Fun With A Sarge (The Third Part, The Second Meet)

Dear Speed Seduction® Student,

Annnndddd nooowwwww…. Part 3 of my Sarge report! (Catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you need a review.)

coed-woman-with-cup-of-coffeeSo I make arrangements to meet HB at the local Starbucks near her house. This is, by the way, during the day-she wanted to meet there because she had to head off to school at Santa Monica College that afternoon.

We arrange to meet at 2:30 – I get a txt at 2:45 saying she’ll be there soon, had to eat something first.

She doesn’t show until 3:15 (she has to leave at 4 to get to class).

This doesn’t leave me much time, as you can see.

Now, prior to the sarge I relaxed, went into a light trance state (at home, not at the Sbucks!) and asked myself, “What would work best with her?”

Based on her initial responses when we met, I thought I’d lead with a fun game to set a light tone and then get to asking seduction questions.

She showed up, greeted me, and I opened with the 5 Questions game (she has to answer all of them wrong in order to win).

Then I said, “You know, if I were to ask you what are the three things about you that you think are uniquely attractive that have nothing to do with your looks, what would you say?”

(Why did I do this?)

She Gave Me Her Answers
And I Said….

“I like those. But you know, when I think about it, there are three things I look for in a woman beyond her looks”

First, a sense of humor. When you can REALLY RELAX…FEEL FREE..LAUGH YOUR ASS OFF with someone..that’s when I know that you can FEEL A BOND.

Like I had a girlfriend who made me laugh SO HARD…SO HARD SO DEEP INSIDE and out that I just fell to the floor and it’s like you FEEL THE BARRIERS DROP and LET YOURSELF GO.”

Guys, do you see the embedded commands I am giving? How I set it up in the context of screening her?


Second, I like someone who has their own mind. She doesn’t care what your friends will say, or even what you might used to think, but instead she can SEE WHAT YOU WANT..GO FOR IT because YOU WANT IT.

Third: someone who has an open mind…who likes to learn about herself and her world. It’s great to know yourself and be proud of what you already know or do. But someone who can FEEL THAT SENSE OF ADVENTURE..and realize YOU WANT MORE..that’s so so attractive(at this point I drew a box around my face with my hands).

Then I said, “It also helps if she looks REALLY good, walking away from me.”

Now, Why Did I Say That?

Let’s see who knows. Share your thoughts.

And: there’s more in Part 4. Again, let’s see how you do with your feedback. I’m handing out solid f@@king gold here like candy at Halloween, and so far you guys are doing awesome with your comments.

Let’s keep it going – chime in below.

Peace and piece,


P.S. Whatever you can get a woman to imagine, is perceived by her as being her own thought and therefore is not resisted.

Speed Seduction® 3.0 shows you how to use your language to create states of attraction, lust, fascination and utter desire – and do it so she thinks it’s her idea!

P.P.S. OR, you can get the “live, in person” version by clicking here.

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27 Responses to Fun With A Sarge (The Third Part, The Second Meet)

  1. Cat says:

    I would have left by 3pm and got nothing, but I don’t have you patience Ross…

    My time is my main focus now not the pu$$y…if they are on time cool if not …I move on except for a really good excuse!

  2. A M says:

    No one feel REALLY xyz… so it’s a positive anchoring and a loop… cause it’s the forth thing, and the three are beyond it as you said at the beginning
    RJ, nobel prize for pussy

  3. zzz573 says:

    You said that to pace her near future, as you know she will have to leave soon, and then set her up in the mind frame to jump through your hoops. Very crafty and creative. How do we get into such a state or mind frame to come up with patterns as amazing as yours Ross?

  4. Robert2 says:

    “It also helps if she looks REALLY good, walking away from me.” You said that becuase of the time contraints she has to go to college soon she is going to walk away from you. Its like a compliment.

  5. Justin says:

    Well I am not sure if I am right but I will take a shot. I think you are suggesting to her that she needs to have a quality that will bring you back. Possibly that she needs to give you a reason to keep seeing her. In the sense that most men assume that any given women already provides that reason. This is another screen, you have already told her that looks are not enough. It sets a tone that she can leave and if you don’t desire her enough to chase, she won’t be in your life.

  6. Robert2 says:

    Ross what can i do about the fact that i am not a funny guy who has the capablities to make jokes and laugh out loud. you know i am the type who is quiet and discreet. i feel it is going to be a challange to overcome this fear of not being a comedian and been able to make woman laugh out loud around me. what can practice to be more of a funny go lucky persona.

    • @Robert2

      Up until NOW it’s been the case you most often did not find yourself a “funny” person.


      UP UNTIL NOW you have not been “x” but now you claim your ability to become more and more “x” with each and every passing day, both through your practice, and AUTOMATICALLY finding it just naturally happening more and more that way.

      Do you see how you can either language your problem right back on your face like a vampire squid, or acknowledge it as having been true UP UNTIL NOW, making way for claiming something better….better…even better.

      I’m not kidding here; how you use language to address your challenges will either glue them right back on you, affirming them as your IDENTITY(rather than just a trait or set of behaviors) and binding it to you THROUGH TIME, past, present and future.

      Or you can use your language to acknowledge the truth and pain it has been, UP UNTIL NOW….then open to something better.


      Go write me a 2 page essay on this. And then I’ll give you the next steps.


      PS This conscious language stuff is just one of 30 modules/lessons in my new ‘Rapid And Total Success With Women’ course, due for release in March! Watch this blog for more….

      • Robert2 says:


        Up until now, it `WAS` the case that… I couldn’t be `charming,playful,funny,domminant,attractive etc.`,i could`nt look beautiful woman in the eye. I know it`s becuase inside i believed that i did not posses the neccesary skill, i knew it is not worth trying to open the mouth becuase only `AFC` LANGUAGE would come out, `And now`.. i try to figure out what is the neccessary skills i must learn in order so that i can improve the learning curve. `i know.. that when i progress i will have the unbelivable `ability to talk to beautiful woman who please, satisfy, and delight me….

        • @Robert

          The light is not at the end of the tunnel. The light is within you. You have just been looking through a lot of shit. We will wipe it all clean together.

 don’t try to figure out. You CLAIM your skills and your practices with your amazing women.


  7. milty says:

    It’s a hard fractionation. A funny joke to fractionate from the pattern drawing conscious awareness to the humor, leaving the uc behind to focus on the juicy bits.

  8. dave says:

    add in some humor and keep her mind on you as she walks away thinking about you and the ideas you put in her head

  9. Enrique says:

    the part about walking away i believe is twofold, first is a vague compliment, and also to set her up to not cling

  10. Jorge says:

    So that she knows you’ll be checking her out when she leaves and it gets her thinking about sex. It’s a natural transition for going from being deep and honest to talking about sex. It would be awkward to talk about something for an hour and then say, “hey, let’s talk about F@@king now.”
    Also, it shows that you aren’t needy by you acknowledging that he must be away from you sometimes and you enjoy her going away. Might be reading too much into this, but could also setup a casual sex mindset.
    Thanks again, RJ.

      • zarathud says:

        I knew it was more than just complementing her ass. Non-needy, but also setting up a polarity response (bad jargon?) or from a less manipulative standpoint, just granting her the freedom to come to you ‘for her own reasons’ that have nothing to do your desire which has to be a huge freedom from what she’s used to with men trying to control her all the time (many women’s experience).

  11. Sean says:

    Ok Now I’m getting this better. Thank You Ross

  12. here to learn says:

    I notice you hit the kino with “Feel that”, and the visual with “see” but, what would it be like if the woman has an auditory preference in communication?

    To hit an auditory chick Could it go something like like “I love someone with an open mind where you hear that passion coming with her mouth because you can readily see this great adventure before you”

  13. Daniel Roberts says:

    All the commands are inside an indirect story, so that she feels no pressure and has to listen to understand, and then she’s more likely to access her internal feelings created from this story! Genius!

  14. Paul says:

    My guess is that you project a non-needy frame which makes it difficult for her to imagine walking away in the first place. It is a compliment but she has to go inside to work out whether it is or not, making her an active partner in the seduction, thereby giving her a sense of seeming control and at the same time giving the rendevous a tone of mystery. Women love movement and especially like strutting their stuff(thank GOD). Getting her to imagine what she does naturally and happily sets up a virtual kinesthetic rhythm which can help amp her up.As always, you make me think.

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  16. Luke says:

    Haven’t read part four yet. My guess as to why you said that would be because you just listed all the qualities you want in a girl that are exactly the three things she said about herself. I’m guessing you said that because you are challenging/screening her to see if she really is someone who has a sense of humor, her own mind, and is adventurous. If not, then time to ESL.

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  18. Russell in the bushes says:

    ”I like it if she looks really good walking away from me” is vague.
    Walking away out of Bucks,? walking away from a meeting? After sex? Or From a f*# ing sink pit! She’ll make up her own reasons for feeling really good and that will paradoxically have her reaching for more, AND that she has to earn it in some way.
    There are not many guys who can do this with a woman.
    But there are some that can.

  19. Russell in the bushes says:

    Actually. It’s packed with a lot of clever chick crack. Walking away is non confrontational.
    Walking away she has time to think. In fact, implying your attracted to hot women walking away is more likely to have her prove she is there and then. Like ikedo and judo you can use your apponents body weight against them. If you push your apponents away they tend to resist it and push back. That would be when you give them every reason to fall into you. ….and they have done most of the work for you. You just responsibly guide them in the direction you want her to be.

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