Yes, Ross, I'm Ready To Have You Personally Guide Me To Stunning Success With Women

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I understand that I'm claiming my access to more than $15,741 worth of coaching, mentoring, and masterminding AVAILABLE IMMEDIATELY for the next six months for a very low investment.

I understand that I will be getting the same level of expert support, instruction and guidance you give your $2500 an hour VIP clients, at a tiny fraction of that cost.

I know seats are filling fast and as of right now, this offer is available only for me and the next fourteen (14) people to take action now.

I also understand that included in my Elite Speed Seduction® Super-Stars Academy experience, I gain my access to:

  • Two Live Training Modules Every Month On The Topics The Students Most Request, With "Ask-Me-Anything" Q&A ($997/mo value)
  • My Two Private, Personal Calls With You, Each And Every Month ($997/mo value)
  • Access To The "Training Treasure Trove" Of Over 175+ Video "Mini-Seminars" You've Recorded Over The Past 10 Years ($997 value)
  • Membership In The TOP-SECRET, Members-Only Facebook Group ($997+/mo value)
  • Bi-Monthly Recorded Trainings As You Share Your "Street Fight NLP" System That Helps Me In All Walks Of Life ($497 value)
  • Bi-Monthly Guest Interviews With Experts In Topics Like: Powers Of Mind, Fitness, Fashion, Financial Freedom, Health, And More ($497 value)

Total value (so far): $4,792+ worth of coaching, mentoring, and masterminding MONTHLY.

I understand I will immediately receive the following extra special bonuses when I act now and claim my spot:

  • Big Balls Bonus #1: Once A Month 50% Off Special Access Discount Codes To Any Recorded Courses, Both Seduction And Persuasion, That I Don't Have Yet (I WILL DECIDE THE VALUE AFTER I ENROLL)
  • SPECIAL, LIMITED Big Balls Bonus #2: The Speed Seduction® Total Immersion Seminar Footage MEGA-Collection! ($9,362 Value)
  • SPECIAL, FAST-ACTION Big Balls Bonus #3: My Complimentary Ticket To Either Your February 17th and 18th, 2018 Los Angeles Seminar... Or Your June 16th and 17, 2018 London Seminar... (I'll Pick One) - WITH Free Access To Any Footage You Shoot From The Seminar I Attend ($1,397 Value)

GRAND TOTAL WHEN I ACT NOW: $15,741+ worth of coaching, mentoring, and masterminding MONTHLY, plus my seminar ticket!

Yes, Ross! I'm ready to invest in myself, and step up to the plate!

I see that two convenient payment options are available to me.

I can enroll now on the monthly plan for $197/mo.

Or, I  can pre-pay my 6-month membership right now (and get a nice discount), then roll into the $197/mo plan at the end of the 6 months.

I do so with full confidence, knowing that if in the first 60 days, I'm not 100% satisfied with the results I'll be starting to see, all I need to do is send you an e-mail to cancel and you'll stop my payments.

On that basis, I agree that now is the time, and I am choosing the option that works best for me and joining now:

Yes, Give Me My Access Now!(Just $197/mo - Act Now)
Or, Give Me 6 Months Upfront($997 for 6 months, then $197/mo)