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    Jesse B. Carlisle July 11, 2019, 9:21 pm

    Hi Ross, Today someone posted the following question on facebook and I posted the following reply.

    Can Positive EFT be used in working with the Law of Attraction? If so, how?

    Jesse B. Carlisle That is an interesting question. Usually EFT is used to defuse regrets. Whereas the law of attraction says to think more about the things you want than the things you don’t want. I would suggest wording such as: “Every day I take bolder interest in the attractive ladies I encounter and I fully and completely love and respect myself.” Or: “Every day I attract profitable business opportunities and I fully and completely love and respect myself.”

    On another note, about a year ago I made some great progress in the realm of The Magick Circle, and would someday like to share my findings with you.

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