Sun, May 19, 2024
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, You’ve heard me say that “online dating” is for the birds.  Speed Seduction® is NOT designed to help you get laid from a personals ad. At the same time, you also hear me say often that one of the real geniuses of Speed Seduction® is that it doesn’t just give you […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Here is a screen shot of a testimonial I just got: Just in case it isn’t clear enough I am also copying the text for you right here… =========================================== Hey, the name’s Melvin Cedeno. And I’ve been studying seduction for a few years, and I’ve read practically every other book in […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, A huge part of mastering your girl-getting game is not only understanding and recognizing the “AFC” behaviors that, up until now, have slowed your surge to success; but also having in place a set of tools and practices to quickly set yourself back on track if one of these behaviors ever […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Students, The other day I had this email exchange with a strongly skeptical student. Read on to see his challenge and my answer. ————————————————————————- > —- Will XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote: > > Ross, > > In reality there is no actual proof available that speed > seduction works as advertised. Will, that depends […]