"The Holidays: Hell Or Healing?"

Get On The Pathway To Peace, Happiness That Is Not Conditional, And A Sense Of Connection To Others – Regardless Of How They Respond!

~ Ross Jeffries ~

Dear Seeker of Success,

I don’t know about you, but the "holidays" just damn hurt - hurt a lot - for many, many people.

Whether it is because you can recall the pain of a relationship that’s over, the deep missing of loved ones who have passed (I miss my mother and father every day) or the stress of not being able to live up to the expectations that you “should” be happy...

For Many Of Us, The "Thrice Damned Holidays" Damn Well Suck

As someone who is profoundly invested in healing, I want to invite you to claim your access to an 8-part, guided healing meditation series:

"Holiday Healing For Body, Mind, And Soul"

Each module contains a guided meditation that progressively and profoundly will assist you in creating a deep sense of inner peace and give you the direct experience of the following:

  • You are not a "thing" called a self but an every changing flow of activity. The benefit? You can find some distance and some peace in any and every situation.
  • The world "outside" is really not separate from the activity of "you". The benefit? A sense of deep connection even when no one else is present, and a deepening of the connections when people are present.
  • There is a "Source" from which all activity arises and to which all activity disappears. The profound benefit? A sense of deep connection to your world and compassion for others.

Stumbling Blocks... To Stepping Stones

Look: life has pain.

To be human can be painful.

Whether the holidays are that way for you or not...

...now is a good time to learn to get on the pathway to peace, happiness that is not conditional, and a sense of connection to others regardless of how they respond.

Just imagine what life will look like for you once you have this area of life powerfully handled.

Now, let me help you get there.

To Help You Make Your Decision To Take Action Now, Here's How These Modules Will Help You Beat The Holiday Blahs And Blues

First, each recorded module lasts no more than 45 minutes (some are shorter).

There is a brief, 5 minute introduction of the principles for each module, their purpose and how to do them.

Then I spend about 10 minutes guiding you through the meditation for that day.

We then opened it up for questions and reports of inner experience - listen as students are transformed right on the recording.

Then we do another meditation that builds on the first for 10 minutes.

Then I opened it up again for student experiences.

And, as you'll see below, I'm going to offer YOU the chance to get personal assistance with your own Holiday Healing Journey.

Here’s what you will gain from each of the modules:

  • Session 1: The Healing Power Of Breath. We will tap into the power of breath, how to follow it, how to experience it, and how ti let it flow in ways that will bring a progressively greater sense of being at ease in your body.
  • Session 2: Rooting To the Ground. Here we will add to the breath the power of continuing to return to the grounding connection to the earth. Above, merging with below, for a sense of wholeness.
  • Session 3: Sensing Sound: Inner And Outer. In this session, we’ll being the process of teaching you to create flow in the senses using sound. How do we use the “noise” of the world to cause the sense of a suffering “self” to begin to vanish? How do we begin to get distance from our internal chatter and self-critical voices without having to fight them or turn them off?
  • Session 4: Letting Thoughts Flow. Here we will begin the process of watching thoughts flow and then letting thoughts go... Realizing you are NOT your thoughts is the beginning of true inner freedom and happiness beyond condition.
  • Session 5: Hear Everything. In this very powerful process, we’ll learn how to take the next big step to realizing you are NOT your thoughts. And at the same time, continue to dissolve the sense that you are a “thing” called a self.
  • Session 6: Unification and Flow. Here we will get even more to the experience of your “self” being an activity, instead of a “thing” that cannot change. A major chain broken and a major step forward.
  • Session 7: Feeling Flow. Here we will notice feel sensations and separate out the suffering that comes when they merge with each other. Step out of overwhelm - and into overcome.
  • Session 8: Special Healing Hypnotic Trance. This will show you a powerful method for moving past the past and creating new futures.

This last session contains a new hypnotic trance I’ve developed through coaching one of my VIP private clients. (BTW, he’s paid me over $10,000 for my guidance, and that’s no exaggeration or lie!)

You’ll accelerate your ability to learn and then vividly create new futures that pull your toward them.

All sessions are stored for you, inside a special members' area with a username and password, so you can continue to download and play them over and over, as often as you need.

"So Ross, How Much To Get In On This?" (You’re Asking...)

Well, I’m delighted you asked.

Because, by now I’m sure you realize that this program contains the gold keys for even greater personal trance-formation than you’ve known up until now, I could EASILY charge ten thousand dollars for this program (in other words, the going rate for my private 1:1 trance-formational weekends in San Diego).

The life-changing methods here – the culmination of 28 years of discovery – are more than worth it!

Before I reveal the low (very low) investment, I’m going to make this even more personal.

As I mentioned above, personal help is available as you embark upon and experience your Holiday Healing journey:

Personal Support And Help Is Here:
Free Access To Our Private, Elite Facebook Mastermind Group
($997+/mo value)

This is where you get encouragement and support, not just from me, but from a brotherhood and community of your fellow seekers of success.

And, I PERSONALLY get involved, and get real with you:

Many of my senior students are active and eager participants and they can and do share their own trance-formational journeys and experiences, as well as answering your questions.

What does this mean for you?

Well the most important thing is...

You Are Not Alone Anymore!

And Yes, Your Investment Is 100% Protected....

I want you to know that you are completely protected by my...

That’s right.

If for any reason you’re not absolutely DELIGHTED with this investment, I’ll send every red penny back to you; every penny.

Listen: I realize there are a few people who will get full success from this trance-formational teaching, and still ask for their refund.

But I’m placing my trust in you, that you are one of the good guys: the intelligent, good-hearted, honest man who is the very person I am devoted to helping get past your blocks and barriers FOR GOOD.

Realizing now, all the success this system will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of those who can find yourself claiming your instant access right now?

Of course you are!

Now, Here Is Your Investment in "Holiday Healing For Body, Heart, and Soul"

As I said above, I could EASILY charge ten thousand dollars for this program (in other words, the going rate for my private 1:1 trance-formational weekends in San Diego), and based on having been doing this nearly 3 decades, working with tens of thousands of smart people like you and seeing what compels you to take massive action now...

...we know this will fly right off the virtual shelves.

But claim your instant access now and your investment (for a limited time) will be just $297 USD.

And, there's a convenient payment plan that gets you full access now, with just a small down payment today, and two easy installments to follow.

“Let's Do This, Ross! I’m Not Letting This Pass Me By... Let Me In, Right Now!"

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the easy online signup process):

Let Me In Now >>>

(Or, click here for a 3-payment plan on your Lifetime Access Pass to the "Holiday Healing" trance-formational program)


If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail team@seduction.com or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace and see you inside,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Even if you're reading this in July, it's a holiday somewhere, right?

Although this was created in December, the time of the "Thrice Damned Holidays," fact is, guys experience holiday hell at Memorial Day picnics, Independence Day parties (regardless of what your country's Independence Day or National Holiday is), anywhere that people gather to celebrate something.

What you discover inside this course helps you overcome that. Don't wait another moment: