Thu, Nov 15, 2018
Dear Seeker of Success, It may come as a surprise to you that OFTEN it is a good idea NOT to sleep with a woman. (As a great philosopher once said, “Bitches be crazy”.) Now, I don’t like to generalize and try my best to avoid it. But as I said in my original book, […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Consider a woman’s emotions like a cake recipe. Have you ever baked a cake? Have you watched someone bake a cake? Have you ever eaten cake? Great. When you bake a cake, what do you need?
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, The first problem is you’re thinking that getting sexual is something you only do at a specific time called “the close“. My first teaching to you is that having a sexual vibe is something that starts even before you open your mouth. I’m not talking about being horny where your dick […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Consider the possibility that pushing it, just a little bit, may be what she needs. Don’t underestimate the power of getting her turned on sufficiently enough that her mind thinks, “Fuck it. Fuck me.” That actually may be a good thing for her.