Sun, May 19, 2019
Dear Seeker of Success, In yesterday’s post, I explained two different types of confidence with women – and how getting them un-confused can pave your road to meeting, attracting. and enjoying women. Now, let me share with you the absolutely whacked-out drill I gave my student to do, which totally did the trick. First, let’s […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Many times the guys who come to me, only do so after years of being deeply stuck when it comes to meeting, attracting and enjoying women. Throughout those years, they have often spent countless hours trying to “figure out” how they are going to get out of their romantic desert and […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Recently I had a student tell me he is really good at approaching HB6s and HB7s (women who he deems “not bad”, but not incredibly hot either). But, when it came to “9s” and “10s” (amazingly hot women), he just could not approach or get them into bed. Seemed something was […]
Dear Seeker of Success In my 30 years of teaching Speed Seduction®, what are the biggest factors I’ve seen holding guys back? I’d say: 1) Caring too much 2) Daring too little Now, let me be clear: my “caring” I don’t mean it’s a bad thing to have respect for women. I think that’s actually […]