Mon, Apr 15, 2024
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Do you find yourself withdrawing socially? Spending a lot of time home alone, no woman there? Is it because you’re the only single guy among all your friends and you’re fed up with being the third, or fifth, or thirteenth wheel every time you go out? Maybe you’re discouraged and it’s […]
Dear Seeker of Success, I hope this post makes it through your spam filter. But it’s true. Just this morning I was playing with my pee pee, and boy, was it fun! And I think you should be playing with YOUR pee pee every day. I’m not joking. Have I gone mad? Have the heart-attack […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, I’ve experimented with beach-pickups and I’ve hit on a formula worth trying. I have to confess first: the beach was one place that really had me stumped for a long time. Just something about approaching women who were asleep in the sun half-naked… something about the dynamic I didn’t like. I’ve […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Getting a crush on a woman is not unusual. Now listen up: it doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you lack impulse control, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. There’s a good chance you have a crush on her because you themed her. If that’s the case, […]