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Please click a question below to see the answer, who knows, maybe someone has asked the same question you have. If, after reading these questions and answers, you are still unsure or confused, feel free to email me or read some of what our very satisfied students have to say.

"Does this stuff really work?"

I get this question a lot. What the person is really asking is, "Can you guarantee that this will work for ME?" And my answer is: absolutely not! Not unless YOU can guarantee ME that YOU will do the work of learning it, practicing and mastering it! But IF you can guarantee you will do the course work, I absolutely guarantee you will get the results you desire, no ifs, ands or buts.


"Will this work on older women? Younger women? Beautiful women?"

It will work with any woman of any age, plain or gorgeous, as long as she has a mind and an imagination.


"Can I use this to get that one special girl I've always wanted?"

Yes. MANY customers order for just that purpose, or to find ONE special girl they have yet to meet. This is a perfectly legitimate and easy way to cut through YEARS of searching, loneliness, miscues, mistakes and dead-ends. If you fit this category, by all means order your course right now and don't waste another minute on the "crap-shoot" called dating!


"Is this disrespectful to women?"

No...absolutely not! I love, love, LOVE women. Women, when properly communicated with, can be the delights of the universe. It is not disrespectful to give a woman an opportunity to discover that she doesn't need the outdated courting rituals of the modern world in order to feel that wonderful sense of attraction and connection with a man. AND it is even more wonderful to realize that you can get a woman past what she is "typically" attracted to. As I said on TV, "the problem with a woman going for her "type" is that what is typical never lets her discover the extraordinary, which by definition isn't what she is expecting".


"Does ordering this course make me a loser? What are your typical students like?"

My students range from 18 to gentlemen in their 70's! Many are highly successful and busy professionals, including surgeons, chiropractors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Some are what the press would typically expect, needing some serious guidance when it comes to attracting women, but by far the majority are men who have done quite well in life, are very busy, and don't have time for the hit and miss dating nonsense that just doesn't work very well for ANY man. In my way of viewing things, the only "losers" in life are those who keep doing the same old thing they've been doing, over and over, hoping to get a different result! Winners recognize there is a better way and take action...right NOW! Today!


"I'm not very good at talking, how can I make sure this works for me."

I wasn't very good at talking either, at least not to women. This course will help you become good at it. After all, when we first started to walk, NONE of us were good at it! The most important skills of our lives are learned, NOT something we are born with. How cruel and unfair to expect men to be born knowing how to talk to women! Free yourself of that wicked, unfair belief and claim the success that is waiting for your bold and determined move.


"Does this course require that I be mean / cruel / a jerk to women? I sure don't want to do that."

Absolutely, 100% NO! It's true, most men when they "date" have to choose between being a "bully"...a "jerk" who never gives in or a "supplicant"...a beggar who does ANYTHING a woman wants. My course gives you the option to be a truly gentle-MAN; someone who NEVER bullies or BEGS, but instead structures wonderful opportunities, offers her challenges, and captivates and stimulates her deepest levels of imagination. That's not being cruel; that's being awesome. And you deserve to be know how good it feels for you and her to do this.


"Ross, what is your background for being able to train others in Speed Seduction®?"

I've been studying hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic programming for years, but my best answer is: I know how to solve the problem for others, because I had to solve it for myself! There is NO better motivation to get it right than that! I now have students in 24 countries in 15 languages, so I think I'm doing something right. But remember; the best qualifications are real world results! After you've had my course, and you look back and see the months of great results with some truly wonderful you feel that feeling of satisfaction deep inside, and really recognize that ordering the course was a great decision, you'll KNOW for yourself what my best qualifications are: what I teach really works!


"Isn't this course kind of expensive?"

Compared to the cost of a Google search and reading a lot of articles on a lot of different websites, sure. Compared to the costs in time, energy, focus and money spent "dating" and the results you will see and enjoy, the opportunity to now purchase this course is the most astounding bargain of your lifetime! And compared to the success and lifelong pleasure you'll enjoy with the opposite sex, we ought to be selling it for ten times more than what you are investing to buy it today!


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