Untangling Your Deepest Fears With Women: A Farming Analogy

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

In one of the discussion forms where I check in from time to time, a participant told me that part of his fear of approaching women comes from worrying what she might think or say.

It’s more than just fear of rejection; he fears the woman will think he’s a creep and thus tell all her super hot friends. Intellectually, he knows this is unfounded because in every other area of life he can handle, no matter what people think of him.

Here is my response:

How do you know it won’t work the OTHER way: that you’ll give her the most amazingly incredible sexual satisfaction and she’ll tell ALL of her hot friends that you are a DEMON with your tongue, your fingers, your prick, your toes, your elbows, that you have ten fingers like a tongue and a tongue like ten fingers, etc. etc.?

Imagine your mind to be like a fertile field of soil. For whatever reason, you plow the soil over and over again in ONE groove, so that, over the years, that ONE groove grows deeper and deeper.

Once in a while, at random, you plow a different groove, but not very often, so that groove either gets covered over again by random drifts of dirt, by the winds, rain, etc. But still, that different groove is there a little bit.

Then, one day, you decide the soil is dry, so you want to irrigate it. You divert some water from a nearby stream and send it all flooding into the field, and lo and behold, MOST OF THE WATER GOES RIGHT INTO THE DEEPEST GROOVE.

Now, these grooves or tracks or habits of the mind are fixed patterns of perceiving/feeling/responding to our world.

Some are minor, like scratching your ass with your left hand when you are nervous. These are pretty easily spotted.

Some are more deeper into the “operating system” of the mind; for example, always assuming the WORST POSSIBLE OUTCOME to the exclusion of even considering a good outcome.

These deeper grooves tend to be invisible. People don’t even see the stuckness and instead try to work within in it; if they see things for the worst, they often don’t even recognize that and instead just try to cope with the projected horrible outcome.

Now, it gets MORE interesting.

There is raw energy bound up here. By this I mean the grooves are not just patterns of thought, but they have energy associated to and with them.  In your case, there is some energetic quality of fear, anxiety. I would guess that it has qualities of making you feel both contracted inward, like a tortoise pulling its head inside its shell and also feelings of being spread thin like you are going to disappear. I’m guessing, but it is an educated guess from helping thousands of guys.

I would guess it also has an overall “antsy” “jumpy” “agitated” “can’t sit still” flavor to it as well.

And finally, probably a sense of “urgency”. Like you have to get this handled, now.

With all of these various energetic flavors, it’s no wonder you are feeling conflicted, tired, like your system is grinding its gears. Sort of like wanting to step forward with one foot while you step back with the other, or putting the car in reverse and drive at the same time.

In short, I think the answer to all of this is NOT more “cognition” or activity in think space. It’s not to be found in your self-talk or what you visualize, not in YOUR case.

In your case, what will change all of this is the energy you are riding on and bringing in. It is THE core of the issue, the rest is just window dressing around it.

But you are trying to address it using the wrong system.

So the question becomes, what can you do to start “unpacking” this great big ball of less than useful energy-to pull out the individual strands and then convert them to USEFUL energy, a very attractive USEFUL vibe that will have these women wanting you NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR DO?

Peace and piece,


rapidsuccess200P.S. What you have just read is but a snippet of the breadth and depth of knowledge students get, from me when immersing in the teachings and courses.

Now, I’m giving you a front row seat – your living room couch – to the “mothership” of this girl-getting knowledge inside Rapid and Total Success With Women.


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10 Responses to Untangling Your Deepest Fears With Women: A Farming Analogy

  1. Asel says:

    Great Post!!! I remember you made a video on this very topic before.Do you have the link?

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  3. sayed says:

    waaaaaaaaaw waaaaaaaaw waaaaaaaw
    that’s really a high quality teaching stuff
    never seen it even talked about in the (seduction for high school boys)
    one of your strongest posts ever RJ god bless you

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  5. Mat Wilson says:

    Especially love the metaphor about the grooves.

  6. Ram says:

    Please consider giving a loyalty discount for members of the Vaginal Victory Vault or Speed Seduction 3.0 members.
    Thank you.

  7. STUDENT says:

    thank you for the email Dumb Ass Marketing BS you will never see from me.
    after reading it i think you are really being honest with us thank you. i also want to tell you that unfortuanately i will not be able to purchase this time again due to circumstances beyond my control. however you can bet i will purchase as much as i can when i eventually can. thanks RJ.

  8. Zarathud says:

    I’m also finding that actually doing a walk-up is much easier than thinking about it. I have no problem calibrating to the person in front of me. Trying to anticipate infinite responses is overwhelmingly. Therefore I really don’t think about it anymore. I only rehearse as part of the review process and I accept that it takes time to build a library of petsonal experience.

  9. R says:

    In my case, my mother was a very reserved, almost aloof person, so I never learned to show interest in women.

  10. Justin says:

    great article Ross, if only women were like that…telling all of her hot friends that your a demon with your tongue and cock 🙂 I might start pretending i’m a sex therapist the next time a girl asks me what I do for a living 🙂

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