of Sexual

Commands And Suggestions

*Mastering Phone Game And Arrange Day 2 Meetings

*How To Seduce The Lesbian You Desire-A Special Student Presentation

*The “I Had A Dream” Super-Pattern; The Very Best Seduction Pattern I’ve Ever Created In 20 Years Of Doing This Stuff(the closest thing to a can’t miss pattern I’ve ever created or seen, no kidding.. Women are soaking themselves in minutes from this!)

Wow. Now we are really getting into some exciting stuff, yes? But you know what I also love about this course is how it also teaches some wonderful stuff to transform YOU. What kind of stuff? Well how about:

*How to custom design the proper mix of the 4 kinds of seduction confidence

*How to use the principle of equanimity to leap-frog past approach anxiety

*How to use every day emotional alchemy to transmute stuck emotions into informed enthusiasm and intelligent motivation

*How to break through slumps WITHOUT pushing through pain

*Techniques and tools for seduction “super-learning”

And a whole hell of a lot more in these 7DVDS and 11CDS.

Tune In Tomorrow To Hear About The Bonuses And Details Of The Offer

That’s it for today. Tomorrow, in part III, I’ll tell you about the bonuses, the offer, and how you can also try the first month of my new Coaching Program for just $1.

Peace and piece til then,



P.S. From today until launch day, October 30th, I’ll be live on the air on my UstreamTV channel to continue to preview the 3.0 Course, and take your questions.

Here is the schedule: (all times are PACIFIC time)

Monday, October 27, 5PM-6PM Pacific: The Conceptual Breakthroughs Of 3.0


Tuesday, October 28, 5PM-6PM Pacific Time: The Tools And Techniques Of 3.0


Wednesday October 29 5PM-6PM The Bonuses And The Offer For Speed Seduction 3.0


Wednesday October 29 7PM-PM The Speed Seduction® Coaching Program: What’s Included, Should You Join Q&A

If you miss these, they will all be available for replay on my Ustream channel: