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First of all, congratulations on your wise decision to join us at our March 11 & 12, 2017 Speed Seduction® Daygame Mastery and Mindset Monster Seminar in Los Angeles!

As you complete your registration, I just want to make sure you get everything you need. I have found that many of my students who complete a Speed Seduction® seminar, come back later wanting to apply the same principle to everyday communication, business, and getting more out of life through the power of language.

For that reason, I invite you to "double down" and

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Upgrading now means attending an extra Saturday evening session where I'll be teaching a break-out workshop on my new Secrets Of Stealth Persuasion System.

Come and learn to double or triple your closings, conversions and sales effortlessly and powerfully - as well as gain your fantastic power to irresistibly influence others in all endeavors and walks of life!

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"You've Convinced Me, Ross...I'm Going BIG, Right Now. How Do I Upgrade (And How Much Do I Save?)"

If you could attend just the Saturday night session without signing up for the rest of the seminar (which you can't), at full price, your total investment would come out to $1,294.00.

But I’ve made it super easy for you to boost your girl-getting power right now.

Upgrade now, and you will add the Saturday night "Bedroom To Boardroom" bonus session to your registration for the March 11 & 12, 2017 Speed Seduction® Day Game Mastery and Mindset Monster seminar for just $597 total that gets you the complete 2-day experience.

You’ve spent more that in the past year on dates that went south while you sat there like a frog on a log desperately trying to find the right words so you not sound like a total fucking moron.

You've been caught with your pants down so many times, having no idea what to say and how to react to what life throws at you, that instead of letting your ass hang out, you need to plant it in a chair on Saturday night and get this area powerfully handled.

Now, I am making this possible for you.

Please Select Your Investment Option Now:

Yes! Thank You Ross! Of course I want to take advantage of this awesome offer! I'm DONE stumbling through and want to experience more power in all walks of life. I'm ready to Double Down and Upgrade right now...

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No thanks Ross, I don't need the bonus session. I know others will use this information to super-charge their persuasive power and add rocket fuel to their seminar investment, but I am willing to take my chances, and pay more later to get this teaching in a different format (that is, if I'm lucky and you even offer it to the general public).

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