Sun, May 19, 2024
Tazzleberry Cat's Selfie
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Last week I was hosting a video training and my cat, Tazzleberry Marie, kept interrupting. That’s not all. The day before, she grabbed my phone and took a selfie: Is she adorable, or is she ADORABLE? God, I love this kitteh. Peace, RJ P.S. In many ways, she carries on the […]
"I'm Not Going To Sleep With You!"
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, It often comes up that a woman who has recently gotten out of a long-term relationship will be reluctant to sleep with you. Even though she wants to, really bad. A student of mine received an e-mail from a woman he had been Sarging and things were really heating up.  A […]
A Sad Story Of Two Spirit-Smashing Spurnings (Part 2)
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Yesterday we visited the first of two sad scenarios that caused a student of mine to cock-block himself from his 96-year supply of women. The first one was disheartening – the chick went absolutely fucking psycho on him. Fair enough. Now, let’s look at how less dramatic circumstances can take their […]
A Sad Story Of Two Spirit-Smashing Spurnings  (Part 1)
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, One of my coaching clients reported some approach anxiety. There had been a time when he could basically approach any woman, anytime, anywhere.  Whether or not things worked out, he wouldn’t be phased. Then it all changed dramatically. Turns out it changed because two women reacted to him badly and threw […]