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Dear Speed Seduction® Fan, Veteran, Newbie, Or Anyone In Between,

If you are ready to get a humongous jump start on making 2024 your Naughty Nude Year, filled with the women you truly desire and deserve, this could be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Here's why.

Starting on Monday, February 12th at 7:00 PM Pacific, I will be leading a 5-night, live Zoom Masterclass”, guaranteed to get the ladies eager to please and drop to their knees, with step-by-step, word-for-word patterns so simple and easy…

Even A Caveman (Or Politician) Could Do It!

Sound great?

Let's get right into it.

No time to wait, no time to waste.

Here is the syllabus for this must-work-for-you-or-your-money back, tight-trim-triumph training:

Monday, February 12th @ 7pm Pacific:
Conquer Your Confidence
(Value: $497)

Here is where I guide you through a transformational trance that

  • Utterly wipes out approach anxiety
  • Powerfully erases deep-rooted shame, and
  • Immediately installs the radiant confidence that magnetically attracts women before you open your mouth!

Up until now, only my one-on-one VIP clients have had access to this.

But I agree, it’s high time I brought it to you - at 1/20th the price they’d pay!

Tuesday, February 13th @ 7pm Pacific:
Jump Start Your Speed Seduction® Suck-Sex (Success)
With This Introduction To Pattern Construction
(Value: $697)

Here’s where you’ll not only learn to structure your own patterns, but how to THINK like me and understand my creative process.

Whether you are already a master, a newbie, or in between, this will guide you, word-for-word, through the keys to Speed Seduction suck-sex (success).

In this kick-ass “up-to-speed” module I’ll deliver an easily-absorbed and immediately-applicable lesson as I share

  • How you can rocket up the learning curve to make Speed Seduction® language patterns powerfully work for you, no matter your looks, social status, money situation, or age
  • One simple question to ask that will get her fantasizing about “getting jiggy” with you in minutes
  • And much, much more!

Now, I can’t be the one to say all the ways you might find yourself growing more excited as you imagine the benefits that flow in every area of your life as you learn to think, adapt, and create like me.

I can only say it’s entirely possible a person could just STOP… and naturally and clearly picture these skills applied to not only success with women, but all areas of your life!

Wednesday, February 14th @ 7pm Pacific:
Approach With Ease And Get Her Primed To Please: Easy, Word-For-Word “Walk Ups” For Even The Tongue-Tied or Shy Guy
(Value: $497)

In this session, I’ll unpack my very best sequences for fearlessly opening conversations, no matter what your previous level of experience, social status, looks, or age.

These are the result of dozens of trial-and-error experiments and have the benefit of, with verrrrry slight modification, working well with much younger women.

(Hey… I’m a 65-year-old vulture who should be picking up roadkill, not young women. But it works!)

Thursday, February 15th @ 7pm Pacific:
Make Her Hungry To Screw With Patterns For “Day 2”:
Mastering The Conversation Code
(Value: $497)

Look - it’s all well and good to get her hot and bothered when you first “open her”.

But what do you say on that sit-down to get her to the point of “it’s on”?

I’ll reveal exactly what to say to that thousands of students have used to get women “ready to roll”.

No fancy dinners.

No expensive dates.

No flowers or gifts of or any of the other nonsense the Romance Racketeers peddle to fatten their bank accounts and empty your wallet.

Friday, February 16th @ 7pm Pacific:
Close The Deal To Make Her Squeal:
A Quick Education On Sexual Escalation
(Value: $497)


While it’s true that many of my students have reported that women jump them, it’s necessary for you to have your own roadmap to doing this, and doing it quickly.

So, on this wrap-up night, I’ll get you one red hair away from mastering the fine art of smoothly transitioning from yakkety-yak to getting her on her back.

Total value to you, so far: $2,685.

Sound good?

But wait…there’s more.

How about these secret packed bonuses:

Free Admission To My Eight Week, “Poontang Posse” Group Training Program! ($2,997 Value)

Now, hold on to your jock -strap because this is going to give you wood and make your head spin!

For 8 weeks, you are going to get free muff-munching membership to my exclusive Poontang Posse, Ask Me Anything, group cootch catching coaching program.

Each week, we will meet as a group, via Zoom, for one hour where I’ll answer your questions and turn your stuck points to nearly instantaneous pathways to puss-pounding suck-ess.

(Of course, if you can’t make the calls, the raunchy replays will be put in the exclusive members’ area)

So, just to make it clear, you are getting…

A Total Of 8 Hours Of Live, Group Coaching With Me!

Value Of This To You For This Enormous Electrify Your Erection, NEVER TO BE REPEATED Bonus


(I am serious when I say I’ll never do this again. In fact, I swear on my cats’ lives, which if you know me, I take very, very seriously. You move or you lose on this one!)

Get Out Of The Friend Zone And Into the F**K Zone: How To Go From Buddy To Bedmate ($297 Value)

Would you like to trance-form that female "friend" into your willing, eager lover?

This, right here, is what the Romance Racketeers don't want you know.

They want you to buy that B.S. in Hallmark movies about how all you have to do is go back to your hometown, tell your high-school crush you always wanted her, and she'll leave everything behind and run off with you.

Well, there's a science to this, as you will see when you discover:

  • The mistakes most guys make that actually put THEMSELVES in the "friend zone" without even giving her a chance to view them as a potential lover
  • Verbal and nonverbal methods that to move her out of the "friend zone" and into the F@@K zone, in 30 days or less (maybe even 30 MINUTES or less)
  • How to use lame, corny pick-up lines as part of your approach to make her comfortable and actually participate in the process

You will find the main presentation, the Q&A session, plus a great e-book I created but have never offered for sale.

The Concentrated Essence of Success With Women ($297 Value)

A key to Speed Seduction® success is how it gets women to do 90% of the seduction work FOR YOU... and actually feel like it was HER idea.

How about that for breaking down resistance and getting to the Mattress Macarena faster?

Tune in now and watch this powerful presentation that shows you:

  • The RIGHT way to get a woman to “fall for you” – good, decent guys get sidelined all the time while good, decent women fall for “jerks” and “assholes” because of a MAJOR mistake good, decent guys make
  • Women have feelings ABOUT their feelings – master this and you’ll master your girl-getting game
  • How to get women to do 90% of the seduction work – you’ll learn how to tap what’s already inside her to... (you know the rest)

I'll also show you exactly what to do when she's mean to you or, all of a sudden, goes off on you during the conversation (this one secret alone is worth the entire presentation!)

Secrets of the Curiosity Code ($497 Value)

Listen: one of the greatest skills you can use to not only seduce women, but build an admiring circle of friends from any are of life, is to develop a genuine curiosity.

Why does this very rare (but easily learned) skill lead to such powerful seduction and popularity results?

Because very, very few people know how to do it - and 99% of your competition hasn't got a clue it even exists.

So if you want to tap deep into a woman's mind and create a sense of deep connection that gets her longing for you without having to use any language patterns at all, the Curiosity Code is essential for you.

You'll discover how to:

  • Use the "4C Method" that gets a woman to open up and tell you her wildest fantasies so you can insert yourself right in the middle of them
  • Utilize her responses to sexually amplify the conversation in moments
  • Perhaps most importantly, develop a genuine liking and appreciation for her as a unique human, so you actually enjoy and like her as a human while you are seducing her

I promise you: the Curiosity Code will improve all of your relationships - the ones you want to create and the ones you already have, across the board in every context.

(Oh my Sarge...did I just use the "R" word? Sorry about that my friend; I guess I'm getting a little mellow in my old age.)

Secrets of the Naturals ($497 Value)

A "natural" is someone who has done very well with women for most of his life, with very little effort.

You wonder how he ALWAYS seems to get the girl, while you stand there all hummina-hummina trying to figure out what to say as she walks off with him about 2 minutes after he approaches her.

Now, you're about to discover what he knows (maybe only subconsiously) and how to make it YOUR superpower.

Among the dozen or secrets that are about to be revealed to you:

  • Why naturals never see "failure" and how they manage to never over-analyze their situations with their women who they truly desire and want to be with
  • How "looks" are in what the woman sees through the lens of her own truth - this is why women think certain ugly guys are actually hot
  • The tactics naturals use to "flip the script" and get women chasing them, rather than the other way around

I will also show you the "Monkey Branch" Theory that makes the Boyfriend Destroyer powerful and effective!

Lifetime Access to All Recordings ($497 Value)

While you'll get the best results when you attend all 5 nights live so you get to participate in the Q and A sessions plus interact with your fellow Brothers in Sarge, I get it - stuff comes up.

You have to work.

Or maybe by Day 3 you'll already have a meet set up with a woman who's only available at 7pm Pacific.

The good news for you is that as the sessions are finished, within 24 hours they will be added to our exclusive Members' Area.

Either way, you're covered.

Lifetime Membership in Our Private "Poontang Posse" WhatsApp Group ($497 Value)

Ever since the Usenet days, what has made Speed Seduction® unique and special is our sense of community.

Our Yahoo! group was legendary (I miss it to this day), and we have a great Facebook group now.

Being a member of our WhatsApp group means you and your horny sargers can chat 24/7 with each other by voice and even video calls about whatever comes up.

Can you even put a price on knowing, you are not alone anymore!

“Ok Ross, You’ve Got Me Hot On It… So What’s This Pattern Puss-A-Palooza Gonna Set Me Back, RJ?”

Well, consider this:

  1. I’m just too tired an old fart to do live, in-person events anymore
  2. I’m getting offers to do VERY expensive business and sales coaching, so this very well truly be my last live Speed Seduction® training (unless you can pay me 50k or more for a one-on-one weekend.)

So, with that in mind, if you add up the value of the 5 nights and the bonuses, this comes out to $7,767.

Actually, I could EASILY charge $25,000 for this program (in other words, the going rate for my private 1:1 weekends in San Diego), and based on having been doing this nearly 3 decades, working with tens of thousands of smart men like you and seeing what compels you to take massive action now...

...we know this will fly right off the virtual shelves.

But claim your instant access now and your investment (for a limited time) will be just $497 USD.

And, there's a convenient payment plan that gets you full access now, with just a small down payment today, and two easy installments to follow.

And Yes, Your Investment Is 100% Protected....

I want you to know that you are completely protected by my...

That’s right.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely DELIGHTED with this investment, I’ll send every red penny back to you; every penny.

Listen: I realize there are a few slimy creeps that will get full success from this trance-formational teaching, and still ask for their refund.

But I’m placing my trust in you, that you are one of the good guys: the intelligent, good-hearted, honest man who is the very person I am devoted to helping get past your blocks and barriers to meeting women FOR GOOD.

Realizing now, all the success this system will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of the smart men who can find yourself claiming your instant access right now?

Of course you are!

When You Think About It, This Is Really Like Putting Money Back In Your Pocket

Think about all the money the Romance Racketeers have extorted from you, for all those steak dinners, foo-foo movies, gifts, jewelry, and other stuff.

What did it get you? Maybe a 2-second hug as you dropped her off outside her apartment, with some vague promise that she might be around this weekend?

Yeah... you've been there.

So how about this for a new view:

Add up what you’ll continue to spend for the rest of your life if you don’t invest in yourself right now, and ask yourself: is the investment for this program the bargain of a lifetime.

You are just moments from claiming your express ticket to a lifetime of moist pink abundance and creating amazing experiences with women you truly desire and want to be with!

Make the smart move.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! I’m Not Letting This Pass Me By... Let Me In, Right Now!"

Just go here to claim your all-access pass and your instant sign-on bonuses (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the easy online signup process):

Let Me In Now >>>

(Or, click here for a 3-payment plan on your All-Access Pass to this Speed Seduction® Mastercamp!)


If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, we’re ready to help!

E-mail We're right here for you.

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace, piece, and see you starting on the 22nd,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. The winners in life are those who take action and make decisions rather than sit on the sidelines. I truly hope you make the decision to let me be your guide.

FAQ about this ass-smashing opportunity:

1) Do we really, truly get membership in the 8-week Poontang Posse coaching program?
Yup. It’s included. No extra charge.

2) Is the Poontang Posse invidual or group? Hey - I just said GROUP. However, I’ll do my best to give everyone as much time as the call will permit, and if you dudes are really on fire with the questions, I MIGHT extend the length of the calls?

3) Are the 5 nights going to be recorded? Yes, yes, and YES, my horndog amigo. So if you miss the sessions you’ll get access to them in the members’ area, just as you will with the Poontang Posse coaching calls!