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From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, “Godfather” of The Worldwide Seduction Community

Dear Rabid Getting Laid Fan,

Imagine living a life where you are constantly and easily meeting a stream of new, hot women wherever you go.

Imagine getting them hot and bothered in record time with the most advanced and never-before-taught seduction language patterns.

And, imagine enjoying a kick-ass “crush it” mindset that has you massively and consistently motivated to powerfully reach your wealth goals, your health goals, and beyond.

If any of this sounds like something you can easily find yourself wanting, then...

...My Brand New, Guaranteed To Work For You, Pickup and Seduction Course Is The Holy Grail You've Been Waiting For!

Listen: my name is Ross Jeffries and I am a Puss-a-holic.

More importantly for you, I am a teach-a-holic and an obsessive compulsive thinker on the subject of what will make you successful with women and how to help you step up and claim the life you want, desire, and deserve.

But, before I tell you about just how wickedly good this new, latest, and most original of my courses is (and exactly the stunning results it will bring you) I need to get something off my chest before it explodes.

Hold On Tight... Because Here It Comes

You see, I recently made the decision to focus my energy, effort and creativity on teaching businesses and entrepreneurs to use my persuasion and mindset skill sets to "seduce" their customers to signing the contract, making the sale and raking in the cash.

Now I thought (quite arrogantly and even stupidly) that I had enough creativity and focus and passion to keep doing what I have always loved doing: constantly creating new and better maps and methods for guys just like you to outrageously win with women, and at the same time pursue my new business ventures.

But, to put it bluntly, I couldn't "get it up" to do both.

It even got so bad, I did the worst sin of all: I stopped exploring and creating new techniques, and my communication with my students slowed to a trickle.

How My Bang Babe Brain Trust Brought Me Roaring Back To Life

Ok: I'm almost done with my story, so find yourself following along for one more minute because you really need to hear this.

You see, for the past few months, I've had an elite "brain trust" of my best and brightest students who have been going out into the real world, trying my latest stuff, and sharing their experiences.

Based on their feedback about what they learned, wanted, and needed, I got excited again and went back into my lab to come up with killer pickup and seduction stuff they'd never seen before.

I've combined that with what I've been teaching my VIP business clients about staying motivated to make millions to come up with this killer course that will not only have you experiencing new levels of success with women, but also enjoying a "crush-it" mindset to succeed in every area of your life.

Anyway, enough ranting.

Let’s get to it by telling you about Part I of this new course...

My “Day Game Mastery / Meet Women Blueprint”

Look: please forgive if this seems a bit harsh, but if you don’t have a consistent, systematic, easy to use method to have you meeting lots of women at least 2-3 times a week, it’s very unlikely you will ever achieve the success you truly want.

On the other hand, having a "blueprint" that gets you past any hesitation and shows you exactly what to say is priceless.  And that's why I’m making it a big priority in this course.

In this part of the course (that includes hands-on demonstrations) I will show you how to:

  • Use curiosity to approach young women and get them swiftly taking their panties off
  • Use "cold reads" to implant vivid sexual imagery in her mind, even when other people are watching
  • Avoid the 3 biggest errors when using the "direct approach" - and start using it the RIGHT way
  • Use three "humor hacks" to ensure she's laughing herself into you (instead of laughing her ass off AT you!)
  • Mentally use "The More, The More" Pattern to get yourself MORE confident with the women who turn you on the MOST! (This will totally reverse the "Can't Get The 9s and 10s" Syndrome. The hotter you find her, the more confidently you'll approach.)
  • Effectively use "The Fake Apology" to blow her out of the water and show the biggest balls in town!
  • Turn her hurry into horny - AKA how to stop her when she's in a rush and make her ready to get down and gush
  • Take the conversation in five (count 'em, FIVE) different directions once you've opened, to swiftly pattern her panties off. (No more guesswork on where to go next - I clearly map out the branches of this tree for you.)

Just these tactics, alone, are worth more than your entire (low) investment in this course.

Now, watch me add rocket-fuel to this course as I launch

The Atom Bomb Of Seduction Language Patterns

Now listen: this brand-new course doesn't just lay out this new foolproof roadmap to easily meet and excite women anywhere (with the exception of seedy bars and noisy nightclubs).

I'm also including two brand new, soak-their-panties language patterns.

And while I’m proud of both of them, I consider my "Airplane Finger Fun" pattern to be...

The Very Best, Most Effective Seduction Pattern I've Ever Taught - In 30 Years!

You see, this pattern opens up the erotic, sexual imagination of women and bridges the gap between talking to them and touching them.

It appeals to one of their primary fantasies - doing something naughty in a place where they could get caught.

This pattern has, up until now, only been taught to my VIP $750+/hr clients, and they are having 100% success with it. I guarantee it will take you from a stumbling, bumbling "I can get them talking but can’t escalate" dude - and transform you into a guy who has to carry emergency condom supplies in every pocket.

You’ll also learn:

  • How to use Sexual "Feed Forward Loops" to get her obsessively fantasizing about banging you
  • How to use the four Seduction Conversation Formats to stack suggestions and create maximum receptivity
  • How to use "Deep Dive Questions" to get her telling you exactly what you need to say to bounce her straight into your bed
  • How and when to introduce Sexual Metaphor into the conversation to implant the naughtiest thoughts in her noggin’
  • What to say to younger women, to turn them on - and stay out of trouble!
  • The exact, word for word language that gets women calling YOU first (this works especially well on younger women!)
  • How to use "Cold Reads" to get her talking about her wildest fantasies

All This Plus The Famous Speed Seduction® Patterns To Get Women Hot, Bothered And Ready To Do The Deed With You!

Also, I'll be teaching you the classics that launched my controversy-filled career.

Come and learn these classic patterns that have gotten tens of thousands of guys laid:

  • The Famous Blow Job Pattern
  • The Legendary Instantly Recognize Pattern
  • The Never-Fails Paris Hilton Joke
  • The Stealthy Business Card Trick

The moment you crack open your instant online access, you'll see that these are four "bonus" modules I filmed after the seminar where I created this body of work - at the request of the students in the Elite Brain Trust.

(Please: once you have these patterns, do not reveal them to friends, family, moochers and morons. These are some of the best language/seduction patterns of my 30-year seduction track record!)

Now, if that's STILL not enough, then you'll definitely find yourself claiming your instant access now to get your hands on my brand-new

Bonus Segment: How To Induce Endless Hypnotic Orgasms

Would you like to learn how to use hypnosis and trance to incredibly improve your woman’s sexual responsiveness - and willingness to stretch her boundaries, break her rules and try on ANYTHING?

Then you’ll love this wild ass bonus teaching segment where I "lift the curtain" on what I’ve been privately using myself, and show you how to:

  • Create "Erotic Feed Forward Loops" so the hotter she feels, the more that she craves
  • Double or triple her experience of pleasure in a way that triggers her total surrender to your power (a primary female fantasy by the way)
  • Plus, a third "piece of the puzzle" that is easy to understand but too intricate to go into here. (Let's just say it is the icing on the "cootchy cake".)

I've never, ever taught this to anyone, ever - not even my VIP clients.

Here's where I let the cat out of the bag - it's up to you to pick up the pussy and pet her.

Now, let's continue along to Part II of the course, which is

Mindset Mastery For All Walks Of Life

So many students have written to me telling me that want to "get inside my head" and learn how I've overcome so many hardships to be where I am today - and to build their own legacy of leadership and success for their business and professional lives.

If that's you, then you'll love my new module on "Mindset Mastery" that I've been slaving over for many, many months. This module will convey how to overcome the obstacles and meet the challenges so you become the champion you are born to be.

In this module I'll be revealing:

  • The power of Acceptance Confidence to melt resistance in the bedroom AND the boardroom
  • Three magic words that erase any and all limiting beliefs from your past
  • The right way to build true motivation that keeps you rocketing up any learning curve
  • How to ask the two "Deep Dive" questions that tap into the power of your super-conscious mind

"Ok Ross, You've Got Me Hot On It... So What's The Investment So I Can Claim My Instant Access To This Amazing New Program Now?"

Listen: rather than go through the blah-blah-blah, I’m just going to put it on the table.

For a limited time, your investment is just $397 USD.

To make it even easier, I have a 3-pay program that helps you spread those payments out a little.

And to make it more enticing, I’m going to throw in the following bonuses that take effect IMMEDIATELY when you enroll now:

The Radical Art of Unblocking Yourself - ($397 value)

In a 30-minute online training, we show you how to break free of what blocks so many smart guys, like you, from success with the women you want to be with, anytime and anywhere.

Claim your Day Game Mastery and Mindset Monster course NOW to get your on-demand access as a free fast-action bonus!

You can count on the ongoing support of me (Ross Jeffries) and my entire "Bang Babe Brain Trust" with this

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Ross Jeffries Elite Student Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)

Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite Speed Seduction® brotherhood.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and Sarge reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…

... AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)

And Yes, Your Investment Is Protected...

Realizing now, all the success this course will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of the smart men who can find yourself claiming your instant access right now?

Of course you are!

It’s Up To You - Either Keep On Guessing And Muddling Through... Or Learn REAL Success From The Best!

Listen: if you want to do it on the cheap, try to figure it out on your own and guess your way through, then I certainly will wish you good luck and happy journeys in your battle up against incredible odds.

Or if you want to hope, pray, waste your fortune on therapy or the very worst, LISTEN TO WOMEN’S ADVICE ON THE SUBJECT - then I actually feel sorry for you.

But if you are ready - truly ready - to get this area of life fully handled and put the days of struggle and settling behind you once and for all - and smile to yourself at how good your life feels then GET YOUR INSTANT ACCESS NOW.

It’s up to you now.  It would be my honor to be your teacher and your guide.

Will you give YOURSELF that gift, is the question you must ask and answer now.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Instant Online Access Right Now?”

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):


(Click here for an easy 3-payment plan for your Day Game Mastery and Mindset Monster course)

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace and see you inside,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Look: one thing that all successful people have in common is they take action. So the choice is really yours:

You can hope things get better on their own.

You can wait for things to get better on your own.

Or you can jam down on that register now button and recognize: things are about to get, way, way better, starting right now.

The choice is yours.

P.P.S. One thing I want to make crystal clear: if you haven’t lived up to your potential with women, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  You’ve been lied to over and over again by society about what works.  It’s time to strip away those lies and claim your success with women.  It’s your birthright.

P.P.P.S. Listen: there’s only one, original, “father of seduction” and that’s me.  Screw the Ross Jeffries imitators, impersonators and copycats, and come get the original, real deal, buddy. You deserve the best!

Questions and Answers About Speed Seduction®: Day Game Mastery and Mindset Monster:

Q: “Is my privacy protected?”

A: 100%. We will never reveal your identity to anyone. We take your privacy VERY seriously.


Q: “Do I have to have previous experience with Speed Seduction® courses before I download these videos?”

A: Absolutely not.  While previous experience can be helpful, everyone will quickly be brought “up to speed” and you will enjoy the same success as alumni/returning clients and students.


Q: “I am from a culture/country that speaks a language other than English. While I speak English, I don’t know if the patterns will work on women in my country. Should I still invest in this course?”

A: Yes!  While some of the language patterns don’t translate into other languages, the basic principles and structure still apply, and thousands of students have quickly and easily adapted them to their language, culture and women.


Q: “I am already in a relationship/married. Will this seminar be good for me?”

A: Yes! These same principles that get women drawn to you, work even better when you already have a sexual connection, whether that connection is strong or is fading to almost nothing!  You, of all people, MUST come to this event!  Your wife/girlfriend will thank you!


Q: “My living situation is not good; I don’t have a good job(or have no job) and can’t spend money on women. Will this work for men who are broke, unemployed, or who have low status jobs?”

A: Yes-totally!  When you learn how to capture a woman’s imagination, emotions, and how to work her “psychological operating system” suddenly YOU have the HIGHEST status – because she is feeling things inside that only you can bring.


Q: “I have little experience with women and have very bad anxiety/self-esteem issues. Will this course help me?”

A: 100% yes, and in fact, this course is probably the ONLY thing that can help you! I’ve got 29+ years of successful change work and trance-formational consciousness ability that has worked for tens of thousands of men.  I don’t care what you think about your personal prison of fear-I’ll break those bars for you and open the door to the warm sun of hot women-guaranteed.


Q: “I’m really ugly/old/fat/short etc. Will this really give me success, despite all that?”

A: No question about it: yes, yes and yes!  Your looks only matter when you can’t get women looking at you THROUGH the emotions they long to feel FOR you. Get them doing this and you can be an ugly, old fart like me – and I get very, very hot women, and never spend a dime!


Q: “I want to be able to respect women-I don’t want to take advantage of women or disrespect them.  Am I in the right place to discover how to do this?”

A: Speed Seduction® is designed to break through the limited thinking of what I’ve (in the past) called “romance racketeers” who have pulled the wool over your eyes and have blinded you to what really works with women.  They built a prison for your mind, so yes, sometimes I use colorful language and strong metaphors – but only to shock people out of their apathy and stuck thinking.

But think about it – aren’t the lies, distortions and humiliating things the media teaches you to control your thinking and acting with women FAR more offensive than a few cuss words I might let slip in these videos?


Q: “I’ve been through or am going through a shattering break-up/divorce/end of a relationship. Will this course help, in the state and condition I am in?”

A: Of all the people who I enjoy helping most, you are at the very top.  The teaching and transformational healing you’ll experience-plus the brotherhood of men who are going through the same thing, or have been through the same thing you are, will absolutely get you over that hump and back on the road to where you want to go.