Mon, Apr 15, 2024
Dear Seeker of Success, When I published my first book way back in 1988, “How To Get The Women You Desire Into Bed” I had no clue it would eventually spawn an entire community of warring “schools” of pick-up and seduction. I used to jump into online debates with these folks until I realized it […]
Dear Seeker of Success, I absolutely love teaching smart guys like you how to get the steaming hot women you really want without having to resort to what I call the “6 B’s” – bullying, begging, buying, B.S. booze, or biceps. The other day on one of my twice monthly “Ask Me Anything” calls, a […]
Dear Seeker of Success, Hitting a “grand slam” requires skill, strength, and focus. Create the vision that your bat will connect to the ball with powerful force and send it flying right out of the park, and channel your skills to get your results and claim your future. Sounds simple enough? Well, sometimes smart guys […]
Dear Seeker of Success, As you may well know, I provide private, in person, one-on-one consulting. (To apply click here – aware my schedule is tight and I pick and choose whom I work with). Anyway, there is no better teacher than the successful student, so here is what he had to say: