Sun, May 19, 2024
Dear Seeker of Success, I hope this post makes it through your spam filter. But it’s true. Just this morning I was playing with my pee pee, and boy, was it fun! And I think you should be playing with YOUR pee pee every day. I’m not joking. Have I gone mad? Have the heart-attack […]
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Getting a crush on a woman is not unusual. Now listen up: it doesn’t make you a bad person, it doesn’t mean you lack impulse control, and it doesn’t have to be permanent. There’s a good chance you have a crush on her because you themed her. If that’s the case, […]
Anxiety, And Moving Through The World With Impunity
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, Check out this note from a student. He wonders how some guys seem to be able to blatantly grope women in public with impunity. Yet if he himself so much as reaches to touch a woman’s shoulder, she goes off on him and shrugs to push him off: > Somehow, despite […]
Visual Ventriloquism And Vague Language
Dear Speed Seduction® Student, As I mentioned yesterday, I make it a point to do my energized breathing meditation practice EVERY day, including the clearing ritual. I’ve found a very interesting side effect; oftentimes, after doing the ritual, I find myself running into someone I’ve made a recent connection with, in an unexpected place, or […]