Back from the dead: My most evil course ever...

"Secrets Of Hyper-Response And Core-Attraction": How To Make The Hottest Women Hyper-Responsive To Your Needs, Suggestions And Desires…
(And Keep Them There As Long As You Want Them)

Dear Speed Seduction® Fans and Students,

In an unfair world, sometimes you have to dig deep and take it to the street to win.

Before I got into meditation and cultivating compassion, I used to work with some pretty nasty people who were also pretty damned talented, I'll confess.

I was angrier then, a lot more ruthless, and way more into controlling women's minds not only as a means of seduction but as a means of keeping them eager to please while I was with them.

The "Seduction Dracula" Has Risen From The Dead!

Listen: I would normally never do this.

But just the other day, I had a coaching call with one of my students who had just broken up with what he thought was the best woman he'd ever have.

He told me there'd "never be another one like her".

He was throwing in the towel.

Hell, he even began to sob.

That was it.

I could FEEL the "Seduction Dracula" re-emerging.

In the moment, I got frustrated and angry - not with him, but because I can personally relate.

See, I Was In A Similar Situation Just A Few Years Ago - And It Fired Me Up!

Rewind four years ago. I had just broken up with my smoking hot 22-year-old bisexual girlfriend.

In case you're wondering what she looked like:

And here's some of what it would sound like (listen with headphones if you're at work):

So, even though I know I've already gotten even hotter women into my bed since then, I remember how I was pretty pissed off and frustrated.

It's happened to you, too.

And what pisses me off and frustrates me today is knowing how many of you are, have been, or will be, in the same spot.

When it happens, the Romance Racketeers will be there to take advantage of you with their flowers, roses, chocolates, long-stemmed roses by the truckload, and (blech) the social programming spewed by the LIFETIME-OF-DESPERATE-SUPPLICATION MOVIE NETWORK.


Therefore, I am stepping in with the answer to blasting past this and getting you into the Land of Moist Pink Abundance quickly.

All told, I have to say that this course, recorded from a live seminar back in 2002, is really me at my most bastardly.

That's why I'm announcing....

The Sargy Resurrection:
"Secrets Of Hyper-Response And Core Attraction"

Now follow along, but before you get super-excited at what you're going to read, promise me you'll remember I'll never teach this kind of nasty shit again....

.....and it's the 22-year-old bisexual chick's fault that I'm still allowing this (albeit for a VERY BRIEF TIME) on the market, making me emerge, like the Phoenix, from my previous retirement from teaching the kind of in-your-face, street-fighting Speed Seduction® like in the early days!



Here we go!

Just imagine, for a moment, if...

  • You could learn four easy to use, core, key skills, that made you so damn attractive to women, they'd be halfway home to banging you within the first 20 minutes of meeting?
  • These skills were so incredible, that within the first few minutes of meeting her, she would be soaking her panties without you ever having to worry about what to say?
  • These girl-getting skills worked SO well at using a woman's own energy, talk and responses that you could as much as triple your Speed Seduction® success at whatever level of game you are already at, and do it with half your normal effort and time?

If you're interested in enjoying this kind of incredible power… a seemingly natural seduction ease that will draw women to you like a magnet and then have them doing 80% of the seduction work, with nary a mis-step or mis-fire then….

....... You MUST Claim Your Access To This Course TODAY!

Ok... before I go any further I simply must share...

A Little "Confession" About These Videos I Feel You're Entitled To!

Ok - let me set my monster ego aside for a moment and confess that one of the reasons these videos are so awesome has nothing to do with me!

I have to say in all my years of teaching; I have never, ever seen a more alert, alive, participating audience than the folks at this seminar.

You'll see on the videos how the great questions and challenges they bring up really spark my mind and my imagination, and get me going into hyper-drive as a teacher.

As well, you will witness amazing personal change work with these guys as student after student experiences the power of my Neuro-Energetic Restructuring™ technology, dramatically and visibly blowing away life-stopping blocks and barriers in minutes!

For those with remaining blocks and barriers or those who simply want to learn the cutting edge in personal change work, I feel these parts of the videos will be priceless!

So now that I've got that off my chest...

Here's What You Learn In These Amazing, Comprehensive, Life-Changing Videos

  • Secrets of Core Self-Control And Core-Attractiveness - How to use your Energy, Intent, Awareness and Beliefs do to half the seducing for you, before you even open your mouth!
  • Secrets Of Advanced Signal Recognition Technology - How to use 2 SIMPLE questions to have a woman literally HANDING you her complete "seduction-road map" within 10 to 20 minutes! No more guessing or trying "patterns" at random; now you'll know what to say and do, because she'll tell you, right out of her mouth, from the deepest levels of her mind!
  • How To Turn The Hottest Woman Into YOUR "Seduction Supplicant" - 3 key principles, which, when used, will not only have her steaming but also literally have her saying "more please" every single step of the way!
  • Secrets of Creating "Participation Illusion" - Never worry about "being caught" or "buyer's remorse" again. Using this amazing principle, you'll be able to be as blatant, up-front, and totally balls-out and never have to worry about being "caught". How to strongly lead every step of the way, yet have her PERCEIVE she is an active co-participant reaching for what SHE craves to have!
  • Secrets of Hyper-Seduction "Constructs" - How To Create A Spatially Anchored "Lust Window" For Her To See You Through! Here's how to go from "ugly toad" to the most attractive looking man in HER world... in just about 20 minutes or less!
  • Secrets of Neuro-Energetic Restructuring™ For Dramatic Personal Power And Self-Change - Watch as I take folks in front of the room and wipe out LIFE LONG fears/complexes in MINUTES using my latest breakthroughs in energetic restructuring technology, including the orgasmic energy basketball bounce!
  • Secrets Of The Eight-Spoked "Seduction Wheel" - Here it is, for the first time, explained and shown in detail on ANY video. How to make sure you set the right frame, handle her autopilot objections, and do other elements to insure a successful seduction. A great way to "checklist" your planned and ongoing seductions.
  • How To Meet Women Easily, ANYWHERE Using "EAIE" - Energy, Awareness, Intent Extended" Control! Throw "walk ups" out the window and use this method to meet women easily, anywhere, anytime and never have to worry or wonder what to say!
  • Secrets of Structured Seduction Intent - Keep on track, on target and know exactly where you are and how far you have to go with this key and vital skill!
  • Structured - Kiss Closing/Physical Close Secrets! - Here's how to go for it when the going gets going! Explained in detail, step by step.

Here are more secrets you'll learn in these fantastic videos:

  • Advanced Secrets Of Female "Auto-Pilot" "Jiu-Jitsu" - how to stay completely unfazed and immediately and automatically use her "auto-pilot" responses as pivot points to power her into your bed at ANY point of the seduction, from start to finish.
  • Secrets Of Unconscious Energy "Withold" - How To Build An "Energy Shield" that will unconsciously drive her to "open you up", compelling her to keep on coming back for more!
  • The Life-Changing, Student-Favorite Magickal Self Ritual - Developed in my Magick seminars, here is the exercise/ritual that students are using to reach heights of power, self-control and success in every aspect of life… not just women! WITH improvements not on any of the Magick/Remote Influence course videos!
  • How To Create Fascination, Connection, And Authority In Her World In MINUTES, Without Using ONE "Canned Pattern" - Learn to lead her to awesome states without ever even thinking of a memorized pattern and make yourself someone in whose world she MUST be! A killer principle for any kind of persuasion or influence situation!
  • The Panty-Soaking Power of Apposition Of Opposites - How To Use A Seldom Taught Hypnotic Trance Technique To Amp Up Her Sexual Response And Desire To Screaming Porn-Princess Levels!
  • Secrets Of Symbol Fractionation - Here's how to literally hold her deepest feelings, desires and responses in the palm of your horny little hand!
  • And much, much more in over 12 hours of pure MAGIC!

"Ok Ross. I'm Drooling To CLAIM MY INSTANT ACCESS… But Tell Me....What’s It Going To Set Me Back In Bucks?”

Well, first of all, I don't think it will set you back, at all.

The core, key skills I teach in these videos will not only super-charge your seduction success, but unless you are totally brain-dead you should easily be able to use them to earn at least triple the money you are making when you apply them to your work and your business.

So, if you could view it in that manner, these videos are a money-making investment.

So if I could charge $1,000 for these videos and get away with it, believe me I'd do it, because I realize this course is worth that and more!

However, since I realize very few would be wise enough to make that large an investment, I'm going to let you steal it for just $397 (a great deal!)

(Financing plan is also available.)

Take action now.

Now, before I rush you to the front of the secure checkout line so you can start watching these "Seduction Dracula" videos inside our secure members' site right away, let's take a moment to make sure you're aware of the ultimate

"Big Balls" Super Benefit:
Free Access To Our Private, Elite Facebook Mastermind Group
($997+/mo value)

This is where you get encouragement and support, not just from me, but from a brotherhood and community of your fellow seekers of seduction success.

Many of my senior students are active and eager participants and they can and do share how they are applying my principles for seduction success, as well as answering your questions.

What does this mean for you?

Well the most important thing is...

You Are Not Alone Anymore!

Plus, I need you to know you are taking this step with full confidence and absolutely no risk whatsoever, being clear upfront that

That’s right.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely DELIGHTED with this investment, I’ll send every red penny back to you; every penny.

I’m placing my trust in you, that you are one of the good guys: the intelligent, good-hearted, honest man who is the very person I am devoted to helping get past your blocks and barriers to meeting women FOR GOOD, even if it's the "raw and real" way.

We're Almost There: Just One Last Thing Before We Get You Started Toward The Land Of Moist Pink Abundance

In order for you to claim you copy I want you to promise me the following things:

  1. You understand that you are responsible for what kind of sinfully salacious stalker you might create using these methods;
  2. You get that I've "mended my ways" and don't/won't teach this kind of manipulative, control-her-mind, make-her-your-slave shit anymore;
  3. You promise not to hold it against me that even I, the Guru himself, gets pissed off and frustrated when I lose an awesome, wonderful smoking-hot young woman who's this good in bed:


“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let's Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Hands On This Right Now?"

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the easy online signup process):

Let Me In Now >>>

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If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace, piece, and here's to 22-year-old banging-bodied bisexual babes (or the fine, wonderful, sexy-hot women YOU desire),


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Listen: it's been a long time since the "old days" of street-fighting Speed Seduction® and I've come a long, long way in my own personal trance-formation.

But I remember what it's like to be a 30-year-old almost-virgin living with his parents who couldn't even get laid in a whorehouse with a thick wad of $100 bills.

If that's where you are now, this may help you begin your journey toward the Land of Pink Moist Abundance.

But grab it now - soon, this offer won't be on the market anymore.

Last chance - claim yours now: