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This Incredible, Instantly Delivered, “Secret Stash” Of 175 Tightly Focused, Girl-Pulling Video “Mini-Seminars” (with transcripts and audios), 100+ Coaching Calls, And Much More Contains Everything You Need To Make THIS Your “Vaginal Victory Year” Or You Pay NOTHING!

rossjeffries-personalA Personal Message From:
Ross Jeffries, Creator, Master Teacher, And Trainer

Dear Speed Seduction® Fan,

Here is some fantastic news on how you can get immediate “insider” access to my best “secret teachings collection”- over 175+ “Weapons Of Mass Seduction” training videos covering every possible pickup and seduction topic you want to learn, plus 100+ “Pull Back The Sheets And Get It On” recorded coaching calls, and well over 500 pages of instantly downloadable, step by step, PDF seduction instruction, to

Guarantee This Will Be YOUR Year Of Tremendous
Tight Trim Triumph!

Listen: in November, 2008, I rolled the dice big time and launched my Speed Seduction® Coaching program. And besides being able to talk to me live, 4 times a month, I delivered 5 fresh, tightly focused, video “mini-seminars” on the topics my students demand me to teach.

How And Why This Means You WILL Get Laid Like Crazy,
With The Women You Want, On Your Terms, As
YOU Call The Shots!

As a result, over the 4 year period we did the monthly videos, I amassed a giant vault of “private label”, insider-only lessons and teachings that only Coaching Members have been able to see, up until now, covering topics like:

  • Rapidly Attaining Attraction Mastery (even if you’re a newbie, or “starting over”)
  • Easy And Powerful Openers For Meeting Women
  • Breaking Through Approach Anxiety
  • Using “Inner Game” To Accelerate Your Learning
  • Creating Her Desire To Be Seduced So It Feels Natural To Her

In fact, let me reveal…

Sample Video #1: Approach Anxiety

I want to point out that all these trainings are:

A) Tightly focused
B) Presented in a linear fashion (usually with power point highlights)
C) Organized by the subjects YOU want, need and demand to know!

Another Sample Video:
Hidden Stuck Points Exposed (Part 1)

Here Are Just Some Of The Topics Covered In 175+ Mini-Video Seminars:

  • Approaching Groups Of Women / Sarging Women Around Other People
  • Kissing And Getting Physical With Women
  • Older Men And Younger Women, and…
  • …Younger Men / Older Women (i.e. Cougars and MILFs)
  • Getting Rid of “Oneitis”
  • When She’s Involved With Another Guy
  • How To Use Gestures And Commands
  • Actual Patterns And Analysis
  • How To Create Your Own Patterns
  • Actual Demonstrations of Speed Seduction® (Including My Critiques Of Student Sarges!)
  • And much, much more!
Immerse Yourself With PDF Transcripts And Audio
Recordings Of the Video Seminars And Find Yourself
“Applying Without Trying”!

Look: I’ve learned that people learn best in different ways. Some of you like videos, but you also want to be able to read what has been taught. And still some of you want the audios to download and put on your iPod or burn to CDs so you can listen on the go.

That’s why each video seduction mini-seminar also comes with its PDF transcript and audio file so you can immerse yourself in the learnings and find them working for you to bring you the sweet sound of zippers opening and bed-sheets ripping back!

You’ll Get Even More Breakthrough Insights To Triumph With The Trim When You Eavesdrop On 100+ “Breakthrough” Coaching Call Mp3s Where I Give My Best, On The Spot, Consulting And Coaching To Guys Just Like You!


Many of you have told me that I am at my best when there are live people in front of me. And I have to agree; there is something that really stimulates my imagination and creativity when I have a real person or person I’m interacting with.

That’s why I am so excited about these 100+ coaching call recordings that I know you’ll really love.

Because in every one of them, live people are sharing their real stories, challenges, stuck points and yes-juicy success stories. And I’m really inspired by it all and give my best in these.

I Heard It All And TOLD It All In These Calls. Now You Can Get It All Too!

I can tell you one thing: in those 100+ calls, I heard it all. Any possible stuck point, challenge or situation you might be facing, I can promise you’ll find it here and you’ll find my answer.

More Full Immersion For Your Cootchy “Conversion”:
The 100+ “Pull Back The Curtain” Coaching Call Mp3 Recordings Also Come
With Their PDF Transcripts.

Here are over 600 pages of transcripts – inner game, pick up and seduction blueprints – for you to harvest and savor; the best girl-getting advice from the world’s most experienced pick up and seduction teacher, coach and guide.


My Coaching Members Paid $97 Per Month For Four Years To See All These Videos, So For Me To Charge $997 Would Be A Steal. But Now, For A Limited Time, Get Them Instantly Delivered For Just $297, Plus Examine Them For A Full 12 Months!

Look: This can be the very best year of your life when it comes to your utter satisfaction-sexually, physically and emotionally-with the women you truly desire.

So I’d like to give you a jump start on enjoying your immediate, full access to the Secret Teaching Collection right now, instantly available on-line for far less than what you’d spend on junk food or video games or movies: just $297.

Just think: $297 works out to about 81 cents a day.

81 cents a day to get a chance to immerse yourself in the most comprehensive, includes it all, pick up and seduction training in existence, taught by the most experienced teacher.


My “All The Risk Is On Me” Guarantee:
Try It For A Full Year And Totally Love It
Or Pay N-O-T-H-I-N-G!


Will some dishonest creeping cruds rip me off by enjoying the trim-trapping training, getting the results and still ask for their money back?

Sure. But I know my students. And I know the value of this virtual vaginal victory vault. And I know that 99% of you will love and be happy to honorably honor your side of things.

But guess what? I know you won’t want to ask for your money back! In fact, I’ll bet that you’ll be so damn excited by what you learn in this package that you will go right out, apply them, and find your success with women increases dramatically right away.


Get Instant Access To The Entire, Power-Packed, “Secret Teachings” Stash And Let ME Take The Risk With My 12 Months Guarantee!

Listen: I really want you to get my best, most up to date stuff.

And you’ll still have a total of 12 months from the day you order to examine and enjoy it all, with my no-questions full money back guarantee. There’s no possible way I could make it safer than that as I take ALL the risk!

Once Again, Now: I’ll Guarantee Your Satisfaction For a Full 12 Months From The Day Of Purchase – You Get The Results Or Pay NOTHING!


Now, Get Yours Now And Get These Great Bonuses

As soon as you order you’ll be walked through the process of logging in and getting going with your full immersion Secret Training Collection.

When you claim your access now, I will also gift you with the following bonuses (all of which answer the top questions my students ask, every time and without fail, in the 1-on-1 calls that are part of my current Coaching Program) that students like you are DEMANDING (and as you’re about to see, I’ve been listening, and now I am answering your strident cries):

INCREDIBLE BONUS #1: “From Buddy To Bedmate: Out Of The Friend Zone and Into The F@@K Zone, In 30 Days Or Less”

buddy-to-bedmate-ross-jeffriesDo you have a longtime friend you want to turn into your devoted lover? Did you do everything you were supposed to do with a woman but got hit with the “F bomb” anyway, and now need a step-by-step, systematic formula to get you out of that fucking-forsaken F-hole?

This is one of the top three questions that my students ask, day in and day out. In a recent webinar, I laid out for over 500 of my students how to go from “I paid for dinner AGAIN and got nothing” to “Whoa, I Just Got Laid!”

I got ripped a new asshole when I ended the limited-time replay. Students are STILL demanding to see it again. But when you crack open the Secret Training Vault it’s yours right now for free! (Value: $97.00)

INCREDIBLE BONUS #2: The Speed Seduction® “Meet Women Autopilot System”

meet-women-autopilot-systemThis 10 part video course will teach you how to easily, quickly and enjoyably meet even the hottest, women, anytime, anywhere and never be stuck for what to say.

This goes way, way beyond “pick up lines” and “how to pick up girls’ advice, because it shows you how to generate the right thing to say based on the situation and the girl – in an effortless and very enjoyable way. Plus, this course has fantastic methods for breaking any “approach anxiety” proven to work by thousands of students. (Value: $97.00)

INCREDIBLE BONUS #3: Unstoppable Confidence Course!

unstoppable-confidenceHow about this – just as soon as you claim your access, you’ll get even more of my personal, hands-on teaching. You will see a link inside to download my five-part “How To Have Unstoppable Confidence and Power With Women” course!

In no time flat, It will have the hottest women in your bed every night as you laugh to yourself at how easy it is!!!

This dynamite Ross Jeffries series is a perennial favorite that used to be on sale for $32.95. When I pulled it off my website I almost got trampled in a stampede of protest. Responding to popular demand, I’m bringing it back for those of you who step up and “crack open the vault” today. (Value: $32.95)

INCREDIBLE BONUS #4: Two Not-For-Sale E-Books Turbo-Loaded With Verbatim, “Use ‘Em Right Now” Patterns That Blast You Past All That “Mr. Telephone Man” Crap That Average Frustrated Chumps Surrender To, And Get YOU On The Express Train To Sargy Success!


Be one of the first 100 57 people to add the powerful lessons and tools in The Speed Seduction® Secret Training Collection to your girl-getting repertoire, and I will throw in something that is NOT for sale on my website as a standalone Speed Seduction® product.

As soon as you claim your access now, you will get an e-mail that contains access to 2 “TOP SECRET” Special Reports that are currently not for sale AT ALL on my website, that I rarely even make available to the public, and that WILL be pulled off the shelves as soon as the first 57 lifetime access passes are sold:

  • SPECIAL REPORT #1: “Why Women Flake On The Phone, And How To Powerfully Handle Them!”
  • SPECIAL REPORT #2: “Vanquish Her Voicemail! The Unbelievably Powerful, Yet Totally Easy-To-Do-By-You Method That Gets Her Calling You Right Back!”

Altogether, if even ONE of the actual, spelled-out-word-for-word patterns found in these e-books gets you unstuck in a Sarge situation, you’ll be delighted beyond delight’s sweet delight that you stepped to the plate. (Value: $97.00)

Perhaps The Best Bonus Of All: Instant Coupon Discount Off Select
Speed Seduction® Seminars And Live Training Events


Finally, I’ll give you a discount coupon to apply toward select scheduled Speed Seduction® seminars and live trainings.

Once you have cracked open the vault and seen several samples from actual live seminars, you will want to immerse yourself in the learning even more, and I am making it easier for you to do so now.


Oh, and lest I forget:

LIVE Support Opportunity Available (For The Next 17 People)

Listen: having these teachings in your hands is going to turbo-charge your success with women. Since you’re picking up this bundle of veritable Seduction roadmaps, you also want to have the GPS to help you make the adjustments and custom changes to your journey, in real-time, while you’re on the road to even more success with women.

rossjeffries-personalFor that reason, I am also including (for probably the last time ever) the chance to join my awesome, all-new-for-2015 Speed Seduction® “VIP ACCESS” Coaching Program and pay just $1 for the first 30 days.

You’ll get access to:

  • My personal cell phone twice a month,
  • A 90-minute monthly live training from me on a specific topic that you want to learn – trainings will be recorded and available for you in the members’ area,
  • Our brand-new Speed Seduction® Elite Mastermind “SECRET” Facebook Group  (opens April 2) – here’s your chance to enjoy community and support from me AND your fellow students! We are brothers in Sarge!

When you check out on our secure shopping cart, you’ll see the Coaching Program, with payment details, added to your cart automatically. If you don’t want the Coaching Program, just click the X next to it to remove it from the cart. Otherwise, try it. You can cancel anytime if you decide it’s not for you – no hard feelings, no tough questions.


What Are You Waiting For? The Next Blue Moon?

Go ahead and jump in and get your gi-normous collection of my best, laser-targeted: The Speed Seduction® Secret Teaching Collection. Remember I guarantee your satisfaction for a full 12 months so you’ve got nothing to lose. Jump in now:

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen.
How Do I Claim My Instant Access, Right Now?”

Just go here to grab your exclusive, instant online access to Speed Seduction® Secret Training Collection (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online order):


If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, we’re ready to help! E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 (United States).



Ross Jeffries
Founder, Speed Seduction®

P.S. Be warned upfront: there is so much of the “exactly-how-to” that my students, Facebook fans, Twitter followers, newsletter subscribers, and Ross Jeffries Uncensored blog followers have been DEMANDING (the demos and critiques of actual Sarges are a HUGE hot button, say HUNDREDS of comments I get on my blog) that many, many others are taking me up on this opportunity and claiming their tight-trim-triumph this year.

Do not – repeat DO NOT – let this pass you by.