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    Justin April 12, 2012, 7:34 am

    I have a question Ross. Let’s say in the course of a sarge it becomes apparent that the women is more responsive to games/quizzes. Does that mean that we should drop patterns, for this women, altogether? Or do we wait on using the patterns until later? With the expectation that she would be more responsive to them later on.

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      Ross Jeffries April 12, 2012, 3:33 pm

      @Justin Awesome question. I would say use the formats that work, develop those responses, and link/amplify them to you.

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    Mat April 12, 2012, 8:44 am

    I wish you had explicitly taught this idea of “formats” many years ago when I was still in HS (especially my senior year.. I got like no pussy that year.. worst year).. Because I was realllly super confused when 20% of the time it would work but most of the time it didn’t!! I would be reciting incredible connection or discovery or BJ and would really screw up.. (or so I thought) and then I would do it ‘to’ another girl that would finally “get it” and boy, oh boy.. the responses were very strong. But the results weren’t as consistent as I would have liked them to be. Actually, I think the bitches in HS (most of them) thought I was a little strange when I started reciting patterns to them.. but I swear I kept doing them because like 1 out of 5 would respond to ’em!

    If I had done more games though.. I think I would have gotten more “moist, pink relief” to quote you, RJ. 😉

    But, enough of this whining about prison.. I guess I still obsess over it because I know I may never be able to get sexual with a 15 or 16 year old ever again.. (unless I want to risk real jail time.. or move to another country where they don’t care 😉 Meh.. 18-22 is still good range to stick to.

    But yeah, Idk why the young ones love the games and quizzes so much. As you once conveyed, feed the fish the worms they like!

    Thanks, bro! (for concept of “formats”)

    btw: A metaphor I just thought of… It’s like each chick “compiles” a certain language. Some chicks compile C++ and some don’t even compile at all.. some are interpreters and need Python or even BASIC to talk to. They are all different languages (in this case, computer language I am using a metaphor for) and you need to be programming in their language (i.e. “format) in order to get them to operate and perform what you, as the programmer, desire to be performed from them. Cheers!

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    Mat April 12, 2012, 8:49 am

    Actually, that is a fairly accurate metaphor. Also because e.g. games and quizzes are a bit more interactive.. and such is the case with compiled v.s. interpreted languages. You can run ‘live’ code in Python or BASIC or even HTML and JavaScript (because you don’t compile them into machine code.. you feed them to an interpreter that performs immediately) whereas you must compile the *entire* program when working with most C based languages (e.g. C++ or Objective-C <– used for Apple programs) because they get converted into actual, machine code (i.e. 1's and 0's or assembly commands) and that's how they operate. K, I'm probably confusing you but you always use computer metaphors anyway (which is why I like you and your teachings!) =)

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      Ross Jeffries April 12, 2012, 3:32 pm

      @Matt Huh? I didn’t understand a word you said, but glad you like my metaphor!

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    A M April 13, 2012, 1:16 am

    Compiled language is presented to the computer as machine language instead interpreters use machine language to execute the commands in the programmer-friendly language. I think both games and story are interpreted language. Everything that works is a pattern, if it doesn’t work with her it means you are using the wrong language, not that the flowchart is wrong or the analyst should modify something. That’s why it could be confusing when you are learning: but with SS the syntax/the flowchart/the analyst is right, you have to change the language/the format/the programmer. Consider that I used a pattern with a girl that didn’t understand more than 5 words: she was so fascinated, she said that she wanted to learn english to understand it, it boosted my inner game because it was the prove that women like SS. First I thought it was a kind of magick or maybe she liked the non verbal, now I suppose it’s about vibes that go through the machine language and hit the transistors (I suppose naturals can project at least a powerful vibe that can be perceived clearly by the primitive mind.)

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    Jo the jiggalo April 18, 2012, 3:20 pm

    Hey Matt,
    Just some stuff i noticed:

    Vibes my friend, Vibes. Its almost all about the vibes. What i imagine is this fluid natural easy flow where other people are just so small compared to me and my happiness is like a flood and they are just twigs sticking out. its like you just relax as you imagine what happens to the twigs.
    I imagine how much they want and need some love and fun and i imagine how much i want to see them smile so that i can make fun with myself to show them its okay to let go with me. The less serious about myself i am is the more successful and flexible i feel when it comes to acting and making assertive sexual, comfort and humor oriented moves. Then, because each girl is different, i go into the sexual topics at different rates. Really and truly, if you imagine how connected you are and how much fun it is to break their state of mind with something new and fun and different, then you get this feeling or mischievous fun as for what is right to say and do. With me, i take everything they say and repeat it to them in the way that you believe it using their words or that if i don’t believe it i tell them what i believe following with a pattern using their words that gets it inside them as to why or how. The pattern is just the “flow” of my imagination in words.

    So far this works for me, Using gay and straight voices interchangeably, Starting with my beliefs or others beliefs then my beliefs. (The golden circle of leadership principle “why, how, what”) “I always say what i want and say it in a way that you want it too.”

    The lighter you are about experiencing the fluttering wonderful emotions, is the lighter she feels and the easier it is to be vulnerable AND strong. If you feel ANY tension or resistance to feeling it, you need to get comfortable with feeling the feelings first. to do this is simple. Its all inner game. Just relax and imagine how light, natural and easygoing the fun can be (even the naughty bits).
    If you imagine taking advantage or doing something wrong, you wont be able to do it because you are a good person and your body will not allow you. IMAGINE it is good thing for her to feel, relax and imagine it, like a day dream and be open to talking about that day dream and pattern words come so easy then.

    Personally, i get really curious about the patterns i want to induce because i WANT to feel them, i WANT her to describe it and inspire me to feel something so that i can very hypnotically use it afterwards and delve deeper. How do i do this? well, lets take a kiss. I immediately write out what i think an amazing kiss and an ordinary kiss would be like (like a first kiss is memorable so i start with that). Then i go and call all my girlfriends, the girls i like and my best friend and i ask them until i completely feel that understanding inside or until they cant go on any more then i finish the conversation. With the next girl i just express my understanding as if to give her the feelings then listen to her and repeat the process where i left off. So if a girl says, ‘im connecting with him and he just kisses me as if he knows that’s what i want’. Then ill ask her deeper like, ‘so whats that moment like just before the kiss, or how do you imagine him (selfpoint, even when im on the phone) holding you when you kiss?’ Then when im done with my friends, i find someone new that i meet and as soon as i can i bring up the topic, saying that “im writing a poem or im just really really curious and want to know”
    Then if i FEEL like i want to, i go into the sexual patterns. I dont need sex and i dont always want it so i only do what i want to do. often though, the emotional roller-coaster of the seduction, getting closer to her and connecting whilst at the same time re-living wonderful feelings like a sexy kiss is enough to motivate me for more. If you dont know how it feels then be vulnerable and say you dont, even if you fuck up the seduction (which doesn’t usually happen), you learn something amazing about a kiss that you can use on another girl later, and trust me, the idea that a girl is “your special one” is bull.

    You create in that person the desire for what you want to be real through them through a complex self fulfilling prophecy called seduction with language. The perfect girl for you has to match YOU and YOUR NEEDS and DESIRES. you have all the skills necessary to make any girl think you are her perfect man, so she has to be right for you. All you need to do is learn.

    To be truly invulnerable, you must willingly become vulnerable. True power is flexibility of choice in action.

    When you use and learn ross’ stuff. you need to imagine that you want to do it the way he is showing you ANYWAYS. AS IF its normal and nothing special or new. So that your brain naturally thinks in terms of how you want, after having it. Pretend its true and your brain will just automatically find reasons that you can find yourself following immediately.

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