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    Kevin August 26, 2015, 12:22 pm

    That’s deep thinking, Ross. Thanks.

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    Kenny August 28, 2015, 1:45 pm

    I’m just starting out to be a guru one day so let me just try to answer them

    1.What could you begin to add to it to balance your reaction to getting “dissed”?

    That’s really unattractive, sometimes your behaviour towards other people needs to match with your sense of style and ur politeness…or if your not, don’t show ur ugliness

    2.What about properly applying a sense of humor to the situation?

    Wow your beautiful lips doesn’t really match with what ur lips are sayin/doin to me

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    Jerry May 31, 2019, 3:50 pm

    I remember someone that had gave me “the hand” along with “ppppsssshhhhh!” three times. She also made a grimace throughout. This was in the local shopping centre. I held my good state (it wasnt easy I could feel her objection on my face and chest with my heart pounding and my blood rushing) and told her to relax, just relax as I turned my hand up. Eventually the bad feelings I was supposed to feel was being felt by her and after a few seconds I was fine. There was “residue effect”, I continued on. I would say due to plenty of sarges I responded very differently to my first ever sarge.

    Another time, I was at the train station which was crowded at midday and I sarged. That girl seemed disgusted and uttered “I dont have any spare change”. In that moment reacted by saying “I am not asking for spare change…. what is wrong with you!?” she changed her tune very fast and talked in that sweet girly voice “thats alright”

    I now enjoy a great girlfriend who is very responsive to me. I sarged her as she was going in the opposite direction in the local centre shrouded by the presence of people in front of her. She had objected by saying “what!?” at first and repeated my statement well (as indicated in the courses) she responded better and better and eventually have been together for over 6 months. Its a great journey and a pleasure. The local naysayers can just lament.

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      Ross Jeffries July 10, 2019, 1:24 pm

      It’s because of these experiences, in part, that you have a great girlfriend now.

      Speed Seduction isn’t just about getting the Mattress Macarena.

      For the man who is looking for that one special woman, these teachings are instrumental in helping him create, with the women he truly desires and wants to be with, the experiences they both enjoy.

      More practically, it helps him sort through non-starter situations more quickly, upgrade to the woman who is right for HIM (and vice versa) in every way – and in doing so leads to better, longer-lasting relationships.

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    Oles June 15, 2020, 7:30 am

    I really appreciate this information:

    “Being “dissed” triggers your threat response. It’s instinctive (meaning it’s NATURAL) and it happens faster than your cognitive brain can process the information.Trying to laugh it off and/or brush it off causes you to suppress your feelings. This builds pressure over time. With each new insult from an attractive woman you react to ALL the previous insults as well. You can’t be expected to come up with an effective response to a single incident if your subconscious is reacting to every past incident.”

    Also I think her automatic response sometimes not what she means or plans.. but something this kind of situation triggered or triggers it in her. Possibly even a negative association from her past..

    When I first seen this title “is she really worse than a bank robber?…”
    My honest answer was yes she is worse. Because the bank robber does not mean to harm anyone or even be a bank robber. All he wants is money. And that is a very human thing we all have. I can fully understand a bank robber..
    But she on the other hand just being harmful without any reason, and she does not care at all.

    So it really helped me to trace back what triggered in me such a painful angry reaction. And brought new understanding and a view on this aspect. It is really nothing on the intellectual level. But on the subconscious level I felt like someone just hit me on the street for nothing and without any reason…

    It helps if you expect any kind of response.. it is just the words or nothing… move to the next person..

    Thank you Ross!!

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