Come To The March 11-12, 2017 Los Angeles Speed Seduction® Seminar And...

Master The Mindset That Gets Women Dripping And The Daygame Blueprint To Meet Them Like A Champ

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From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, “Godfather” of The Worldwide Seduction Community

Dear Rabid Getting Laid Fan,

Would you like to master the linguistic wizardry to meet and seduce women, anytime, anywhere, plus the mindset that will get them jumping your bones?

Would you like to experience the personal transformation from the living legend of The Game to instantly and profoundly heal any wounds - and turn your stumbling blocks with women into amazing stepping stones to success?

Would you like to finally get this area of your life handled, and reap the benefits of being a man who has choice and power with women?

Great weekend seminar...exceeded my expectations on the quality and diversity of the content and guest lecturers.

The focus on Inner Game is more than appropriate as that's the foundation of Man's attractiveness. His congruence and strength in his own power and truth. Being bold and confident in business, life and yourself is the ultimate attraction factor for women. You've got it Right Bro!

Keep me posted on upcoming events and products.

Scott Lopez
Los Angeles, California

If you’ve answered YES  to any of these questions, then...

...Coming To My Los Angeles Speed Seduction® Seminar March 11 & 12, 2017 Will Be The Best Decision You Will Ever Make

Now listen: obviously I don’t know your exact life situation that would cause you to decide to come to this event.

Maybe you are already doing great with women and want to "up" your game with the most cutting edge tips, tricks and secrets.

Maybe you have always had to settle for accidentally attracting a woman who didn’t really live up to your standards for who you truly desire.

Or maybe you’ve been really struggling your whole life and have gone years without a girlfriend or never had a girlfriend at all.

But whatever your situation,  I promise I can take you where you want to go.

And my first step is helping you master...

My “Daygame / Meet Women Blueprint”

Look: please forgive if this seems a bit harsh, but if you don’t have a consistent, systematic, easy to use method to have you meeting lots of women at least 2-3 times a week, it’s very unlikely you will ever achieve the success you truly want.

On the other hand, having a "blueprint" that gets you past any hesitation and shows you exactly what to say is priceless.  And that's why I’m making it a big priority in this seminar.

In this part of the seminar (that will include live demonstrations) you will be learning:

  • The three "can’t fail" approaches that will make women eager to meet you
  • How to combine vulnerability and strength to get yourself 50% on the way to her bed, in the first 2 minutes
  • How to handle any "objection" and turn it to a connection she’ll want to pursue
  • How to pre-program HER mind to be the one who calls YOU (requires a simple, cheap business card)
  • 3 top ways to guarantee you’ll never run out of things to say

Mindset Mastery For All Walks Of Life

So many students have written to me telling me that want to "get inside my head" and learn how I've overcome so many hardships to be where I am today - and to build their own legacy of leadership and success for their business and professional lives.

If that's you, then you'll love my new module on "Mindset Mastery" that I've been slaving over for many, many months. This module will convey how to overcome the obstacles and meet the challenges so you become the champion you are born to be.

In this module I'll be revealing:

  • The power of Acceptance Confidence to melt resistance in the bedroom AND the boardroom
  • Three magic words that erase any and all limiting beliefs from your past
  • The right way to build true motivation that keeps you rocketing up any learning curve
  • How to ask the two "Deep Dive" questions that tap into the power of your super-conscious mind

Not only that, but you'll also discover...

  • How To Use The Four Seduction Conversation Formats To Stack Suggestions And Create Maximum Receptivity
  • How To Use The Four Energetic Vibes To Get Top Quality, High Self-Esteem Women As Your Willing, Eager, Super-Turned On Bed Partners
  • How To Create Unconscious Sexual Attraction With Your Presence And Vibe - No Matter What Your Looks Or Age
  • How To Use The Power Of GENUINE Vulnerability To Paradoxically Be Profoundly “Alpha” – forget that Alpha male crap you read about; this is totally different and anyone can do it, right now, no matter what your previous experience!
  • How to Sexualize Your Voice – research shows women AND men respond unconsciously to a resonate and masculine voice. We’ll be doing a “voice” clinic that I know you’ll love!
  • Out-Kicking Your Coverage – how to attract women you THOUGHT were out of your league (and not just looks-wise either)!
  • And much, much more in this tightly-organized, highly-interactive "Speed Seduction® In Action" live training!

All This Plus The Famous Speed Seduction® Patterns To Get Women Hot, Bothered And Ready To Do The Deed With You!

Also, I'll be teaching you the classics that launched my controversy filled career.

Come and learn these classic patterns that have gotten tens of thousands of guys laid:

  • The Famous Blow Job Pattern
  • The Legendary Incredible Connection Pattern
  • The Never-Fails Discovery Channel Pattern
  • The Stealthy "Three Joke Stack" Sequence
  • And many more...

Plus my brand new, never-been-taught to the general public (up until now) "Airplane Finger Fun" Pattern that is getting my elite VIP students amazing success!

(Please: once you have it, do not reveal this pattern to friends, family, moochers and morons.  It’s worth every penny of your investment to attend, all by itself and could well be the best language/seduction pattern of my 29-year seduction track record!)

Hey Ross, just wanted to thank you for a fantastic seminar!

The techniques for change that you taught us were what I have taken most from the weekend.  I have started practising them already and these are what are going to help get what I want out of all the rest the material. I really am excited about what I am going to be able to achieve in the future, not just in this, but also in other areas of my life.

I think your hypnotic languaging worked pretty well too. I really hope all things continue to go well for you and I am sure I will be speaking to you soon.

Steven Gooderham
Bury St Edmunds, England

Now, Here’s How You Might Become One Of 4 VIPS To Go Out "In The Field" And Have Me And My Lovely Co-Trainer Hayley Quinn Coach You Personally:

Listen up -

Since so many have demanded it, and I want to ensure quality, it’s just going to be 4 people, so we can preserve a 2-1 instructor-to-teacher ratio.

Hayley and I will do our best to get you meeting women while we watch, correct and train you to reach your peak potential and pull the finest women (by YOUR definition).

To qualify you must:

  • Purchase your general admission tickets to the event
  • Once you do, you will receive a link to schedule your interview to see if Hayley and I will accept you as a student for this unique, perhaps once a lifetime opportunity!

As we receive the applications, we will review them and schedule interviews with those who, based on the information submitted in the application, seem most ready to receive this level of learning. Then, we'll go from there.

Step One is to confirm your seat for the Los Angeles seminar:

Speaking Of Hayley Quinn, Here’s More About Her And What She’ll Be Teaching At This Event

Hayley has a good 10 years of experience training guys (and gals) to be masters of getting past fear and discovering natural and easy ways to meet and attract ideal partners.

And I’m not just saying this because Hayley is “the daughter of my heart” and one of my best friends.

Hayley will be teaching the entire room her “Dating Operating System” that I think is truly nothing short of genius.

Here are a few samples of how she makes sure you have the skillsets you need for success with women:

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And here is just some of what Hayley will show you, in her first appearance at a Speed Seduction® seminar in North America:

  • The Real Way To Make A Woman Incredibly Attracted To You By Understanding “The Matrix” Of Female Attraction
  • Use Hayley’s Exclusive Blueprint For Deep Connection To Make Her Realise She’s Never Met A Man Like You Before
  • Become A Man She Is Magnetised By – No Matter What You Look Like
  • Let Your Non-Verbal Cues Do The Talking And Turn Her On Without You Saying A Word
  • And Much, Much More In Hayley’s Highly Interactive Presentation (You Got A Taste In The Videos Above)

To confirm you're in the right place, let's quickly cover

Who Is This Event NOT For?

Check in with yourself to ensure the following do not apply to you - and if they have up until this moment, you are now prepared to leave them at the door and open up to a new way of thinking, doing, and being:

  • You think you know it all already
  • You aren't willing to open your mind to a completely new way of thinking about women, attraction, and how language can re-shape your world
  • You smell bad. No shit, I've kicked a few students out of seminars because their personal hygiene would sicken a vulture on a shit heap. Shower, damn it, or stay away
  • You won't support your fellow students in a way that creates a safe, encouraging learning environment

And to ensure this is the right event for you, let's go over

Who Is This Event Definitely For?

Speed Seduction® live seminars and events are most helpful and effective for

  • Guys who are just getting out of relationships and want to start winning, right out of the gate
  • Guys who want to "bat out of their league" and pull the HB9s and HB10s they've never quite been able to reach
  • Guys who want to get some strong training in the mindset that will allow them to succeed not just with pick-up but in all areas of life (including business)
  • Guys who need deep healing and perhaps have never had a girlfriend in their entire life
  • Guys who want to be "Daygame Monsters" and meet women easily, anywhere, anytime

"Ok Ross, You've Got Me Hot On It... So What's The Investment So I Can Claim My Seat At Your Los Angeles Speed Seduction® Seminar?"

Listen: rather than go through the blah-blah-blah, I’m just going to put it on the table. Here’s what I mean:

  1. This could very well be your last chance to learn from me in the United States. Look: I am getting very busy doing business trainings where I am being paid very large sums of money that are more than satisfying my greed glands.
  2. In addition to all the other benefits of this training, there will be hot sexy girls who you will be watching coming live on stage as I demonstrate this stuff.
  3. As you just saw above, I’ve confirmed Hayley Quinn, a very famous UK trainer, to co-teach parts of this event – and her segments alone are worth the price of admission.

That said, your tuition is just $497 USD.

To make it even easier, I have a 3-pay program that helps you spread those payments out a little.

And to make it more enticing, I’m going to throw in the following bonus that takes effect IMMEDIATELY when you enroll now:

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Ross Jeffries Elite Student Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)

Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite Speed Seduction® brotherhood.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and Sarge reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…

... AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)

And Yes, Your Investment Is Protected...

Realizing now, all the success this seminar will bring you, and that ***I*** am taking all the risk, aren’t you going to be one of the smart men who can find yourself claiming your instant access right now?

Of course you are!

It All Happens At The Fabulous DoubleTree By Hilton Los Angeles – Westside In Culver City, CA

Because our students like the convenience of being close to LAX and within proximity of some of the hottest destinations in LA, we have been using this hotel for our Los Angeles events since 2015 and students love it!

Within easy reach of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Hollywood, Beverly Hills, downtown L.A., this Culver City hotel is also a short drive from the beautiful Manhattan, Redondo and Santa Monica beaches.

Even if you don’t venture beyond the hotel for the entire time you’re in LA, there’s a large outdoor swimming pool (see above) and lots of space to hang out (see below).

Location: 6161 West Centinela Avenue, Culver City, California, 90230-6306
Phone Number To Book: (310) 649-1776

Claim your seat, and book your room now!

It’s Up To You-Keep On Guessing And Muddling Through Or Come And Learn Success From The Best

Listen: if you want to do it on the cheap, try to figure it out on your own and guess your way through then I certainly will wish you good luck and happy journeys in your battle up against incredible odds.

Or if you want to hope, pray, waste your fortune on therapy or the very worst, LISTEN TO WOMEN’S ADVICE ON THE SUBJECT - then I actually feel sorry for you.

But if you are ready - truly ready - to get this area of life fully handled and put the days of struggle and settling behind you once and for all - and smile to yourself at how good your life feels then GET YOUR ASS TO THIS EVENT.

It’s up to you now.  It would be my honor to be your teacher and your guide.

Will you give YOURSELF that gift, is the question you must ask and answer now.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen. How Do I Lock In My Front-Row Seat Right Now?”

Just go here to claim your seat now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):


(Click here for an easy 3-payment plan for your Los Angeles seminar experience)

If you have questions or need assistance with your registration, or would prefer to sign up over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help!

E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

ross-personal-coaching-1Peace and see you at the seminar,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. Look: one thing that all successful people have in common is they take action. So the choice is really yours:

You can hope things get better on their own.

You can wait for things to get better on your own.

Or you can jam down on that enroll now button and recognize: things are about to get, way, way better, starting right now.

The choice is yours.

P.P.S. One thing I want to make crystal clear: if you haven’t lived up to your potential with women, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!  You’ve been lied to over and over again by society about what works.  It’s time to strip away those lies and claim your success with women.  It’s your birthright.

P.P.P.S. Listen: there’s only one, original, “father of seduction” and that’s me.  Screw the Ross Jeffries imitators, impersonators and copycats, and come get the original, real deal, buddy. You deserve the best!

Questions and Answers About Speed Seduction®: The New Code 2017 in Los Angeles:

Q: “Is my privacy protected?”

A: 100%. We will never reveal your identity to anyone, and no one will be filmed or recorded in any way, shape or form, unless they give their informed, written consent.


Q: “Do I have to have previous experience with Speed Seduction® seminars or recorded products before I attend?”

A: Absolutely not.  While previous experience can be helpful, everyone will quickly be brought “up to speed” and you will enjoy the same success as alumni/returning clients and students.


Q: “Will you be taking people out into the field for live pick-up training?”

A: Yes, four students will be eligible for live pick-up training with Hayley Quinn and me. Since so many have demanded it, and I want to ensure quality, it’s just going to be 4 people, so we can preserve a 2-1 instructor-to-teacher ratio.

To be considered:

a) Purchase your general admission tickets to the event

b) Once you do, you will receive a link to schedule your interview to see if Hayley and I will accept you as a student for this unique, perhaps once a lifetime opportunity!


Q: “I am from a culture/country that speaks a language other than English. While I speak English, I don’t know if the patterns will work on women in my country. Should I still attend?”

A: Yes!  While some of the language patterns don’t translate into other languages, the basic principles and structure still apply, and thousands of students have quickliy and easily adapted them to their language, culture and women.


Q: “I am already in a relationship/married. Will this seminar be good for me?”

A: Yes! These same principles that get women drawn to you, work even better when you already have a sexual connection, whether that connection is strong or is fading to almost nothing!  You, of all people, MUST come to this event!  Your wife/girlfriend will thank you!


Q: “My living situation is not good; I don’t have a good job(or have no job) and can’t spend money on women. Will this work for men who are broke, unemployed, or who have low status jobs?”

A: Yes-totally!  When you learn how to capture a woman’s imagination, emotions, and how to work her “psychological operating system” suddenly YOU have the HIGHEST status – because she is feeling things inside that only you can bring.


Q: “I have little experience with women and have very bad anxiety/self-esteem issues. Will this seminar help me?”

A: 100% yes, and in fact, this seminar is probably the ONLY thing that can help you! I’ve got 27 years of successful change work and trance-formational consciousness ability that has worked for tens of thousands of men.  I don’t care what you think about your personal prison of fear-I’ll break those bars for you and open the door to the warm sun of hot women-guaranteed.


Q: “I’m really ugly/old/fat/short etc. Will this really give me success, despite all that?”

A: No question about it: yes, yes and yes!  Your looks only matter when you can’t get women looking at you THROUGH the emotions they long to feel FOR you. Get them doing this and you can be an ugly, old fart like me – and I get very, very hot women, and never spend a dime!


Q: “I want to be able to respect women-I don’t want to take advantage of women or disrespect them.  Am I in the right place to discover how to do this?”

A: Speed Seduction®: The New Code is designed to break through the limited thinking of what I’ve (in the past) called “romance racketeers” who have pulled the wool over your eyes and have blinded you to what really works with women.  They built a prison for your mind, so yes, sometimes I use colorful language and strong metaphors – but only to shock people out of their apathy and stuck thinking.  But think about it – aren’t the lies, distortions and humiliating things the media teaches you to control your thinking and acting with women FAR more offensive than a few cuss words I might let slip out on stage?


Q: “I’ve been through or am going through a shattering break-up/divorce/end of a relationship. Will this seminar help, in the state and condition I am in?”

A: Of all the people who I enjoy helping most, you are at the very top.  The teaching and transformational healing you’ll experience-plus the brotherhood of men who are going through the same thing, or have been through the same thing you are, will absolutely get you over that hump and back on the road to where you want to go.