Feast Your Eyes And Part Her Thighs With...

The Ultimate Speed Seduction® Language Pattern Collection!

Dear Speed Seduction® Fans and Students,

The rumors are true.

I’m releasing a complete load.

And it's been building for over 30 years, so it’s really, really big.

For the past several years my clients and students have been asking questions like:

  • Where can I find the Blowjob Pattern?
  • Where is the Twin Brothers Pattern?
  • Where can I find the "forbidden patterns" from the Seduction Dracula era of the mid-1990s?
  • How do I get a woman to respond to my e-mails and texts?
  • She's with this total loser she calls a "boyfriend". She can do better. How do I get her to dump that loser and get with me instead?

Listen: for years I have said that memorizing language patterns word-for-word is not the proper way to learn and master Speed Seduction® - and I still agree with that.

Yet, every single week our customer service department gets between 3 and 5 questions like "Where's the Discovery Channel pattern?" and "What do I say to a woman who's being flaky?"

The fact is, I've come up with scores and scores of language patterns over a period of over 35 years, so they're sort of scattered throughout several courses.

And some of them, up until now, have not been included in any of our available courses!

(Yes, there are things here you've never seen before.)

So, here's the deal:

I Am Collating All The Speed Seduction® Language Patterns In One Place - This Is Your One And Only Opportunity To Gain This Level Of Access

Before I show you what's inside, it's important that you to understand that I'm putting in EVERYTHING I have.

Pushing in the full stack.


Against my better judgment, I’m also including some of the now "forbidden patterns" that I no longer teach because, as I once told a colleague, "I'm not going to give hand grenades to children."

So I'm trusting you are NOT a child, but a full-grown adult who understands the power of these, up until now, "under lock and key" patterns.

With that said,

Here's What You'll Find Inside Your Complete Encyclopedia Of Seduction “Sleight Of Mouth” and Silver-Tongued Deviltry

I'm not kidding when I say this is fully-loaded with Seduction patterns I've been able to locate and collate, going back to when I started this thing back in 1988.

The following is only a PARTIAL list.

Here are some brand-new ones I've JUST added:

  • The Ultimate Cold-Approach "Open-Her": Department of Defense (“Own The Cheese” Then The Power Transition)
  • A Really Fun Little Game: Two Truths and a Lie
  • The Hilarious “(Insert Your Favorite Actress)” Joke
  • Put It All Out There With Heart On Sleeve (HOS)
  • The Laughter Pattern, Which Will Have YOU Laughing How Easy and Fun This Is
  • The Enrapturing Fascination Pattern
  • The Very Vivid New Version of the Dream Pattern
  • Journey to Moist Pink Abundance with the Ideal Vacation Pattern
  • Another Really Fun Little Game: I Saw A Bad Date The Other Week
  • How to Turn It Around If She Asks For Your Contact Information (Instead of Sharing Hers)

All the "classics" that have stood the test of time are in there, including:

  • The Famous Blow Job Pattern
  • The Original Incredible Connection Pattern (from 1992 - all 10 versions!)
  • The Legendary Instantly Recognize Pattern
  • The Never-Fails Three-Joke Stack
  • Lots and Lots of Seduction Poetry Patterns
  • The Babealicious Blammo Pattern
  • The Rejection-Comeback Paper Bag Pattern
  • The Delicious Discovery Channel Pattern
  • The Tremendous Twin-Brothers Pattern (presented as a two-part video tutorial; it's complicated)
  • The Vibrational Voodoo Dildo Pattern

Plus, you will find some of the newer and more recent creations, including:

  • The Amazing Airplane Finger Fun Pattern
  • The Fantastic Flicking The Bean Pattern
  • My Top Three Word-For-Word Closes With Young Women
  • The Stealthy What Do You Do For Fun Questions
  • The Terrific Trance Hijacker Pattern
  • The Globally Girl-Gushing So Hard In Your Mouth Pattern (for women who speak with an accent)
  • The Lengthy And Linguistically Lubricating My Buddy Met His Favorite Rock Star! (I have never taught this one, except to ONE student who has a 100% success rate with it)
  • And many, many more!

"Ok Ross, THIS Is The Thing I've Wanted For A Long Time Now. So, How Much Is This Gonna Set Me Back?"

First, let me level with you on something.

I've said a thousand times, it's not enough to know the patterns word-for word; what matters most is UNDERSTANDING HOW THEY WORK.

That said: chances are, since you're reading this letter, you've listened to me. You've taken a course like Rapid and Total Success With Women, Day Game Mastery and Mindset Monster, the Deluxe Home Study Course, The Final Awakening / The Final Frontier, or Secrets of Hyper-Response and Core Attraction that gives you the "deeper knowledge" of how to attract and seduce women.

At this point, you "get it" and just want a repository of language patterns.

So, if that's the case, this will be extremely valuable to you in terms of how much time it will save you.

Fact is I could charge $1,000 for this very simple section of my members' area and get away with it, believe me I'd do it, because I realize this is worth that - and more!

However, since I realize very few would be wise enough to make that large an investment, I'm going to let you steal it - and I mean STEAL IT - at just $197 (less than you probably spend on coffee in a given month).

(Even at that incredible price, a financing plan is also available.)

Take action now, because once this special offer expires, this course is being removed from the public catalog and will not be available for sale for a long, long time (if EVER).

The last time I put this on the market was SIX YEARS AGO.

So you know I mean it.

Now, before I rush you to the front of the secure checkout line so you can binge-out, Netflix style, on this cool collection inside our secure members' site right now, let's take a moment to make sure you're aware of some great bonuses and extras.

Luscious Language Bonus #1:
Three E-Books With Even More Awesome Patterns
($297 value)

Be one of the next 47 people to add the Ultimate Speed Seduction® Language Pattern Collection to your girl-getting repertoire, and you get access to 3 “TOP SECRET” Special Reports that are currently not for sale AT ALL on my website as standalone:

  • Why Women Flake On The Phone, And How To Powerfully Handle Them!
  • Vanquish Her Voicemail! The Unbelievably Powerful, Yet Totally Easy-To-Do-By-You Method That Gets Her Calling You Right Back!
  • The Ultimate Boyfriend Destroyer Collection

Altogether, if even ONE of the actual, spelled-out-word-for-word patterns found in these e-books gets you unstuck in a Sarge situation, you’ll be delighted beyond delight’s sweet delight that you stepped to the plate.

Luscious Language Bonus #2:
Speed Seduction Skills Builders – Ten Top Speed Seduction® Language Patterns, Spoken By Me, Word For Word
($197 value)

Yet another audio series no longer available “standalone”, now you can instantly review and master my favorite and most powerful erotic language patterns from the Home Study Course. Read/recited by me word for word, so you can hear the exact intonation, inflection and rhythm to help you along to mastery!

You get:

  • The Incredible Connection Pattern
  • Love Versus Attraction
  • The infamous and unfair Bl*w Job Pattern

And seven more. Use for a quick brush-up or for more serious review.

Luscious Language Bonus #3:
The Speed Seduction® "Starter Kit" Of Language Patterns, Weasel Phrases, Tactics, And More!
($197 value)

Back in the day, I used to, literally, give this away. Then I had to stop.

See, the contents of this package are so deliciously awesome, guys were writing back to me about how they had gotten laid using it.  The problem was, I was losing money just leaving this out there for free. As a smart man, you understand business.

For that reason, what better way to reward you for today's smart investment than to just give this to you, as my special "THANK YOU" for claiming your golden key to the language pattern repository - knowing that opportunity will only be here a short while!

Here's what's inside - just by the titles, I expect most of you to rush right over to the secure checkout right now:

  • How To Nail Your Inner Game (MP3)
  • The Keys To Pick-Up Success (MP3)
  • “Ask Me Anything” Recording (MP3)
  • Track 1 Of The Unstoppable Confidence Course (MP3)
  • Healing Hypnotic Trance For Overcoming Blocks and Barriers (MP3)
  • Recording of Coaching Session With Actual Speed Seduction® Student (MP3)
  • Persuade and Get Laid: Conversations With Ross Jeffries, Volume 1 (PDF)
  • Seduction Patterns Compilation, Created By A Student Who Wished I Had Offered This 10 Years Ago (PDF)
  • Influence Patterns, Speed Seducer Rules, Weasel Phrases, And Trance Words (PDF)
  • Speed Seduction® Seminar Transcripts (PDF)
  • How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed - The Updated Version (PDF)
  • 10 Fatal Mistakes Men Make With Women (PDF)

Luscious Language Bonus #4:
Free Access To Our Private, Elite Facebook Mastermind Group
($997+/mo value)

This is where you get encouragement and support, not just from me, but from a brotherhood and community of your fellow seekers of seduction success.

Many of my senior students are active and eager participants and they can and do share how they are applying my principles for seduction success, as well as answering your questions.

What does this mean for you?

Well the most important thing is...

You Are Not Alone Anymore!

Now, I need you to know you are taking this step with full confidence and absolutely no risk whatsoever, being clear upfront that

That’s right.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely DELIGHTED with this investment, I’ll send every red penny back to you; every penny.

I’m placing my trust in you, that you are one of the good guys: the intelligent, good-hearted, honest man who is the very person I am devoted to helping get past your blocks and barriers to meeting women FOR GOOD, even if it's the "raw and real" way.

We're Almost There: Just One Last Thing Before We Get You Started Toward The Land Of Moist Pink Abundance

In order for you to claim you copy I want you to promise me the following things:

  1. You understand that you are responsible for what kind of sinfully salacious stalker you might create using these tools;
  2. You get that I've "mended my ways" and don't/won't teach those Seduction Dracula era manipulative, control-her-mind, make-her-your-slave shit anymore;
  3. You promise to be smart and use this wisely as a powerful complement to your overall seduction mastery.


“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let's Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Hands On This Right Now?"

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the easy online signup process):

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If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail team@seduction.com!



Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Listen: I know it took YEARS of almost daily requests, pleas, and demands for me to give this opportunity to the community.

But you have spoken loud and clear - and as your caring, helpful guru, I have responded in the way you asked me to.

But grab it now - once it's gone, this offer won't be on the market anymore. At all. Not even as an upgrade for existing customers.

Again, the last time I took it off the market, it stayed locked down for SIX YEARS.

Last chance - claim yours now: