ATTENTION ALL Horn-dogs, Poon-hounds, Skirt-chasers, Clit-lickers, Chicken-chokers, NLP junkies, and former and current Speed Seduction® students...

This "TOP SECRET", Amazing "Collectors ONLY" San Diego Seminar Footage Will BLOW Your Mind, Get Her Behind, And Make You The Stud That's One Of A Kind!

From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Prince Of Poon, Living Legend Of Lust, And Star Of The Best-Selling Book, “The Game”.

Dear Soon To Be Poon Pounding Seduction Super-Star,

If you're ready and eager to see what it looked like when I came back after a 3 year "lay" off and proved that I really AM the G.O.A.T (greatest of all time), then shut off that goat-porn, power off your cell phone, and put the cat out because....

...I've Got Great News For You

Here it is:

Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably know that this past September, I was stepping back into the teaching ring after a 3 year break, AND after swearing I would never do a another event again.

Did I do a great job, teaching both old AND new patterns (including the Lubricating Laughter, Heart On Sleeve, And Diddle Her Dream pattern variation?)

You bet....

In fact, I did something I hadn't done since my early 40's.

You see, due to some travel restrictions slapped on by Brandon....

I Was Forced To Teach This Without Any Assistance Or Help

So I had to go on overdrive and do a FULL Friday evening as well as all day Saturday And Sunday.

Now, why is this important to you and why should it factor into your decision to FIND YOURSELF CLAIMING THIS FOOTAGE?


It's because the circumstances required me to cut off all restraints and "rise from the dead" as....

THE BALLS TO THE WALLS "Seduction Dracula"

that you've all cum to know and love.

So I really pushed myself to do some amazing things and reveal some awesome material that you'll get when you invest in this footage such as:

  • Dating Deprogramming - exposing and eliminating the "wallet rape culture" where you gamble the bucks in the hope of getting f@@ked
  • How to NEVER make "approaches" again, and what to do instead that's MUCH more effective
  • How to instantly move past any stuck point, limiting belief, or lousy self-image
  • When and how you MUST "Walk The Line" to show up as THE unique and "prized" man SHE must pursue, chase down, and please!
  • How to instantly get out of fight, flee, or freeze and get to powerful, grounded, and radiant
  • Why you need to stop dealing in data (a form of "software") and instead delve into consciousness and imagination, otherwise your dealings with women will indeed "go soft" - and you don't want that
  • How to combine themes, tonality, and tension to get her curious, ready, and dripping
  • What you must purge from your mind during your conversation with women

Sounds great?

Of course it does.

But now I have to make a confession...

This footage does NOT contain all-new material.

Some of it IS repetitive of things I've taught over the past 30 years.

Now what's different and new?

It shows you how to use the material in a way that's updated for the 2020s, so you get that "clear 20/20 vision" that gets you TODAY'S success with TODAY'S women.

With this material, because I'm so much more polished as a teacher, you could become at least, I guarantee...

200-300 Percent More Effective.

Now, partly this because is is due to some HUGE breakthroughs in setting up the patterns - through what I call "subconscious pre-framing" (a way to begin embedding suggestions and commands AS you are first introducing the patterns).

Put simply, it's a way to set a frame of responsiveness and eagerness to be seduced, before you go into the main body of the pattern.

(Try this out in my already famous panty-dropping "Twin Brothers" pattern and notice how 30-40% of the time she won't even let you finish before she jumps you. I uploaded my comprehensive, step-by-step Twin Brothers tutorial notes for you, since we didn't get through every single multivariate option at the seminar itself.)

Here's More Of What's Included In This "Gold Standard Of Sarging" Special Collector's Edition

Look: please forgive if this seems a bit harsh, but if you don’t have a consistent, systematic, easy to use method to have you meeting lots of women at least 2-3 times a week, it’s very unlikely you will ever achieve the success you truly want.

On the other hand, when you find yourself automatically knowing exactly what to say in any situation, you’ll be able to enjoy a constant stream of women, so you can...

Take Your Pick Of The Smoking-Hot Ones You Want!

Here is just some of what you’ll be quickly and easily mastering as I trance-fer the 30 years of skill I’ve developed into your horny little head:

  • The four "can’t fail" approaches that will make women eager to meet you
  • How to have hot women approaching you
  • How to pre-program HER mind to be the one who calls YOU (requires a simple, cheap business card)
  • 3 top ways to guarantee you’ll never run out of things to say

Now, as exciting as this is already, I’ll be offering a hell of a lot more.

Because I’ll also be teaching...

Secrets Of Unstoppable Confidence: How To Radiate The Self-Control, Charisma, And Charm That Makes Women Wet Before You Even Open Your Mouth!

Here’s where you learn to go beyond the “Alpha Male” crap and be the kind of guy who can dominate not just with women, but also easily be the master of virtually any kind of human.

In this module I'll be revealing:

  • The power of Acceptance Confidence to melt resistance in the bedroom AND the boardroom
  • Three magic words that erase any and all limiting beliefs from your past
  • The right way to build true motivation that keeps you rocketing up any learning curve
  • How to tap into the power of your super-conscious mind

Not only that, but you'll also discover...

  • How To Use The Four Energetic Vibes To create unconscious sexual attraction with your presence and vibe - no matter what your looks or age
  • Out-Kicking Your Coverage – how to attract women you THOUGHT were out of your league (and not just looks-wise either)!
  • And much, much more in this tightly-organized, highly-interactive "Speed Seduction® In Action" training!

All This, PLUS The Classic Speed Seduction® Patterns To Get Women Hot, Bothered, And Ready To Do The Deed With You!

Claim your access and learn these classic patterns that have gotten tens of thousands of guys laid:

  • The Famous Blow Job Pattern
  • The Legendary Incredible Connection Pattern
  • The Never-Fails Discovery Channel Pattern
  • The Stealthy "(Insert Your Favorite Actress)" Joke
  • The Powerful Twin Brothers Pattern
  • The Revolutionary Airplane Finger Fun Pattern (UPDATED FOR 2022)

In addition, I will reveal some brand-new, or newly-updated, patterns from my recent discoveries, including:

  • The Holistic HOS ("Heart on Your Sleeve") Pattern
  • The Linguistically Lubricating Laughter Pattern
  • The Dazzling Dream Pattern
  • The Fantastic Fascination Pattern

To confirm you're in the right place, let's quickly cover

Who Is This Top-Secret Footage NOT For?

Check in with yourself to ensure the following do not apply to you - and if they have up until this moment, you are now prepared to leave them at the door and open up to a new way of thinking, doing, and being:

  • You think you know it all already
  • You aren't willing to open your mind to a completely new way of thinking about women, attraction, and how language can re-shape your world
  • You smell bad. No shit, I've kicked a few students out of seminars because their personal hygiene would sicken a vulture on a shit heap. If you're ready to meet women, take 10 minutes for a good shower and get a nice haircut!

And to ensure this is right for you, let's go over

Who Is This Collection DEFINITELY For?

This footage will be transformationally powerful for:

  • Long-time students or fans who want to renew your skills and enjoy YOUR success with YOUR "2022 women" who YOU truly desire and want to be with
  • Guys who are just getting out of relationships and want to start winning, right out of the gate
  • Guys who want to "bat out of their league" and pull the HB9s and HB10s they've never quite been able to reach
  • Guys who want to get some strong training in the mindset that will allow them to succeed not just with pick-up but in all areas of life (including business)
  • Guys who need deep healing and perhaps have never had a girlfriend in their entire life

"Ok Ross, You've Got Me Hot On It... So What's The Investment For Me To Immediately Claim My Instant Access To The Speed Seduction®: The Legend Returns Course?"

Listen: rather than go through the blah-blah-blah, I’m just going to put it on the table.

Here’s what I mean:

  1. Even though I came out of retirement THIS time, there is no promise (and little likelihood) I’ll ever do so again. Look: I am getting very busy doing business trainings where I am being paid very large sums of money that are more than satisfying my greed glands, so most of my attention will be going there.
  2. In addition to all the other benefits of this training, this updates whatever you already know (or think you know) to make it "2022 current"
  3. I'm confirming a killer bonus worth its weight in gold.

That said, your investment is just $497 USD.

To make it even easier, I have a 3-pay program that helps you spread those payments out a little.

And to make it more enticing, as I mentioned just nineteen f@@king seconds ago, I’m throwing in the following bonus:

Speed Seduction®: The Digital Frontier - aka "How To Hump The Honeys On The Top Dating Apps, Even If You Look Like The Back End Of A Bus!" ($497 value)

In this special 3-hour training, my co-trainer, Akira Senshi, Zoomed in from Canada just for you and revealed exactly how to clean up on the online cootch!

You'll discover, step-by-step, the secrets of

  • Standing The AI Algorithm On Its Head - this Romance Racketeer engineering scheme is wickedly designed to steal your money, waste your time, and crush your confidence morale, so we'll show you how to put it to work SERVING YOU the hottest women online
  • Taking Pussy-Magnet Pictures - advanced techniques that cause women to feel attraction based on YOUR looks - even if you're uglier than a skinny, ugly, aging, six-foot geek from Culver City, CA like me
  • Crafting Your Rockstar Bio - she's heard (and is bored with) the usual spiel, so instead we'll show you the words that will draw her finger to reach out, touch them, and swipe to the right
  • Sending That First Muff-Moistening Message - while AFCs litter her Inbox with "heyy", "hru", "wyd", and "your hot you got a pic", you'll send messages that actually get her intrigued enough to reply and open the conversation
  • Dealing With Responses - again, she's heard all the lines from every loser on every app, so here's where we load you up with the skills you need to handle YOUR conversations with YOUR women you TRULY DESIRE and want to be with
  • Transitioning To Phone/Facetime - no more getting friendzoned and added to her collection of orbiters she texts with to pass time, we'll guide you through the simple steps that move the conversation off the app - we've got you covered
  • Rapport-Building And Online Patterns - textually speaking, language patterns need to be presented in a new way to make them work on a smartphone screen, so we'll hand you that code on a silver platter
  • Getting Her To Meet - opening the personal interaction to CLOSE THE DEAL is an art, and we will hand you the paintbrush and the canvas

Now look: I’m only making this bonus evening available as a bonus for the next 40 people to claim this collection now.

After that, you’ll have to pay an upgrade fee.

Plus, you'll gain even more benefit from the Q&A between the modules we collected and preserved just for you - attendees in room had the same questions you will, and you will share in the benefit of having Akira's answers!

And, if that doesn't have you rushing to jam down on the button above, you will certainly enjoy

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Ross Jeffries Elite Student Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)

Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite Speed Seduction® brotherhood.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and Sarge reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…

... AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)

And Yes, Your Investment Is Protected...

Realizing now, all the "updated for 2022" success will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of the smart men who can find yourself claiming your instant access right now?

Of course you are!

Just one more thing before you find yourself eagerly enrolling right now:

It’s Up To You - Keep On Guessing And Muddling Through, Or Take Your Very Last Chance To Claim Your Instant Access And Transform Now

Listen: if you want to do it on the cheap, try to figure it out on your own, and guess your way through - then I certainly will wish you good luck and happy journeys in your battle up against incredible odds.

Or if you want to hope, pray, waste your fortune on therapy or the very worst, LISTEN TO WOMEN’S ADVICE ON THE SUBJECT - then I actually feel sorry for you.

But if you are ready - truly ready - to get this area of life fully handled and put the days of struggle and settling behind you once and for all - and smile to yourself at how good your life feels then GET YOUR ASS SIGNED UP TO WATCH THESE VIDEOS NOW.

It’s up to you now.  It would be my honor to be your teacher and your guide.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Instant Access Right Now?”

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):


(Click here for your easy 3-payment plan for Speed Seduction®: The Legend Returns)

If you have questions or need assistance with your order, or would prefer to claim your access over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help! E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace and see you inside,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Look: one thing that all successful people have in common is they take action. So the choice is really yours:

You can hope things get better on their own.

You can wait for things to get better on your own.

Or you can jam down on that Add to Cart button and recognize: things are about to get, way, way better, starting right now.

The choice is yours.

P.P.S. One thing I want to make crystal clear: if you haven’t lived up to your potential with women, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  You’ve been lied to over and over again by society about what works.  It’s time to strip away those lies and claim your success with women.  It’s your birthright.

P.P.P.S. A number of students inside the Facebook group and on our e-mail list asked me what EXACTLY is inside the course.

One enhancement we made this time was to actually name all the video segments.

You asked, and I delivered.

Here's the complete list:

  • Problems With “Dating” Language, The Romance Racketeers’ Evil Games, and How These Cause Major Mistakes Men Make with Women
  • Speed Seduction® Defined and Ross’ Personal Journey
  • How to Handle Emotions (Yours and Hers) and Become a More Developed Man
  • Conversational Mistakes Men Make with Women, and Four Levels to a Woman’s Mind
  • Managing Issues with “Confidence” & “Attraction” (Includes Demonstration w/ Explanation)
  • The “Up Until Now” Principle and Overcoming What Stops Men from Approaching Women
  • Why NOT to Expect Behaviors from Women, and the “Heart on Sleeve” Language Pattern
  • Good News for Ugly Guys: How Women Actually See Men, and How to Become Attractive by (Correctly) Using Curiosity
  • Creating States in Women: Fascination, Using Quotes, and More
  • How to Be Responsible with Speed Seduction®
  • Day One Closing Meditation Exercise
  • Day #1 Debrief: Why Lust Gets in the Way of Your Success with Women, The “Chewbacca Defense”, Conversational Hypnosis, and More
  • The Radical Art of Unfucking Yourself, Part 1: How to Turn Your Brain Into a Speed Seduction® Machine
  • How I Dealt With a Really Angry Woman
  • The Most Powerful Type of Confidence with Women
  • Demonstration with Female Subject: How to Approach Women with Confidence
  • The Radical Art of Unfucking Yourself, Part 2: Your Ratio of Thinking to Action and How to Have Fun
  • Changework with Students on Approaching Women with Confidence
  • Affirmation for Success with Women and Preparation Rituals
  • 4 Vibes that Really Turn Women On (With Exercise)
  • Creating Your Sargy Diary and Reviewing Your Progress
  • A New Conversation Sequence – Pre-Opener, Department of Defense Opener, Own the Cheese, Heart on Sleeve, and More (With Examples and Variations)
  • Language Patterns: The Scarlet Johansson Joke
  • Introduction to the Twin Brothers Pattern
  • Changework with Student and Demonstration with Female: Using Tonality and Vibe
  • Motivational and Healing Trance-Formational Exercise #1
  • Motivational and Healing Trance-Formational Exercise #2 (with Student)
  • Motivational and Healing Trance-Formational Exercise #3 (with Student)
  • Anatomy and Themes of an Effective Language Pattern
  • The Dream Pattern with Debriefing Session
  • Changework with Student: Dealing with Feelings of Worthlessness
  • Changework with Student: How to Get Energized About Women
  • Becoming the Author of Your Success with Women
  • Becoming Fearless with Women: The Motorcycle Racing Analogy
  • Q&A Session with Students
  • How to Weave Language Patterns into Conversations: Introduction, The I-You Shift, Trance Phrases, Twin Brothers, and More
  • Final Q&A Session with Students & Wrap-Up
  • PLUS - Speed Seduction®: The Digital Frontier, your complete guide for dating and mating on apps
  • PLUS - the detailed Twin Brothers Pattern Video Training, not for sale on my websites standalone and including the entire word-for-word conditional logic sequence
  • PLUS - video and audio versions of all modules so you can experience your enjoyment of the content however you like
  • PLUS - detailed handout (PDF) containing the patterns word-for-word, including the ones we didn't get to during the seminar itself (so you miss NOTHING and gain EXTRA)

P.P.P.P.S. Listen: there’s only one, original, “father of seduction” and that’s me.

Screw the Ross Jeffries imitators, impersonators and copycats, and come get the original, real deal, buddy.

You deserve the best!

Get this on your calendar, then get your ticket and get your butt to San Diego!