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  • Derek February 1, 2010, 10:14 pm

    Ross My spelling is “atroshis” like I was sating it sucks!!! but besides that. I see you are looking for Crazy Chic story's well in my past I seam two attract the crazy chics that you are tocking about. I have bin with girls that have schizophrenia 3 girls with Anorexic or Belimea? , one of them would cut them selves deep and crying about there Ex. wile I was with them. I have bin smacked arownind and shit thrown at me “and yes I tuck it lick a bich” I have bin Robed. I wocked in on my girl fucking some guy ” I hit him once and then cried with my girl THEN slept with her the same night!!!! Dude there is more but I don't wont 2 go back to that place I have some blockage there so fuck that. I have all way had some problems with girls cheating on me 6 out of 5 of my EX's has cheated on me with my friends and these are all 2 year + relashonships. And I wonder why I look up to you so much?

  • jb5304 February 2, 2010, 1:21 pm

    Sometimes it’s hard to identify Crazy Chicks and to define it. It has many faces and has different meanings for different people, and the meaning can also change over time, But although opinions differ on to what extent are Crazy Chicks mentally sick, finding the definitions will coutinue. In my opinion they are sick because of Western socitiy, most agree on the fact Western society is filled with distractions that Crazy Chicks to a large extent attach themselves to and it creates a self preserving selfish attitude when it comes to finding a sense of identity and relating to men.? When will now be a good time for them to wake up and smell the coffee and stop being Crazy Chicks?
    Everybody have fun tonite!
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  • cmwangs February 2, 2010, 1:44 pm

    I remember one girl whom I broke up with going thru every emotion to keep me. She tried threats and intimidation, guilt, saying she would commit suicide, offering sex, crying etc. When nothing worked she would start the whole cycle over. It was an emotional roller coaster ride from Hell. While I'm sure this isn't your worse case scenario, Ross, I would like you to address something. You always mention fear of failure with women.. Some of us who have been through this have a fear of success. With success could come stalking, threats, character assasination, claims of rape, claims of false pregnancy etc. Could you touch on this, as in how rare is it? How to put her in her place, how to best defend yourself, how to identify it before you take her home. Thanks,

  • crazyoney2k February 2, 2010, 2:02 pm

    well i dated a girl who cheated on me with a friend then told me she was pregnant claimed it was mine then had an abortion when she decided to be with him then blamed me for it!!!!
    i went out with a girl for 4 years, during the whole time i said i dont want kids in the last 4 months all she talked about was wanting kids and hoped i would change my mind!!!
    the last girl i went out with we slept together 4 times then she went all lets just be friends!!!

  • bayaud February 2, 2010, 2:03 pm

    He gave her the key to his place?. He never changed the locks? Dummy. You gotta think ahead.

  • Brother Sean February 2, 2010, 2:22 pm


    The one who just can not make up her mind if she hates you or not. As in suddenly reads all sorts of negative connotations into what you say and do and rips you apart for it – then suddenly 'loves' you again. What is worse is this one seems totally incapable of understanding why you don't want to be involved with them anymore after they blow you up like that. They don't seem to understand the idea that if thats how they really view you, why the hell would you want to be around them? I sometimes get the feeling girls like this just like having someone around to 'bang and blame' to quote the REM song.

    PS will be back on the coaching program in the not too distant – life is getting sorted!

  • Rick February 2, 2010, 11:48 pm

    Have you guys heard of Walter Hinnant the pua from yahoo answers the guys prett got damn good if you ask me. He should definately be in consideration for this years top ten pua's of 2010 his work ethic is crazy!

  • crowscall February 3, 2010, 12:43 am

    I met her in June. We hung out for a few months when she started talking about how she could actually see the colors of the energy on the streets. i started getting worried. Then when she started saying things like “Do you really have to wear a condom during sex?” i really got nervous and finally broke it off.

    For a month or more, nothing happened. She would email me sometimes but basically left me alone. THen, one day about 2 months later, i get home from work and I found a present of bagels INSIDE my house on the counter. Apparently, when we were together, she had made a copy of my key somehow and let herself into my place. Of course, i called her on it and gave back the gift and told her in no uncertain terms how over it was and that i never wanted to see or talk to her again.

    After that, she would come over at all hours of the day and night and ring on my front door bell and wait for me to come out. At this point I had changed the locks on my door, but it was not good to come home with another girl and see a present from this girl hanging on the door handle. I guess it couldve been worse for sure, but it still sucked. She still emailed and called at odd hours up to a year later. Eventually my policy of ignoring EVERYTHING she did and blocking her calls ended it, but in the meantime, it was no pleasant affair.

  • paletsan February 3, 2010, 2:38 am

    It's crazy, but this morning, after having sex with my girl (no more comments about it), I remembered about a f** girl that I knew in school.. well, she was not specially beautifull or something, short, a little bit fat, but she was some sort of good friend in those school times and she had a great personnality..The story thing is that she was crazy about my bones, but that meant nothing to me..absolutely!! So one day I was walking, she stands in front of me and she slaps very hard into my face and says “so that you remember me”, what a crazy lunatic..but she was right!! This morning, I don't know why I was thinking about that such Crazy Chic, and the sort of stupid face I put..

  • Daniel Phillips February 3, 2010, 8:01 am

    I managed to create a crazy chick….

    I managed to get a flatmate of my best friend so hot and bothered that she basically bonked my brains out for about three weeks of getting it on multiple times a day in the craziest places – my CEO's desk, on top of Sydney Harbour bridge, on the Manly ferry, in the guards cabin of a train….it was a miracle we didn't get arrested. Then, after a particularly energetic session of lovemaking at her place, where we both went off repeatedly like fireworks in a good way, she started talking about how we were going to leave my home town of Sydney, Australia, & go back to France, her home country. I was supposedly going to marry her, settle down there, speak french, and have children in the next year – she had it all planned out and announced it as a fait accompli….. all without actually asking what I wanted. I was stunned – and completely without a blood supply to my brain at the time. Rather than take this head on, I foolishly mumbled something like ” You are amazing, darling. you have worn me out – do you mind if I sleep a little before we make love again?” or words to that effect, kissed her, and passed out from exhaustion.

    Then, she turned up at my parents place while I was at work two days later, again without talking to me first, introduced herself, then told them how “we” were moving back to France, getting married there, and were going to be raising children there – very soon….

    To say it got a reaction from them would be an understatement….

    I first had to explain to Mum that while I had been conducting a passionate liason with this woman, yet we had not actually discussed any of the things she was talking about with her – and I was now frightened by how needy, strident and overbearing this girl had suddenly become. Not the kind of conversation you want to have with your mother…

    When I then confronted the lady, and tried to explain to her that while the previous few weeks had been incredible, I was not ready for marriage and children yet, and that while I was happy to learn to speak french – I wasn't willing to pack in a great job here to try my luck in France just now – and was really upset that she had not discussed these fairly important details with me before introducing herself to my family and announcing them, that it really hit the fan.

    I didn't know I had broken an unspoken, un-communicated contract until at that moment she literally transformed in front of my eyes into a french speaking version of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”…. First, she turned into a feral animal and tried to attack me. I had to exit, stage right.

    She then started stalking, ringing me at work all the time, ringing my parents, my best mate, our mutual friends….and just wouldn't take a firm “No thank you” for an answer. After weeks of this nonsense, I took a leave of absence from my work, planted a series of false trails as to where I was going, and literally went bush for a month or so until her working visa ran out, and she had to leave the country… I hear she got as far as Broome in Western Australia hunting me following that trail of breadcrumbs, when I was in the Whitsundays on the Barrier reef. On Second thoughts – Glenn Close was pretty mild compared to this nightmare…she was like a french version of 'The Terminator”.

    My family, friends and colleagues were great about it, and we laughed about it later at family get-together's and at BBQ's, but it was a couple of months in my life I'd prefer not to have lost.

  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:29 am


    I think your point about Western society being filled with distractions and chicks have a hard time finding out their sense of identity is RIGHT ON THE MONEY.

    I think every woman is secretly unhappy until she finds a worthy man to accept her surrender. If a woman can't find surrender, she'll engineer a DEFEAT with all sorts of drama, jerks, drugs, etc.

    Wow. I just came up with that. Let's discuss.


    “Put my 20 years experience coaching, teaching and training guys to get laid, in your corner and on your side. Learn from the best and ignore the rest:


  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:33 am

    Typical nutty nut-bar chicks. But the part about chicks changing their minds about wanting kids is most typical. Once that clock ticks loudly enough, that is all that they hear.

    They are either listening for:
    Wedding bells
    Clock ticking
    Gold clinking
    Zippers opening

    I like the last group.


    Check out my flagship course, Speed Seduction 3.0:


  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:36 am


    Oh boy. Have we all been through this or what? This is known and “Borderline personality disorder”. Yes, the funniest thing is their complete lack of insight into how others view their wacky behavior.

    In their world, their hysteria is their #1 accomplishment. When they share it with you, they aren't abusing you: they are sharing their precious treasure!



    Get expert pickup/seduction coaching, teaching and mentoring from the master teacher of the seduction community and founder of “The Game”:


  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:37 am

    Take the spam somewhere else.

  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:38 am

    Wow, Crowy…

    You could well be my big “No Prize” winner!

    Stay tuned……

  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:40 am


    Well, you DID remember her, didn't you?

    This reminds me of a crazy chick I dated who CHOKED me in front of my students in a fit of rage because she THOUGHT one of them was making fun of her.



    “Get your inner game under control and watch the chicks come running:


  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 10:44 am


    Now I think YOU might be the winner, Daniel.

    Geezus H. Keerist On A Popsicle Stick…..

    I wonder how women learn to act this way. Where do they get these ideas that this is how they should behave?

    I wonder if this is a special case, or just the typical “happily after ever with my soul mate” taken to a psycho extreme.



    “Blast past your stuck points and untangle your past….


  • kiado736 February 3, 2010, 12:49 pm

    Ok story time with
    my ex fiancee which i have broken up with her a few days before the wedding.
    After that she asked me to come to her for a talk i went to her apartment and she tried to convince me that she was pregnant from me i didn't buy the story .
    Then she decided to grab my cell phone
    (wasn't the first time she stole from me,on a other occasion she took my credit card , called some guys to pick her up and went off with the card in front of my eyes with some other dudes)
    and she was running out of the room with the cell phone, i catched her and grabbed back my phone she went totally crazy went out of the apartment and started to scream that i rapped her and literally started to hit me with her hands legs and what not i didn't punch or hurt her back once.
    The police came and arrested me .
    The police did investigate her and me and saw what crazy bitch she is, they started to brake her down and she committed that nothing happened.
    Thanks God after a few hours i was released without any charges.
    I later found out that she was under medication for mental illness.
    Thanks God i did brake off with her the last second.

  • JCAlcazar February 3, 2010, 1:21 pm

    Where do we send you the stories Ross? I bet I got a winner here.

  • rossjeffries February 3, 2010, 1:29 pm

    Just post it right here.

  • bayaud February 3, 2010, 4:42 pm

    Good one Ross. Did you ever get your book back?

  • bayaud February 3, 2010, 4:52 pm

    Thank you for the entertaining story. I just thank God I haven't had nightmares like this. What an experience.
    I actually saw what you described. Like I was watching a movie….Hope life is better to you in the future..

  • joel286 February 3, 2010, 6:25 pm

    A women I previously dated falls into this category. Here are a few things I noticed about her that led me to conclude she was a NUT.

    First, she mentioned to me that she was capable of seeing everyones aura's at all times, including mine. This I knew to be bullshit. Second, she told me that when alone at the beach the ocean would communicate to her. (Either she was a shaman or crazy: I guessed the latter.) Third, at nice restaurants she would eat salad using her hands. I found this type of hippy nonsense quiet unseemly.

    I also noticed this: When alone together, her erratic behavior did not bother me. Around others, however, I often felt embarrassed when she'd speak or tell stories.

    Here is what I learned:

    This type of girl is amusing and cute when your are alone with her, but she will cause embarrassment in public.


    *****Also, Is it me or are the nutty ones the most uninhibited in during sex?

  • maxcrucial February 3, 2010, 10:12 pm

    i was at a dinner and right next to me was this perfect 10 and some guy.
    i listen while i was eating.
    this was their first date and she told him to date her he must do as he was told.
    also get a tattoo of her name on him and wear what ever clothes she said too.
    everyone sitting near by lost it.
    the guy jumped up and said fuck you and left!
    the crowd cheered and she smiled and left.
    there so many weird people that you never know whats next lol!

  • Verb February 4, 2010, 6:10 am

    Re the buzzing in her head, the two men following her, etc: There is a U.S. military program called HAARP, that is capable of electronically sending certain sounds and even voices into any selected person's head. Gov. Jesse Ventura recently did an whole t.v. program investigating that program which is located in S.E. Alaska and a couple other locations (, and which also has the capability of causing hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis). There are other government programs in existance for years including MK Ultra that could account for kooky behavior like that.

    I'm not saying that is necessarily the case with your nutty girlfriend, just that it could be. You never know.

  • Ken_K February 5, 2010, 1:45 pm

    OK, here goes. I met a girl dancing by herself at a club. She had a great body and was showing it off in a very tight spandex outfit. We danced, then she proceeded to buy my drinks, then my friends' drinks, then loaded us all into her huge pickup truck and drove us to Daytona Beach where she got us a hotel room. We had great sex, then she drove us home. She kept coming back to my place–not that I minded at first–but soon she said she was divorcing an abusive husband. I should have cut ties then, but she upped the offer…saying she was rich, she wanted me to work for her. when I asked in what capacity, she said 'whatever I wanted'. I told her I had a screenplay we could film. Her divorce became finalized, and she got us a house to live in. I started pre-producing the film and had to quit my regular job to do it. This left me financially dependent on HER, which turned bad pretty fast. She kept going back to her ex-husband's “to do the laundry” (I was like 'are you high?', but I learned she was spying on his business to clean him out more thoroughly.) Once the film was set up, she alternately slept with or screamed at the cast and crew. She had ME investigated by a private detective to see if I'd abused my prior girlfriends. She popped pills regularly and drank ridiculous amounts of vodka. When it came time to fund the film, she said she'd have to sell her horses to do it(!), and they didn't sell well enough. When an ex-girlfriend called me to say hi, she threatened to have her killed. When her first husband came over to pick up his son, he had a long scar on his chest. “What happened there?” I asked him. “That's where she stabbed me”. I left our house with my car and the clothes on my back. Luckily out of some 206 girls, she and one other were the only dangerous ones.

  • marioss February 6, 2010, 10:07 am

    I've just read your crazy chick story!
    Funny and interesting, a great read, I have a story myself and I'll post it on the SS-list in a few days I don’t' know if it tops your but it is definitely more violent.
    I define a 'Crazy Chicks' Ranging on a scale from 1 to 10 starting from a severe case of 'Never knowing what they want' – trying to hide all their clues on how to be seduced in a very effective way without realizing it and leaving a line of emotionally confused and damaged partners behind. Right through to the violent outbursts of throwing ornaments and kitchen appliances with intent to do physical damage. Damaging property, calculative words and actions obsessing over irrelevant matters.

  • […] Wow. Just wow. You are really giving me some great stories about your own crazy chick encounters. […]

  • Thomas Winters May 3, 2013, 2:49 pm

    This was a few years ago while I was still in grad school, but I went with a friend of mine to an all night pancake house to get some food at the end of an all night study session. This was about 3am. The waitress was kind of cute, so I flirted with her a bit, and she gave me her number, and asked me to text her so she would have mine. I did.

    10 minutes after leaving the diner, I started getting text messages from her. Something to the effect of I was demon possessed, I’d better stay away from her, and so on. I think she sent me something like 80 text messages. I didn’t reply once, and she finally quieted down, and I never saw her again.

  • Gym. April 28, 2018, 3:49 pm

    Moist pink abundance – it’s got a nice ring to it.

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