How To Approach And Seduce Younger Women

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

A lot of you ask me questions about how to approach younger women and get them interested in you.

To begin with: if you are sufficiently intriguing, fascinating, fractionating, etc. she will almost NEVER bring it up if she is the adventurous, curious, sexually open kind of girl. (What kind of girl at any age would you want who does NOT have these qualities?)

Part of solving this younger woman thing is knowing the type of energies you need to have and communicate with and through. EQUALLY IMPORTANT is the proper selection of the right kind of girl.

BOTH have to be there and you have to be willing to pass on younger women who, although juicy to look at and desirable physically, JUST WON’T GET IT.

Sorry, but some younger women can NEVER bridge that age gap. You can learn to very quickly spot them, nod your head and move on.

Now all that being said: I again say that age is not an impossible barrier, but age DOES dictate a different INITIAL approach, at least for me.

I am far less likely to walk up to a 21 year old and tell her directly I find her attractive. I’m going to use a comment/observation/question combined with humor.

I WILL be direct with a younger gal, but not up front. That just scares crap out of them, in my experience.

Also, GENERALLY SPEAKING, younger girls require more leading and have less knowledge of what they like or want.

The larger issue is: what is it that YOU are offering to ALL women, regardless of age? What is that “something” in the way in which you communicate, use your energy, vibe, knowledge of her and her world to create an irresistible attraction layered inside a fleeting opportunity that she MUST reach for NOW or forever miss out?

Peace and piece,

P.S. You’ll find a lot more on this topic, including a 10-minute video module chock-full of specific teaching on how to seduce younger women, inside the Speed Seduction® Secret Training Collection.

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8 Responses to How To Approach And Seduce Younger Women

  1. Mat Wilson says:

    Yes, the age thing is definitely weird at times… I am 21 and have had a couple odd responses from 17 (almost 18.. I stay away though not worth it) and 18 year olds. A couple weeks back I recall complimenting a girl (whom I thought was in college.. turns out she was a hs senior visiting the college with her class) but she did not get what I was trying to convey (which I thought was totally obvious) that I found it attractive the way she was lying down on a the lounge bench.. like a sexy model pose but she was soo relaxed like a cat. She just took what I said as, “Oh?? You want me to move? I’m not supposed to sit here? I’m not supposed to sit this way?”

    She thought I was a teacher or something, obviously. I then clearly stated, “NO.. You misunderstand completely. I just came over because you caught my eye the way you were sitting.. I found it attractive and just had to tell you. But I must be getting back to class.. that’s all.” [and that was so.. my only intent was to say what was on my mind.. I didn’t feel like chatting with her so much at that time.]

    After I delivered the message, she then had an extremely confused look on her face and didn’t know what to say. I just left it at that and walked off.

    Another thing that consistently happens is I will say early on, “You caught my eye and I just had to meet you.” 1/3 times they will look a little confused. 1/3 times they will tell me they have a bf (which I tell them clearly, “I didn’t say that. I said you caught my eye and I wanted to meet you and see what you’re like.. I don’t need another girlfriend.” and the other 1/3 of the time I will get a flattered, “Awww.. thanks!” and a bit of blush in the cheeks and a smile.

  2. Shane says:

    I was going to leave a response sooner, but I glad I didn’t before this. Take this the right way, but Ross is talking about women that less than 10 years younger than you (though if you are 21 stick to 17 or older, be responsible adults). What he is talking about (I think) is guys like me who are 44 and are with women who are pretty much all at least 10 years younger than me.
    Now I don’t bother asking their ages, though I do prefer women who can buy their own alcohol, but I would say that Ross has a great system that doesn’t cause them to “freak out” because, err, it’s indirect.
    I love beautiful women, and I appreciate all that Ross has done to help me with that (though I have some great products from other people).
    I’ve gone out in the field with people who have gotten awards for being the best Pickup Artist in all different categories, and if you want to be more comfortable APPROACHING women, they are definitely great at helping you with that, but if you are, like me, some guy who really enjoys the energy, beauty, flexibility and overall fun with no attachments that who seem to be all much younger than him, than I can’t think of a better system than Ross’. Even some of the top PUA’s admit to studying Ross’ free videos on YouTube, not even going into what is in his secret vault, or his coaching program.
    For those who think Ross is too crude when he is talking, well then you need to think about what the OUTCOME of the interaction you are having with beautiful women, if you can’t even allow yourself to hear someone express what should be part of what you want, that is if you want to have amazing sex with beautiful women.
    Part of having amazing sex is being able to express yourself fully as a man, so if you find yourself holding back LISTENING to Ross, than maybe you need to let go of that, and allow yourself to fully appreciate what he teaching.

  3. Shane says:

    Hi Ross! I was talking with the guy who runs (he goes by the name TechnoSlaughter) and he was talking about how he used a video guide that you have on YouTube to give a woman reporter the “doggy dinner bowl” look a maybe 2 or 3 years ago at a PUA summit.

    He said he was the only one who got that kind of response from a woman there (he didn’t tell everyone that he got the material from you as he only had 15 minutes to give his little speech, just when I talked to him, he said it was really your’s and that it should be followed exactly the way you do it).

    I haven’t figured out the exact video yet, as you give away so much great material though I am sure it’s somewhere on your YouTube Channel.

  4. Mat Wilson says:


    Yes, RJ is referring to mainly older guys >30 where female is much, much younger.. not 3 or 4 years as in my case. I was just commenting that it appears (as compared to older women.. 21+) that younger girls are often more inexperienced, naive, and somewhat oblivious. I say same stuff to older women and they take it quite well and appreciate and expect it more. Whereas chicks right out of HS or in their first or second year of college.. just not so experienced and mature.. not all but most. But either way.. they sure are fun to f*** once you get them to obey.. such nice and tight flesh… xD

  5. Me says:

    Yes to Mat. The younger ladies don’t respond as well as the older ones do. Not sure why but no matter. Maybe it’s just a lack of maturity, cluttered minds blahblah. Hasn’t slowed me down 🙂

  6. J says:

    A woman I am very interested in works at a southwest food deli joint, she is 18. I have confirmed her age by asking in a calm respectable, admiring way; she responded well, she always smiles at me which gives me serious good vibes. I am 35 (don’t look it though), I am not worried at all about age, other than maybe she is, besides; this woman is probably not ready to be serious in life. I just want to break the ice a little more and lure this one into my life and have some fun with her if you know what I mean?
    Side note; last time I made contact with said beautiful girl I got myself C blocked by some jag ball manager douche who probably has some kind of game he is running on her, I’m not trippin on dude as dude is clearly not on my level – but his is an obstacle as he holds some sway on her as her boss or something. Example; said hot chick was working register and when I got my taco and chips up to pay he sends her in the back to get trash bags or napkins or some deal.
    Any suggestion helps, as I badly want to bag this beautiful woman person.

    • When I see questions like this, I have learned to ask, “What is the skill that is lacking or the work that the student needs to do, in order for this not to be a problem?”

      As I see it, you are not approaching/meeting women that are not required to talk to you because of their job.

      Why do you limit yourself to women who are working at a job where they have to talk to you?

      Go challenge yourself and learn to meet women, anytime, anywhere.

      Then this whole problem disappears.


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