"Yes, Ross, I’m Ready To 'Get It On' And Enjoy My Succulently Salacious Experiences, With My Women, Who I Truly Desire And Want To Be With!"

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To ensure you strap rocket boosters to your Sargy success in 2023, I am offering 10 people some INSANE opportunities to work with me at 50% (or more) off my normal rates.

OPTION #1: One 3-hour private meeting at my home, plus dinner with me (on me!), with pictures and autographs of any and all material, AND two (2) follow-up Zoom sessions (Normally $6000, just $2997.)

OPTION #2: Two (2) Zoom sessions with me (NORMALLY $2997) for just $997!

Again: this is for 10 people only.

My time is precious and the value is ginormous.

Yes, Ross! I'm ready to invest in myself, and step up to the plate!

I see that both options are available to me (for now, before they sell out).

I can enroll now - and by selecting to pay-upfront, get a nice little savings for doing so (the savings get bigger the more you up-level).

Or, I can make 2 easy payments and services/bookings will happen as soon as all payments are made.

I do so with full confidence.

On that basis, I agree that now is the time, and I am choosing the option that works best for me and taking you up on this right now.

1-Day Meet with RJ in San Diego, PLUS Two (2) 1-on-1 Follow-Up Zoom Calls

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Two (2) 1-on-1 "Lay It on the Table" Zoom Coaching Calls with Ross Jeffries

Claim This Option Now(Just $997 - Act Now)