Would You Like FREE Live Video Coaching Office Hours?


Dear Speed Seduction Fans And Students,

As you well know by now, I’m seriously thinking(and have been for months) about launching a coaching program along with the 3.0 program.

Now, I know I’ll at the very least do 2 90 minute teleseminars a month. One would be a group instructional call where I teach about a certain topic and then take your questions on that topic.

The second group call would be a hot-seat/personal help call, where I’d take questions, one at a time, about your personal challenges, a recent sarge, a girl you’ve been working for a while, whatever.

So there would be one instructional call a month and one coaching call.

But here is an idea: what if I did once a month video office hours?

I’m thinking that for 90 minutes a month I’d be live on my megameeting video to video conferencing system. And anyone who can get in during that 90 minutes would get 10-15 minutes of live, video to video coaching, NO EXTRA CHARGE.

This clip is a piece of a half hour consultation that this lucky guy won as part of Operation Move The Free Line which I did on my main blog last month.

What would think of once a month LIVE VIDEO OFFICE HOURS? No extra charge for it….

Please, please help me design the coaching program YOU want to have and give me your comments/feedback below.


P.S. Another thought I had as a use for this megameeting system:

Once a month, a lucky student is selected to get a free HOUR video to video coaching session. I’d pick whomever participates/asks the best questions on the two monthly teleseminars.  It would be recorded and then placed in a special member’s area archive so everyone could benefit by watching it.