"Yes, Ross, I’m Ready To 'Get It On' And Enjoy My Succulently Salacious Experiences, With My Women, Who I Truly Desire And Want To Be With!"

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To ensure you strap rocket boosters to your Sargy success in 2023, I am offering 10 people some INSANE opportunities to work with me at 50% (or more) off my normal rates.

OPTION #1: One-hour INFIELD training, plus private weekend (Two 3.5 hour sessions), plus two (2) follow-up Zoom sessions. Plus dinner, plus pics, and autographs. Normally $12,000, just $5997 (Only available to THREE PEOPLE who are utterly committed to getting their hands held, their asses kicked, and demand my fullest attention and time to reach the level of "Sensei Of Seduction".)

OPTION #2: One 3-hour private meeting at my home, plus dinner with me (on me!), with pictures and autographs of any and all material, AND two (2) follow-up Zoom sessions (Normally $6000, just $2997.)

OPTION #3: Two (2) Zoom sessions with me (NORMALLY $2997) for just $997!

Again: this is for 10 people only.

My time is precious and the value is ginormous.

Yes, Ross! I'm ready to invest in myself, and step up to the plate!

I see that all 3 options are available to me (for now, before they sell out).

I can enroll now - and by selecting to pay-upfront, get a nice little savings for doing so (the savings get bigger the more you up-level).

Or, I can make 2 easy payments and services/bookings will happen as soon as all payments are made.

I do so with full confidence.

On that basis, I agree that now is the time, and I am choosing the option that works best for me and taking you up on this right now.