The Amazing "Seduction System" Of A Skinny, Ugly, Aging, Six-Foot Geek From Culver City, California That Could Get You All The Girls You Want... No Matter What Your Looks Or Age... Or You Pay Nothing!

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How I Learned To Stop Relying On Stupid "Experts", Dating Tips, Dumb Pick Up Lines, (And Even Prayer And Self Hypnosis!) And Instead Found What Really Works... To Get YOU The Kind Of Hot, Sexy, Women Usually Reserved For The Rich, The Famous, Or The Incredibly Good Looking!

Dear Friend Who Wants a Lot More Success With Women,

If you’re a guy who is interested in easily enjoying the kind of hot, amazing women you’ve always dreamed of, this will be the most important message you’ve ever read.

Here’s why...

My name is Ross Jeffries and I’m the butt-ugly old guy in the picture you see on this page.

(As my mother used to say “Beauty is skin deep, but ugly cuts right to the bone!” Good ol’ mom!)

To say I was a loser with women would be an understatement.

Not only did I never get a single date in high school or college, but I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 22 (thank you Chubby Megan from Brown Deer, Wisconsin, I’ll never forget you for popping my cherry), and from then until I was 29...

I Only Had Sex With One Woman - Who Was So Homely, I Felt More Ashamed Than I Did Grateful.

Now let me tell you a secret.

It wasn’t just the pain, and the loneliness, and the anger at myself for not having touched a woman for seven years.

It was the embarrassment of showing up at parties, family gatherings, and other social events and being the only one without a partner.

Anyway, no matter what your situation is, I’d like to take a minute to ask you a life-changing question:

“What would it be worth to you if you had a reliable, predictable system to get the hottest, most high-quality women ready to jump your bones within 20 minutes of meeting you, without even having to bother with a ‘date’?”

I know that sounds impossible, but it’s not.

In fact, once you discover a few key secrets about female psychology, and learn even just a few of the proven methods in my Rapid And Total Success With Women system...

...I guarantee you will enjoy such mindblowing success with women, you will laugh to yourself at how easy it is!

Give Me One Minute To Prove It’s True, And I’ll Tell You A Secret About Attracting Women That Will Change Your Life Forever!

Listen: please keep reading, because I’m not only about to prove to you that what I’m saying is 100% true...

...but I’m also going to give you a life-changing understanding about women that will skyrocket your success with them, forever, regardless of your decision to get my course!

Let's get started.

Here it is, revealed at last:

Why Most Men Get Almost Nowhere With Women - And How To Use This System To Predictably And Reliably Get The Women You Truly Want And Deserve!!!

Maybe you keep hearing “Let’s just be friends” from women.

Perhaps you feel you have to keep settling for the women you accidentally get, instead of enjoying the ones you really want.

Either way, there’s just one reason for it.

You haven’t learned to create the kind of intense emotional states in women that MAKE THEM HOT TO BANG YOU!!

At best, you create states of comfort and casual enjoyment.

Which means, nine times out of ten, when it comes to the women you really want…

...You Wind Up Choking The Chicken Instead of Stroking The Cat!!


See, if you’re great looking, or happen to be a woman’s particular type, then creating an intense emotional state of lust or desire is easy.

All you have to do is WALK INTO THE ROOM and don’t do anything totally disgusting, and you’re almost certain to get laid.

For the rest of us, it can be a lot more difficult.

In fact, for most of us, dating is a form of gambling.

We just aren’t sure how she’s going to respond to us, don’t know what’s going to happen by the end of the evening, and when it does happen the way we want it to, we don’t know how to repeat it and make it happen again and again!

Double yuck!

Now consider a new possibility for yourself.

What If You Could Have Precision, Predictability, And Control When It Comes To Getting And Enjoying Hot Women?

That, my friend, is where my tested, proven Rapid And Total Success With Women System comes in: teaching you how to predictably and easily create, intense emotional states of lust, fascination, utter desire, and total arousal in the hottest women around, in minutes...

...even when you aren’t close to being her type.

Just as importantly, this course will show you how do this with repeatable, masterful precision that gets you firmly in the driver’s seat no matter your past experience, looks, or age.

It gives you the “Inner Game/Radiant Confidence” to move past any former fear and hesitation, and radiate a grounded, dominant, playful sexual vibe that will often get women wet, before you even open your mouth!

Here's How The Tested And Proven

"Rapid And Total Success With Women" System Works For You...

How do I teach you to do all this?


After over 30 years of testing, research, and feedback from literally thousands of students, I’ve come up with simple but proven powerful language patterns designed to by-pass a woman’s left-brain critical “checklist” through which she normally screens guys.

Instead, these “patterns” go directly to a woman’s right-brain emotional and fantasy centers.

By doing this, they trigger the flows of feeling and chains of thought and emotion that powerfully drive her to become sexually turned-on, tuned-in, and...

...Truly Wanting You!

Just imagine your words going straight to the seat of her deepest fantasies, strongest desires, and wildest passions, so she experiences and links these feelings to you and only you, compelling her to want to be with you in the most intimate ways in as little as 30 minutes!

“Ross…I used your “have you ever” weasel pattern that you teach to score my ultimate fantasy: two girls in bed at the same time!!! Thanks!”.

H. B., Winnipeg, Canada

Here’s A Very Encouraging Discovery If You Are Worried About How Important Your Looks Are To Women!

Listen: the one question I get more often than any other is: how important are my looks in getting women to want to jump me?

Can I get women if I’m bald, old, out-of-shape, or ugly?

Here’s the answer and it’s fantastically great news:

Women Don’t See Men “Objectively”. They See Us THROUGH The Filter Of Feelings They Have For Us!

Look: I’m sure you’ve met a woman who is dating a complete jerk, but despite her friends pointing out the flaws of her loser lover, she still sees him as the most attractive guy in the world.

Well, it’s not that “love is blind”.

It’s that women’s feeling filters are very, very rigid.

And once they start looking at a guy through the filters of love, lust, desire, and need….

The guy could look like an inbred toad and still get her pussy dripping wet!

(I’m not suggesting you’re a toad. I’m just explaining how women work and letting you know how easy it can be to release your fears and get excited about the hot and amazing women who are just waiting and wide-open for you!)

Here’s Even Better News For You, Thanks To This Amazing, Field-Tested, Time-Proven Course!

The easy-to-learn-and-use tactics, methods, and patterns I will show you, enable you to handle the problems and contingencies you might encounter along the way.

With these understandings, you’ll be able to smoothly exert total power and control from start to finish in virtually any situation.

Even if you previously have been totally tongue-tied around women, this step-by-step, easy-to-follow course will show you exactly how to speak to women to trigger their deepest fantasies and desires, allowing you to experience unrivaled success rapidly and easily!

That's right:

No Problem Even If You’re “Shy”!

Look: over the years, in the live seminars I hosted for over 20 years, I shared multiple ways to break shyness and “approach anxiety” even if it’s lasted an entire lifetime.

I’ve done this work with literally thousands of guys.

I’ve distilled the very best of these methods to make sure that your inner game is handled and that you can keep progressing, easily enjoying more and more levels of confidence, enjoyment, and success with women with each passing day.

How Would You Like To Wake Up Every Morning With The Person You Most Love And Desire In The Whole World – Right Next To You… Eager To Explore And Enjoy Whatever The Two Of You Can Make Real Together?

Now, I don’t know just how clearly you can imagine this.

There she is….

Sleeping next to you…

A goddess in every way…

Her skin still glowing with the energy of your love-making.

Someone who opens you not just from a place of lust, but a place of passion.

A place where each of you gives not just all that you have, but discovers more in you to give than you ever imagined possible.

And when you met her…it just seemed so easy.

It was as if you knew what to say… that your words were not just words but golden keys that opened her from deep within, touching her on the deepest levels, releasing thoughts and feelings and desires she never even knew she could experience.

Better Yet: She Wasn’t The First To Respond This Way.’d enjoyed your “kid in a candy store phase”.

You’d enjoyed weeks - or even months - of women, pursuing you, because you’d given them a taste.

Young, hot, hard bodied athletic types.

Professional women, eager to release all the pent-up sexual energy they have to keep under wraps.

Tight, toned, college coeds eager to explore their newfound sexual freedom.

And it was all possible because you understood and mastered a profound truth they never taught you in school.

I'm talking about an understanding that men with more power, money, looks, and/or status don’t even have a clue about.

The True And Lasting Key To Power, Choice, And Abundance With Women Is To Capture Their Imagination And Ignite Their Emotions!

Just thinking about it like this can help you realize, the power of my course is just what you’ve been looking for!

Look: I want to make sure you get this.

The real genius (and fun) of this Rapid And Total Success With Women course isn’t just the suggestive language that gets women of all ages and all walks of life hot and steaming.

The real genius is how I’ve designed it to be used so it all seems like a normal, innocent conversation, that cannot be detected by anyone watching as anything but two people simply talking!

Here Are Just Some Of The Secrets You’ll Be Learning In This Incredible, Mind-Blowing, Eye-Opening Complete Course, Immediately Accessible To You Online, Just As Soon As You Sign Up!

  • How to swiftly arouse her in minutes when you aren’t close to being her type!
  • Three different ways of getting her fast despite a boyfriend or husband!
  • Three different ways of creating instant states of incredible emotional connection!
  • Exactly what to say to turn that longtime friend into your eager lover!
  • Word-for-word romantic poems guaranteed to get any woman hot, ready and wet!
  • How to use the secret of “quotes” to test and induce her immediate sexual readiness!
  • How to use “weasel phrases” to open her mind for instant and total sexual acceptance!
  • How to suggestively shift her sense of time, so she feels that she’s already known and loved you forever! (Warning: misuse of this pattern could create stalkers: use solely at your own risk!)
  • How to quickly leap past any stuck point and learn from every experience, so you enjoy a rocket ride up the learning curve to total power with women!
  • How to get past answering machines, voicemail, and “blockers” and get her swiftly calling you back every single time!

Now doesn’t that just sound mind-blowingly (and mound-poundingly), irresistibly great?

Here is Proof It Really Works!

First, let's hear from one of my most successful students:

video placeholder

Next, just listen to THIS:

video placeholder

Here Are Some Written Success Stories From Just A Small Sample Of My Thousands Of Happy And Successful Students

I’ve been studying seduction for a few years, and I’ve read practically every other book in the community and all that. I can honestly say your course did more for me than everything else combined.

You helped get me mentally to the practical place it needed to be every night I went out.

I’m currently with my dream girl and before her I slept with 9 woman thanks to your course. And you haven’t just helped me, I pass on your wisdom to my close friends and I can tell you if you combine all our scores it would tally up to well over 40.

I hope this wasn’t too long, I could go on forever.

Thanks again Ross, you truly changed a life here for the better.

Melvin Cedeno
Manchester, New Hampshire

Hello Mr. Jeffries, I’d first like to thank you for your course.

A little about me: I am 26 years, 5’4 and 235 lbs. I live with my parents and have a part-time job at the college library where I go to school outside Atlanta, Georgia.

Needless to say I’m not most woman’s picture of an ideal man. I had NO experience with woman on any level. I saved up my meager pay and I purchased your course.

Within 60 days I had sex for the first-time. It wasn’t with some drunken fat war-pig but with a beautiful 30-something PhD student in psychology. She is a sophisticated woman who grew up in Manhattan and has lived in Europe as well as South America.

For those guys who worry about their looks, let me just say: I’ve had competition who should have blown me out of the water. But with your teachings I was able to succeed against wealthy, smart, and well-dressed pretty boys.

I would definitely recommend your course to anyone who will listen. I’m saving up to come to a live seminar soon.

Again thank you.

David Parrish
Kennesaw, Georgia

Are those great?

Are you the kind of person who wants those kind of results?

Sure, you certainly don’t have to take it as fast as these guys.

But it sure is nice to know how if you want to!

And The Best Part: You Get It All RIGHT NOW!

This is a 100% digital, online, get-it-right-now package.

No waiting for DVDs or a thumb drive in the mail.

No time for that.

Instead, when you claim your access now, as soon as you complete the secure online registration form, you’ll be taken by the hand to set up your username and password so you can dive in IMMEDIATELY.

There’s no muss, no fuss, no waiting.

Here's what that means for you:

You’re Just One Mouse Click Away From Pulling Off Lots Of Panties, Pulling Down Plenty Of Sheets, And Pounding Your Pink Steel Into An Endless Supply Of Pulsing Poonani!

Claim your access now, master the skills and do the drills, and you will quickly find yourself moving rapidly to achieve life-long success with women.

That sure beats a poke in the eye… doesn’t it?

OK Ross, I’m Hooked! What’s My Investment For This Amazing Program?

Listen: my private clients who get one-on-one personal coaching pay me a minimum of $750 an hour.

And considering all the money you’ve probably spent on dinners, gifts, and even trips that MAYBE got you a peck on the cheek or a polite hug goodnight, I think you can easily see this course would be worth it if I was charging $1,997.

Right now through this website, I’m HANDING you the blueprint for lifetime success with women that you’ll probably never otherwise achieve, for a low investment of just $297 USD.

To make it even easier, I have a 3-pay program that helps you spread those payments out a little.

Once you're in, I am also gifting you this

Membership In Our “TOP SECRET” Ross Jeffries Elite Student Mastermind Group On Facebook ($997+ value)

Here’s your chance to enjoy constant and private support from your fellow students as you step into enjoying the elite Speed Seduction® brotherhood.  Talk amongst yourselves, share stories and Sarge reports, ask questions, give each other encouragement…

... AND receive occasional mentorship from me (I do my best to pop into the group at least 3 times a week to address your questions, add to the conversation, and share my stories as well.)

And Yes, Your Investment Is Protected...

Just One More Thing Before You Find Yourself Eagerly Enrolling Right Now

You can continue to settle for “relationships by default” where some woman is accidentally attracted to you, but she really doesn’t live up to your standards or meet what you want and need.

You can continue to look at the girl you are with and keep trying to convince yourself she’s what you are looking for.

You can struggle to try to figure all of this out on your own.

Or you can let me take you by the hand, lead you out of the prison-house of frustration, hesitation, confusion and settling and into the land of moist, pink abundance.

So please: give yourself the gift of trusting me and trusting yourself.

Click here and claim your instant access to the course right now.

Then you can look back, smile that smile of satisfaction and think, “This was the best decision I’ve ever made”.

“I’m Rarin’ And Ready, Ross! Let’s Make This Happen. How Do I Get My Instant Access Right Now?”

Just go here to claim your instant access now (you will create a username and password and get started as soon as you finish the online signup process):


(Click here for an easy 3-payment plan for your all-access pass to Speed Seduction®: Rapid and Total Success With Women.)

If you have questions or need assistance with your order, or would prefer to claim your access over the phone, or whatever, we’re ready to help! E-mail or call (323) 252-1531 [use country code 1 as that’s a US number]

Peace and see you inside,


Ross Jeffries
The Living Legend of Seduction™

P.S. The real winners in life are those who take action and take it now.

You can wait and hope for things to get better on their own.

Or you can take action, today.

The choice is yours.

P.P.S. If you haven’t had the success you’ve really desired with women, it’s NOT YOUR FAULT.

The deck has been stacked against you.

Here is your chance to “reshuffle” and come out the winner every time!

P.P.P.S. Remember I am taking all the risk.

You are covered and protected by my one-year total satisfaction money-back guarantee.

I wouldn’t dare off this unless I was certain my course will work for you.

P.P.P.P.S. Listen: there’s only one, original, “father of seduction” and that’s me.

Screw the Ross Jeffries imitators, impersonators and copycats, and come get the original, real deal, buddy.

You deserve the best!