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From The Desk Of:
Ross Jeffries, Officially-Retired “Godfather” of The Worldwide Seduction Community

Dear Seduction Master-In-Training,

Are you looking for a full, deep understanding of the processes of Meeting Women and Speed Seduction®?

How about goundbreaking technology that helps you understand, at an even more profound level, How and Why women think the way they do, and how YOU can become better at meeting the woman (or women) of your dreams!

How about an uber-structured way of learning Speed Seduction® – piece by piece, subject by subject?

Are you a technical professional?

Maybe an engineer?



Or just someone that wants this all provided to you in a methodical, organized, and systematic way?

Well, what you have been waiting for has arrived …

The Speed Seduction® Technical Manual Addresses All Of The Above, And More!

You should know: Dave Riker is not only a former student of mine, but he and I worked together to present a number of seminars and training events over the years.

Students who have invested in “Secrets Of Hyper-Response and Core Attraction” and “Frame Control and Sexual Themes” report having gained enormous girl-getting knowledge and brilliance from watching Riker in these videos.

He has a staggering understanding of and astounding skill with Speed Seduction® AND an amazing ability to present a linear, structured, step by step approach that any guy can use to improve his success with the Speed Seduction® material.

I know (as does Dave) what it’s like to start learning any new subject, especially when you are a technical, structured guy.

When starting out it seems confusing, it’s all new, you really are looking for a way to “get it all” so that you just KNOW it, and it becomes a PART of you.

For many, the best way is through a

Linear, Structured, Step-By-Step Approach That Any Smart Guy Just Like You Can Use To Claim More Success With Women, Now

Would you rather hear an audio presentation about the course?

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Now, Speed Seduction® is amazing in its power and flexibility, but let’s face it, for many guys it’s a WHOLE NEW WAY OF THINKING about people, about things to say and when, about how to think about people and language, about what steps to take … for a woman, for yourself … about how to be flexible … but stay determined… about … patterns, and demos, and themes and stories and commands and trance words and frames and anchors and … and .. and …

WHOA! THERE IS a LOT of INFO in This Subject Isn’t There!?!?!?!

So much so, that it begs an important question…

First, let me be clear: this Technical Manual is NOT a substitute for my Speed Seduction® Rapid and Total Success With Women System.

In fact, you need the knowledge inside “RTSW” before you can buy the Technical Manual. But this manual takes most of the aspects of Speed Seduction® and gives you an overall structured framework and way of thinking about it so that you CAN just “get it”.

So, For Linear, Structured, Systematic Guys... THIS Gives You A New Way To “Think About All Of This”.

A way geared towards helping you APPLY THIS IN THE REAL WORLD.

And for you guys that ARE experienced, that HAVE been around for a while, this product will help YOU too.

One comment that I have heard from experienced guys that have reviewed this product (or seen the presentations that it is based upon) is how much this helps them to use and understand and APPLY what they have ALREADY LEARNED even better than before.

It allows you to make even MORE sense of the materials you have already studied, make MORE sense of the products you already have, and helps you to have more power, more success, and better results!

This Really IS The Next Step For You!

This is NOT some academic exercise, not some way to simply sit around and “think about all of this”. The whole goal of this product is an extreme increase in the depth and breadth and TRUE and deep understanding geared towards application, REAL-WORLD APPLICATION!

This product is PACKED with info, insight, new ways of thinking, ways to program YOU to understand and use these concepts.

Let me show you everything that is included in the Technical Manual.

The Technical Manual is divided into three main sections.

In the first section, we deal with…

Section 1:
The Structure Of The Mind

This section goes into a LOT of detail to REALLY explain to you the way that people’s minds work.

Now, Dave didn’t invent the mind guys!

But what he has done here is come up with a way of thinking about people and their minds that allows you to have a better and more intuitive understanding of how people work, and WHY they do what they do, and what YOU can do to effect them.

Not the “NLP Wannabee” version (as in everyone who has ever read a Bandler book thinks he is an expert now), not the “Sammy Psych-Major” version (for the guy that sits in a leather chair and theorizes all day and can’t talk to a woman for his life) but a REAL understanding of how women work.

This is KEY because with this, you become much better at knowing WHY people do what they do, and what… YOU need to do… to take her… where you would like her… to go… now…

Section 2:
The Tools and Resources That You Have In Speed Seduction®

Have you ever stopped to think about HOW MANY TOOLS we have in our SS toolset?!?!?! Patterns, commands, trance words, weasel phrases, stories, jokes, demos, rapport tools, anchors, etc. etc. etc. etc. !!!!!!! Wow. There are a LOT.

When Dave lays out the full Tools and Resources of Speed Seduction®, he provides full details as to what each of these things are. He describes to you how one fits into another, how parts of one work with another. You get a REAL understanding of the full arsenal of tools that YOU have at your disposal.

This is all presented in a hierarchy, so that you know what fits where, what items are made up of other items, and what things are the MOST important to focus on.

Even the structure used to describe The Tools and Resources helps as well. Ever wonder how to know WHAT to work on next? What you need to study? When you are “done” studying at a certain level?

The Tools and Resources section gets into that too!

Section 3:
The Process: The Actual Process, Step-By-Step, Of How To Really Use Speed Seduction® In The Field!

Now, he don’t go into like 47 steps (one guy on the ‘net has his “easy 15 step approach to getting women”, puh-leeze, … GET REAL...)

No, Dave goes into five steps. Five. All the way from “Step 0, Living the Life” to “Step 4, The Close” (and by “close” I don’t mean get a phone number ….. LOL, that’s somewhere in Step 2 or 3…)

The Process is where all of it comes together.

Think about it.

The Structure of the Mind gets you to really understand what makes people tick, and why the do what they do.

Then in the Tools and Resources section, you learn what YOU have at your disposal to effect their mind (and … your own) to get the results that you want.

In The Process, we see how, step by step, you go about doing all of this in the real world. How it REALLY happens.

And all of this is laid out in a structured way.

HOW Structured Is The Speed Seduction® Technical Manual, You Ask?

For example, lets consider Step 2 of The Process, “Get and Keep Attention”.

Do you know that THIS step probably halts MORE guys than almost anyone would have guessed?

Do you know that this breaks down very systematically to FOUR OPTIONS as to the types of ways to DO Step 2?

Yes, we have Step 2, Options 1, 2, 3, and 4 … with specifics as to how each works, and what YOU can do to get better at each option!


Your explanation of the process is THE thing that I have searched for for years and what no one seems to have ever put together! I almost fell off my chair laughing when I realized where I was stuck and what I was REALLY worried about. I have been focusing on the wrong steps for years. Your explanation of Step ZERO was the dose of reality that no one has ever had the balls to mention on any “get girls” product from anyone out there. Thanks Dave.

Jack M. NY, USA

OK, now, the teachings, and the methods of teaching in this product, are based upon a LOT of work, studying, and research Dave and I have done over the years. This is all based upon presentations that we have done live at SS seminars in front of hundreds and hundreds of students.

This material has been improved and refined and made better and better using a LOT of real world feedback.

I have also used these concepts when working with my students in the Elite Speed Seduction® Super-Stars Academy to help THEIR understanding too!

This Technical Manual Works On SO Many Levels, It’s Amazing!

Yes, it’s technical. Yes, it’s structured. Dave is also using pattern and trance-like language all the way through it, as a way to SHOW you how things are done!

It’s also set up so that a lot of the language is geared to EFFECT YOU and to help PROGRAM YOU for full learning and understanding as well. (A very knowledgeable colleague of mine said “this thing sounds like a technical journal but it’s also a 7 hour set of walking trance inductions too”, meaning it not only addresses your conscious mind, but programs your subconscious mind as well!).

The workbook also makes EXTENSIVE use of symbols and symbology in this product. I don’t expect anyone to learn every detail and every concept verbatim. That’s not the point.

But what we do is INSTALL this in your head, into a structure, that WE build there, together (you and I). And we use certain symbols to do that (one for each major section of the product).

This helps for you to assimilate the info, store it, and recall it later on!

So there IS a lot happening in this course…

But Wait (You Knew This Was Coming...) THERE’S MORE!!!!!

Dave Riker is one of those rare individuals whose works I recommend to my students without reservation.

Plus… I wouldn’t be Ross Jeffries if I didn’t pour on even MORE value!

So, with that in mind, now it’s time for me to throw in a few great bonuses.

Here goes:

Recording of Coaching Session With Actual Speed Seduction Student ($49 value)

Listen in on this amazing one hour coaching session that takes a Speed Seduction® Student from dumped, depressed chump one day to sleeping with a smoking hot woman he met by his pool, the very next day.

Please note that I recorded this session on a hand-held digital device, so some of the sound quality isn’t top notch, but it is an example of how powerfully my teaching and coaching works to set even the most stuck guy free.

You MUST hear this session.

“How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed” – My Original Book ($29 value)

This book continues where all the other books leave off, by showing you how to get exactly what you want from a girl after you’ve picked her up. The moves and methods in this book are not just theory-they’ve been tested and proven by thousands of happy students since 1988.

I’ve made massive progress since then as a teacher and with my system, but this book still stands the test of time. And because it provides more specific, how-to, it’s a perfect complement to the Speed Seduction® Technical Manual.

Yours right now for free!

Ask Me Anything Teleseminar Recording ($49 value)

Here is a 90 minute coaching and troubleshooting call where students around the world got to pick my brain, and get their unique challenges and questions with women handled by me, personally.

This is exactly the kind of direct, one-on-work I do on these types of group calls in my Elite Speed Seduction® Super-Stars Academy, by the way.

I think you’ll most enjoy how I rapidly zero in on their REAL stuck points and set them free with some very easily used advice.

BONUS Recording Of Q & A Session With Dave Riker And Me! ($197 value)

No the bonus is NOT a personal visit from me to answer your questions. Sorry.

What Dave did was, when the Technical Manual audio recordings were done, Dave gave these to a group of guys in my area. They each listened to ALL of them. (Some guys went through all of them twice!) Then they all got into a room, and Dave turned on the microphones, and they got to ask him whatever they wanted!

This Q and A session went WELL over an hour (they had a great time doing it), and now YOU get to hear what they talked about!

How This Technical Manual Is Laid Out For You

The course contains high-quality audio lectures that you can listen online, download MP3s to your favorite portable device, or listen on iTunes.

There is a Manual/Workbook (155 pages!) that follows along with the lectures.

The workbook also contains exercises that YOU do (this is a “technical manual” after all), and also has parts of it where YOU must fill in certain things, and do certain things.

For example YOU must “build” the symbols” for yourself, as a way to (again) provide a structure for your learning and understanding.

And the Workbook’s major sections are cross-referenced to audio lectures, so you can easily reference between the lectures and the workbook whenever you want.

And, The Best Part Is: You Get It All RIGHT NOW!

All of the courses contained within the Speed Seduction® Technical Manual are contained within a private Members’ Area. This is a 100% digital, online, get-it-right-now package. There are no DVDs, CDs, or books coming in the mail.

When you claim your access now, as soon as you complete the secure online registration form, you’ll be taken by the hand to set up your username and password so you can dive in IMMEDIATELY.

And even then...

You Won’t Be Able To Wait… You’ll IMMEDIATELY Want To Try These Girl-Getting Mastery Skills Out For Yourself!!!

Won’t that be a great feeling, that excitement of knowing you’re really on to something, something that’s going to transform your life, and really get you where you’ve always wanted to be?

That sense that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO ACHIEVE, that sense that maybe has been missing for a long time, waiting to be restored for you to enjoy every waking moment?

OK Ross, I’m Hooked! What’s My Investment For This Amazing Program?

Before we cover that, let me take a moment to let you know that

On that basis, your investment in the Speed Seduction® Technical Manual is a low $199 USD.

And, we offer a convenient 3-payment installment plan if you need to stretch those payments out a little.

Just one more thing before you find yourself eagerly enrolling right now:

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Listen: if you want to do it on the cheap, try to figure it out on your own, and guess your way through - then I certainly will wish you good luck and happy journeys in your battle up against incredible odds.

Or if you want to hope, pray, waste your fortune on therapy or the very worst, LISTEN TO WOMEN’S ADVICE ON THE SUBJECT - then I actually feel sorry for you.

But if you are ready - truly ready - to get this area of life fully handled and put the days of struggle and settling behind you once and for all - and smile to yourself at how good your life feels then GRAB YOUR INSTANT ACCESS PASS NOW!

It’s up to you now.  It will be my honor to serve as your teacher and your guide in bringing you this curriculum.

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Ross Jeffries
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P.P.S. One thing I want to make crystal clear: if you haven’t lived up to your potential with women, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!

You’ve been lied to over and over again by society about what works.

It’s time to strip away those lies and claim your success with women.

It’s your birthright.

P.P.P.S. Do you want the Technical Manual, or do you want a 404 (Page Not Found) Error… when you’re in front of a woman wishing you knew what the hell to say to her?

Get going now; there’s not a second to lose if you want this very special course.