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What courses are included in the program?

  • Speed Seduction® Rapid and Total Success With Women (50% commission)
  • Speed Seduction®: The New Code, Parts 1 & 2 (50% commission)
  • Magick, Meditation, and Remote Infuence 2015 (50% commission)
  • Secrets Of Hyper-Response And Core Attraction (50% commission)
  • The World-Famous Deluxe Home Study Course (50% commission)
  • The Classic Speed Seduction® “Power Pack” (50% commission)
  • Speed Seduction® Old-School Secret Stash Collection (50% commission)
  • July 2014 “Total Immersion 3.0” London Seminar Footage Collection (50% commission)
  • Speed Seduction® Secret Training Collection (50% commission)
  • The Complete Nail Your Inner Game System (50% commission)
  • Trancing Out Girls, Trance-Forming Guys: RJ “Hands-On”! (50% commission)
  • Holiday Healing For Body, Mind, And Soul (50% commission)

Plus, this program includes both of our fine Persuasion Mastery™ recorded courses - Mindframe Persuasion and Invincible Influence (50% commission).

Click here to see the full recorded course catalog, including sales pages and detailed descriptions.

(Due to licensing agreements, the "partner" courses created by Dave Riker and Hayley Quinn are not included. The Elite Mastermind is not included. Promotion of live events, such as "New Code" and Persuasion seminars, is open to select super-affiliates. E-mail for details.)


How we roll up our sleeves to help YOU earn cash:

  • Promote opt-ins with your link to our free "3 'Big Glitch' Mistakes" Video - and our robust and high-converting follow-ups will work FOR you
  • Promote optins to our free, wildly-popular "Buddy To Bedmate" and "Up To Speed With Speed Seduction®" videos (which also have high-converting follow-ups)
  • New e-mail swipe files and website banners will be added for your use on a regular basis
  • Ross Jeffries is available as a guest expert for your webinars, Hangouts, Blabs, etc. (schedule permitting)
  • Ross Jeffries may speak at your live event (visit his speaking website for booking details)
  • Our dedicated "Massive Action" customer support team will treat your referrals like royalty
  • We will also promptly answer your questions, give affiliate promotion advice, etc. as needed

Why your audience will LOVE our recorded courses:

  • All courses are located inside membership sites that are open 24/7/365 on lightning-fast servers
  • Your referrals will gain immediate INSTANT access by setting up a username and password
  • A living, breathing human being will promptly bend over backwards to make sure they get their access and PERSONALLY follow-up with EVERY person who purchases a course
  • All recorded course purchases are protected by our industry-leading, ONE YEAR money-back guarantee from date of purchase
  • (Good news for you: our refund rates on recorded courses are less than 5%)
  • All purchasers of our recorded courses are invited to an elite discussion group, where Ross Jeffries personally moderates and participates

Where can you promote our recorded courses?

  • Run ads on social media and other advertising networks
  • Write product reviews and post them to your blog and website
  • Write reviews and share comments on social media and forums
  • Place banner ads on your website and blog with your affiliate link
  • Send e-mails to your opted-in list subscribers with your affiliate link
  • Discuss at networking events, including your local Seduction Lair
  • Invite Ross Jeffries to speak at your event or on your webinar
  • Share blog posts from Ross Jeffries Uncensored on your own blog (with Ross's author and OP credit of course)

The "nitty gritty" details of our affiliate program:

  • Payments are made every 30 days; all balances in excess of $50 USD are paid at that time (lower balances will carry until they clear the benchmark)
  • All payments are made via PayPal, so include your PayPal address on the affiliate application
  • Sorry, but you cannot use your affiliate link to earn commissions on courses you purchase for yourself (these will be voided)
  • No spamming. No spamming. Absolutely NO SPAMMING! If we find out you're spamming, that can be grounds for termination.
  • If you make your own promotional materials (such as e-mails or banners), please run them by us for approval.
  • Be sure your promotional materials, if you create our own, are consistent with our product descriptions, details, scopes, and promises. We are not responsible for promises you make that don't match our offers, and this can be grounds for termination.
  • We reserve the right to terminate an affiliate at any time. (But we expect you'll be awesome and we won't have to.)

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