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Speed Seduction® Language And Conversation Course!

Your “Hands-On”, “Here’s-Exactly-How-It’s-Done” Guidebook To Mastering ANY Girl-Getting Conversation…

Part of what this course on languaging and conversation does is build upon the language and speaking tools students already have so that you go way beyond “memorizing patterns”.

The best way to describe it would be having literally HUNDREDS of subjects, topics, and things to talk about, that aren’t something you need to “think about”, they aren’t a “script”, they become things that YOU KNOW and that YOU CAN TALK ABOUT as easily as you can say your own name!

(In short, you’ll NEVER be tongue-twisted again.)

Speed Seduction® Technical Manual!

The Actual Process, Step-By-Step, Of How To Put Speed Seduction® To Work For You In The Field!

This “technical guide” takes all of the teachings and gives you a stepwise (as in Step 1, Step 2, Step 3, etc) formula for when you’re out in the field. It comes with an actual, fill-in-the-blanks workbook.

YOU build elements of the Sarge for yourself (using Speed Seduction® as your guide), as a structure for your continued learning and understanding gained from your ACTUAL experiences with the women in YOUR world.