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The “G-Spot Exploder Report” ($97 value)

I’ve come up with a method using your thumb (yep, your thumb) that will make any girl cum, until she’s plumb dumb and virtually numb with pleasure!

Listen: once you know this simple method, you can forget all that “White Tiger Tantra” bullshit, the intricate fingering techinques, and the rest of the complicated stuff from all those “Make Her Squirt On Your Shirt” videos.

This is idiot proof.

This is gold.

This cannot and will not fail.

The “Healing Trance Induction” ($97 value)

This trance induction, created by me, is especially good if you are recovering from a bad break up or divorce, or have otherwise been out of the game for a while.

Or maybe, you’ve been in a long slump and are ready to step up to home plate and hit it out of the park.

Just listen, with headphones, as you fall asleep and/or let it play in the background during the day (but not when you are driving or operating dangerous equipment!)

Secrets Of Advanced Hypnosis ($299 value)

Inside this advanced audio, you will discover and gain:

  • The Secrets Of Command Presence!
  • How To Radiate Authority, Power, And Silently Give The Message
  • How To Shift The Thoughts Of Others Without Saying A Word And Program Others To Dream What You Wish – Here it is, my fabulous “Dream VCR”. Learn to influence others erotically AND OTHERWISE when they are dreaming and asleep!
  • How to quiet and clear your mind, for maximum learning and empowered perception!
  • How to develop incredible focus so you can choose and redirect your thoughts, in an instant, in the field, in even the most trying situations, choosing your power, over your past!
  • And much much more!

“Get Her On The Phone” Language Patterns ($97 value)

Be one of the next 10 smart guys to add the powerful lessons and tools in the Speed Seduction® Rapid And Total Success With Women System to your girl-getting repertoire, and you get access to 2 “TOP SECRET” Special Reports that are currently not for sale AT ALL on my website as standalone:

  • “Why Women Flake On The Phone, And How To Powerfully Handle Them!”
  • “Vanquish Her Voicemail! The Unbelievably Powerful, Yet Totally Easy-To-Do-By-You Method That Gets Her Calling You Right Back!”

Altogether, if even ONE of the actual, spelled-out-word-for-word patterns found in these e-books gets you unstuck in a Sarge situation, you’ll be delighted beyond delight’s sweet delight that you stepped to the plate.

Secrets Of Speed Seduction® Mastery ($16.95 value)

My latest published Speed Seduction® book, Secrets of Speed Seduction® Mastery is the sum result of over a year of teaching and training the members in my elite coaching program.

Think of this book as your “go-to” manual that contains literally hundreds of girl-getting tips and secrets.

Think of it like having me (Ross Jeffries) on your side, in your corner, and at your fingertips, any time you need me

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